GcVII (GRIND CHALLENGE VII) - Online Contest by Syeahskate - Results

Sun, Aug 1, 2021
GcVII (GRIND CHALLENGE VII) - Online Contest by Syeahskate - Results

GcVIII (GRIND CHALLENGE VII) - 17 teams battle for survival. Proudly organised by Syeahskate (Rules). Calling out to all survivors around the world. This is THE AFTERMATH. Make a blading edit in 33 days. 3-8 crew members. No skateparks. Check all the entries in this playlist.

1st place: THE HIGHLANDERS (Scotland: Aberdeen / Edinburgh / Glasgow)

Featuring Jamie Rankin, Dan Koss, Graeme Forbes, Neil Forbes, Lewis Bowden, James Keyte, Elliot Provan & Craig Anderson.

GcVII (GRIND CHALLENGE VII) - Online Contest by Syeahskate - Results

2nd place: TEAM NØRMAL (Belgium)

Featuring Jan Delbaere (Bruges), Mathijs Delbaere (Bruges), Dennis Van Stappen (Gent), Remy Meister (Bruxelles), Gilles Buelens (Leuven) & Yuri Debouvry (Bruges).

GcVII (GRIND CHALLENGE VII) - Online Contest by Syeahskate - Results

3rd place: ANGRY SOIR (Berlin, Germany)

Featuring Gideon Dopslaf, Jung JJurek, Marcus, Nils Loster, Alfons, Sebo, Miro, Gregory & Jonas Rogge.

GcVII (GRIND CHALLENGE VII) - Online Contest by Syeahskate - Results
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