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Cameron Card: Welcome to the Faction Skate Family

Tue, Jan 11, 2022
Cameron Card: Welcome to the Faction Skate Family

With our Tactical V1 skate reveal it is now time to announce the team. We want to welcome Cameron Card to the Faction Skate family! He is one of a kind human and we are glad he will be part of the brand. With his impressive trick vocabulary and impeccable style he is a valuable addition to the team. He is a pillar of our community and brings smiles and a positivity to everything he encounters.

Cameron Card: Welcome to the Faction Skate Family
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Faction Skate Company - Tactical V1 SKates

Mon, Jan 10, 2022
Faction Skate Company - Tactical V1 SKates

It is time to see our first skate release in all its glory! The Tactical V1 is our lightweight heat moldable carbon fiber boot! We are very excited to get the product to market. Skater owned and designed with Justin Thursday and Mike Rios. The future is looking bright. Team announcements will be throughout the upcoming week. Presale starts 1/17/2022, so keep an eye out! More Photos | Visit Factionskatecompany.com.

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