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The Vault Episode 1 with Jan Welch - Featuring Chris Haffey, Santiago Azpurua, Jason Howard, Damien Wilson, Nick Wood & More

Tue, Sep 14, 2021
The Vault Episode 1 with Jan Welch - Featuring Chris Haffey, Santiago Azpurua, Jason Howard, Damien Wilson, Nick Wood & More

The Vault Episode 1 - Chris Haffey, Santiago Azpurua, Jason Howard, Damien Wilson, Nick Wood & More

Welcome to the first episode of The Vault on the Then And Now Youtube Channel. Each episode of The Vault features raw footage from one tape from my collection. I have nearly 400 VHS-C, Hi-8, and MiniDV tapes that I am archiving on my computer and sharing with the world. - Jan Welch.

This episode features Chris Haffey, Santiago Azpurua, Ryan Northway, Jason Howard, Damien Wilson, Robbie Whitcomb, Nick Wood, Nick Mantz, Mike Leaf, James St Ours, Eran Miller, Jarrod McBay, Jay Geurink, and Shannon Rodgers.

The footage was filmed back in 2000 in San Diego, California, and Austin, Texas. This tape features one of Haffey’s attempts to fastslide the famous Dallas Kink rail in San Diego, as well as the photoshoot from Santiago’s Rollerblade ad in Daily Bread Magazine.

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Jan Welch - 'Then and Now' Podcast With Chris Peel

Sat, Sep 11, 2021
Jan Welch - 'Then and Now' Podcast With Chris Peel

For the first episode of the Then and Now Podcast, I interviewed the legendary rolling artist, Chris Peel. Chris played a huge behind-the-scenes role during the late 90s to mid-2000s in the aggressive inline skating industry. Growing up in Wakefield, in the UK, he started designing t-shirt’s for Puberty Clothing before landing a job with DNA magazine. He then made his way stateside to San Diego, California, in 2000 to work for and design Daily Bread Magazine. In San Diego, he created the initial branding, image, and logos for Ground Control, Rat Tail Distribution, 4x4 Urethane, Vicious Bearings, and Nimh skates.

Chris is a long-time friend who also designed the Big Wheel Blading logo for me in 2017. We haven’t had much contact these last few years, so I thought it would be fun to contact him to catch up and reminisce on our years in San Diego, working at Daily Bread together and teaming up on many projects for Rat Tail, and its brands. - Jan Welch.

Jan Welch - 'Then and Now' Podcast With Chris Peel
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Jan Welch - Then and Now (2021)

Fri, Sep 10, 2021
Jan Welch - Then and Now (2021)

Back in november 2020, Jan Welch launched a fundraiser called “The Tapes Project”. Quoting Jan Welch:

I’ve spent 20-years shooting video and documenting some of the top professional and amateur inline skaters from around the world I now have hundreds of tapes of footage that I am going to digitize and archive online. I plan on posting each tape onto a new YouTube channel for people to watch, along with commentary from myself and from people featured on each tape. These are the original tapes for many classic skate videos and edits I’ve made including Last Call, Urban Decay, Steal This Video, Quatro, No One’s Children, Trash, Sleaze, Drip Drop, and Leading the Blind.

So far I’ve logged about a dozen tapes. I’ve acquired several consumer miniDV cameras so far to try and capture this footage and they have either been dead on arrival, have issues capturing audio, or eat and destroy the tapes. Consumer decks are notorious for dirty heads and have further potential for damaging these tapes. To archive this many tapes of historical skating footage for all to see, I need to purchase a professional MiniDV deck that will safely capture these tapes at the highest quality and a 4 or 5TB USB-C hard drive to store them on. This project is going to take a long time but it is important to preserve this footage. I’m asking for those of you who are interested in seeing all these tapes get captured and posted to help contribute to a GoFundMe to purchase a new MiniDV deck.

What I Need: MiniDV Deck (approx $750.00), 4/5 TB Harddrive ($169), Life Flix Software ($100), Topaz Video Enhance AI ($299.99), Total - $1,300.

Jan Welch - Then and Now (2021)

September 2021: The project is now starting: Jan Welch opened a new Youtube Channel, called “Then and now, an inline skating channel”.

Jan Welch - Then and Now (2021)

The first video for my new inline skating YouTube channel, Then&Now, is now live. This is a short introduction to what the channel will be about. The first episode of the Then+Now Podcast will be released tomorrow. My first guest is Chris Peel, who designed Daily Bread Magazine and did all the original branding for Rat Tail, Ground Control, Vicious, 4x4, Nimh, and Big Wheels Blading. The first episode of the Vault, which my tape archives from the past 25 years of rollerblading, will release a couple of days later. - Jan Welch.

Visit Then & Now Youtube Channel.

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