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Will Gordon - Fiziks Masters of Delusion (2003)

Fri, Jul 9, 2021
Will Gordon - Fiziks Masters of Delusion (2003)

Master of Delusion, the one and only Fiziks Team Video. Produced by Misled Media & Fiziks, directed by Tom Hyser, edited by Doug Urquhart. Motion graphics by Frankie Loscavio and Jeremy Stephenson.

Will Gordon - Fiziks Masters of Delusion (2003)

Music: Cyne - Steady.

Master of Delusion Full Video - PLAY: Vimeo | Youtube.

Featuring Colin Kelso, Billy O’Neill, Dominic Sagona, John Starr, Robert Guerrero, Julian Bah, Scott & Kevin Raser, Eric Schrijn, Dre Powell, Will Gordon and Walt Austin.

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Black Market (2005) by Doug Urquhart - Full Video

Mon, May 31, 2021

Black Market is a truly international view into the rollerblading scenes of the new world as well as the old world. Cinematographer Doug Urquhart traveled for 4 months across 8 European countries as well as coast to coast in the United States to offer a video with unparalleled variety.

Black Market (2005) by Doug Urquhart - Full Video

Featuring profiles on Brian Aragon, Julian Bah, and Will Gordon. Mini-views cover Esco Zoo’s finest, Brent Hicks and Montre Livingston from NC, ATL Waterpark Round 2.

Black Market (2005) by Doug Urquhart - Full Video

Soundtrack (courtesy of Rollingvideos)

  • Intro: Custom mix by JDU featuring Blockhead, Ugly Duckling, Mars ILL, Wu-tang Clan, Coheed and Cambria, Antipop Consortium, Apocalyptica, Brotha Lynch Hung
  • Euro Tour: Blockhead, Natenuckles, koolmotors
  • Montre Livingston: Camp Lo – Black Connection
  • Brian Aragon: Lyrics Born ft. Young Einstien – Do that there
  • Montage: MF Doom – Sofa King (12'' Remix – Live: The Lofts – ATL August 05)
  • Will Gordon: Pigeon John ft. Abstract Rude – Life goes on
  • Brent Hicks: Backyard bangers and Mos def – Sex Love and Money beat ft. Outkast (Atliens)
  • Waterpark Tour 2: Gavin Fridlund & Anita DeCastro remix of Melanie – Brand New Key
  • Julian Bah: Ray Baretto – Pasttime Paradise
  • Julian Bah Outro: Sample from: Purple Ribbon Allstars Feat. Big Boi – Kryptonite
  • Montage 2: Fool’s Garden – Lemon tree
  • Guest Edit – Scott Raser: Four Tet – Everything Is Alright
  • Credits: Unknown – Unknown
  • Gumby: No Track
  • Bonus – ATL Montage: Gruvnhi – Jammin
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