Winterclash 2022 Will Not Take Place in February

Mon, Nov 15, 2021
Winterclash 2022 Will Not Take Place in February

Winterclash 2022 will not take place in February. We are sad having to announce this news to you today, but due to the ever changing circumstances of the pandemic, we want to play safe. However, we are working on ideas to push Winterclash to a later date in 2022.

Nothing is certain yet, but we want you to know that we are working on it and will do everything in our power to host Winterclash in a way we all know and love it, possible to travel from as many countries as possible. We expect to be able to announce more news in January and we are heavily looking forward to be all united again soonish! Stay healthy and take care.

IG Thread | Visit Photo: Rene Lutterus.

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Winterclash 2020 - Full Results

Thu, Feb 27, 2020
Winterclash 2020 - Full Results

Photo: Greger Flak.


  1. Diako Diaby
  2. Nils Jansons
  3. Dominic Bruce
  4. Robert Spassov
  5. Antony Pottier
  6. Tomek Przybylik
  7. Yuto Goto
  8. Maxime Genoud
  9. Diego Guilloud
  10. Gabriel Hyden
  11. Montre Livingston


  1. Chihiro Azuma
  2. Armelle Tisler
  3. Patrycja Najda
  4. Daniela Andrea Salgado Martinez
  5. Mery Munoz
  6. Emi Parejo Escobar
  7. Misaki Katayama
  8. Liene Nulle


  1. Noboru Katayama
  2. Szymon Ziemicky
  3. Samuel Obst
  4. Valter Kreiss
  5. Max Arthur Collier
  6. Kristofers Rudzats
  7. Carl Emil Melander


  1. Sven Ischen
  2. Stefan Selders
  3. Nils Rinas
  4. Ren Fujiwara
  5. Andreas Johansson
  6. Tomasz Kwiecien
  7. Ilia Savosin
  8. Kamil Gruba
  9. Michael Müller
  10. Jan Fehlmann
  11. Jacob Jansson
  12. Jaylton Karllus
  13. Ivan Chanchikov
  14. Leandre Fabri
  15. Zachary Pollak


  • USD Best Trick Award: Dominic Bruce
  • Sola x Dead Most Creative Trick Award: Jacob Jansson
  • Skatepro Best Sign Award: Pascal Gastrock

Judging Winterclash is difficult. But just like every year, Winterclash judges took the time to write a detailed report about their work to give you an idea about the how, why and who. The extensive judging report can be found HERE as a .pdf. Judges: Friederike Charlotte Reisch (Ger), Michael Buhl Jonassen (DK), Sebastian Gruba (PL).

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Winterclash 2019 - Full Results

Thu, Feb 28, 2019


  1. Joe Atkinson
  2. Domenic Bruce
  3. Maxime Genoud
  4. Martin Danning
  5. Soichiro Kanashima
  6. Tomasz Przybylik
  7. Yuto Goto
  8. Julien Cudot


  1. Felix Fälling
  2. Danilo Senna
  3. Lauric Picard
  4. Poema Kitseroo
  5. Ion Mihai
  6. Victor Nguyen
  7. Mario Jesus Pacia
  8. Bernards Gregors


  1. Mery Muñoz
  2. Misaki Katayama
  3. Manon Derrien
  4. Eve Jovino
  5. Emilia Parejo Escobar
  6. Armelle Tisler
  7. Liene Nulle
  8. Patrycja Najda
  9. Sara Vilella
  10. Aniek Kerkhofs


  1. Xavi Eguino
  2. Martin Walchsdorf
  3. Michael Witzemann
  4. Joseph Harvey
  5. Ren Fujiwara
  6. Tomasz Kwiecien
  7. John Vossoughi
  8. Kalleo Ippolito
  9. Franck Steve
  10. Justas Karcauskas


  • USD Best Trick: Joe Atkinson (UK): Backslide Up to ice pick at the pointy end of the Rail 270 out to fakie (Roces Wall-Rail)
  • SkatePro Most Creative Trick: Eugen Enin : Bs Farv Up – No Future Air (legs in the air on both sides of the rail) – Royale Down (SkatePro rail)
  • K2 skates Best Newcomer: Misaki Katayama

Check the Judging Report on by Friederike Charlotte Reisch (Ger), Michael Buhl Jonassen (DK) & Sebastian Gruba (PL).

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Arlo Eisenberg Explains Everything About the Video 'What Do You Believe In' - Winterclash 2018 Panel

Mon, Apr 2, 2018
Arlo Eisenberg Explains Everything About the Video 'What Do You Believe In' -  Winterclash 2018 Panel

This year’s Winterclash was different and filled with panels and other interactive events. Watching Arlo Eisenberg talk about all the details of What Do You Believe In was seriously awesome and it right after this he did a Q&A which you can also hear in this audio file.

What Do You Believe In? (2001) - Full Video + Soundtrack.

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Winterclash 2018 by ONEblademag

Mon, Mar 26, 2018
Winterclash 2018 by ONEblademag

ONEblademag went to Eindhoven, Netherlands in February for the 2018 Winterclash. This is what we witnessed at Area51 skatepark.

Featuring: Antony Pottier, Chihiro Azuma, Chris Haffey, David Sizemore, Eugen Enin, Jacob Juul, Jarrod Banning, Jo Zenk, Manon Derrien, Montre Livingston, Nicolas Servy, Nils Jansons, Scott Quinn, Sean Darst, Soichiro Kanashima, Jon Fromm, Bobi Spassov, Xavi Alcazar, Justas Karcauskas, Martin Danning, Ruben Smulders, Adrien Anne, Dominik Wagner, Joe Atkinson, and more.

Music by Clima Productions.

See more: Winterclash 2018 in photos by Oneblademag.

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Adam Johnson - Winterclash 2018 Panel

Mon, Mar 12, 2018
Adam Johnson - Winterclash 2018 Panel

Adam Johnson discusses various skate videos from throughout his 19 years creating skate videos. Insights on tours, trials, troubles, and tribulations. Check out an essential highlight reel and directors access to stories you may have never heard before.

Check the full panel (including the related sections) on Youtube.

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