Montre Livingston - ONE Mag, Issue #12 Interview (2009)

Sun, Jun 18, 2017
Montre Livingston - ONE Mag, Issue #12 Interview (2009)

These days Montre Livingston is one of the most celebrated bladers on Earth. Rightfully so! But back in 2009 he was still an emerging talent that had just landed the biggest score of his career when Brian Shima hand-picked him for the then-burgeoning Nimh.

To capture Montre ripping in his natural state, we sent long-time contributor John Haynes to Charlotte to shoot the pics for this interview. Turns out that wasn’t a pairing for the ages. But what we did get was a batch of hometown stunts by one of the most exciting bladers of our generation. So dig into this interview from ONE Issue #12 to get a taste for that sweet, sweet nostalgia.

Check the Interview on Words by Justin Eisinger, photos by John Haynes.

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#TBT: Alex Broskow - ONE Mag, Issue #2 - Interview (2006)

Thu, Jun 8, 2017
#TBT: Alex Broskow - ONE Mag, Issue #2 - Interview (2006)

Over ten years ago ONE Issue #2 went to print and inside was a feature interview with Alex Broskow. At the time he’d just filmed for The Meantime (full video), was skating on Roces skates, and I could be wrong but VX may yet have not received their cease and desist letter from naming their jeans the “James Dean”.

But we didn’t handle this one alone. Sitting in on the interview were Wes Driver, Corey Casey, and Adam Johnson. So much time and blade history has come and gone in the intervening years that the information and opinions Alex (and AJ) share in this discussion have both been incorporated into blading’s underlying psyche while also being lost in our collective memories. But that’s what makes #ThrowbackThursday so fun, because it’s a great chance to dig up old content like this and share with audiences that may have never seen it before. […]

Full Interview on

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Barely Dead - Lost Interviews with Erik Bailey, Jess Dyrenforth & Jon Julio

Fri, Jun 22, 2012
Barely Dead - Lost Interviews with Erik Bailey, Jess Dyrenforth & Jon Julio

In 2006, many of rollerblading’s most influential individuals were interviewed for the documentary Barely Dead. Six years later, these interviews provide intriguing commentary on the growth and progression of rollerblading and blade culture.

While fashions may have changed and companies have come and gone, the words spoken by these blading leaders capture the many complex nuances of rollerblading life. Watch for some rollerblading history from the recent past that we all experienced together. Visit

Lost Interviews - PLAY: Erik Bailey | Jess Dyrenforth | Jon Julio.

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One Mag: Blade Life - an Interview With Mark Korte (September 2009)

Sun, Sep 20, 2009
One Mag: Blade Life - an Interview With Mark Korte (September 2009)

Who is Mark Korte and what does he have to do with rollerblading?

I can basically answer that by saying… I am the USD Enforcer, one of the founders of the Stretch Crew, and a Powerslide veteran… since a lot of kids might not know what in the hell that means, I will break it down.

I came to be part of USD in the late part of ‘98, when the team was Arlo Eisenberg, Champion Baumstimler, Dustin Latimer, Jon Julio, and Josh Petty. At the time I was only hired by Powerslide to push papers, but that changed after a week or so.

To make a long story short, I had found my calling. I got to know all of the USD team (which was going through a transition period, much like we are now) and I ended up being the filter between the company and the team; I might even go as far as to say the glue, and at the same time I was the International Sales Manager at Powerslide.

So I was able to combine all of that into helping make USD (and The Conference Brands that followed) the hottest thing available. During this period, of which I am very proud to be a part of, we had the undisputed best team in Rolling, I built a worldwide flow team to rival all others at the time, and worked with distributors in over 40 countries building USD.

I was very adament about everything having structure, and working with the best team of rollers in the world has moulded my personality to this day, and I am grateful to each and every one who ever rolled for USD. […]

Full Interview on
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Interview: Doug Urquhart of Misled Media

Thu, Sep 7, 2006

RW : Barely Dead is one of the most anticipated videos that I have heard about in my 8 or so years of Rollerblading. Does the fact that so many kids are expecting so much out of this video put any pressure on you to produce a great product?

DOUG : It explains why the film has not yet been released, seriously! Here is some of the latest: Justin Eisinger and I have been taking our time perfecting the ultimate script. I’m working on upconverting all the archived material (ex. Hoax I & 2, Mad Beef master Beta’s) to DVCPRO HD via a TeraNex. I have to fit into open time slots at a local studio ( after hours to use the Tera so I have to be patience at times. My Sony HDV camera is in So Cal right now as Carl Sturgess, Justin E, & Wes Driver help re-shoot interviews with Brian Shima and Jon Elliott. Matt Andrews is brewing up motion graphics Perfection is key. We are not rushing anything on this project but it is coming very soon. I promise!

RW : We saw amazing skating in Black Marketincluding profiles on Julian Bah, Will Gordon, Montre Livingston, Brian Aragon, and Brent Hicks, who can we expect to see profiles of in Barely Dead?

DOUG : Barely Dead (the documentary portion) will not have any profile formats. However, throughout the film you will be acquainted with: Chris Haffey, Alex Broskow, Cameron Card, Jon Julio, Azikewee Anderson, Shane Coburn, Chris Farmer, Jeff Stockwell, Mike Opalek, Jon Elliott, Julian Bah, Walt Austin, Robert Guererro, Michael Braud, Sean Keane, Pat Lennon, Dave Kollasch, Franky Morales, J.C. Rowe, Damian Wilson, Nick Wood, Arlo Eisenberg, Jess Dyrenforth, Tom Hyser, Brian Shima, Eric Shrihjn, Doug (a 67 year old ‘first-gen’ rec blader from Minnesota), Dave Carnie (oops disregard, he rejected the interview!), & many more! Simply stated, amazing skating.

Full Roller Warehouse Interview on

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Picture of the day: Sean Keane - AO Wallride 360 out

Sun, Jun 11, 2017
Picture of the day: Sean Keane - AO Wallride 360 out

AO Wallride 360 out from the Rollerblade advert in One Mag, Issue 23 (June 2017). Larger Picture on Imgur (via).

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