One Mag: Blade Life - an Interview With Mark Korte (September 2009)

Sun, Sep 20, 2009
One Mag: Blade Life - an Interview With Mark Korte (September 2009)

Who is Mark Korte and what does he have to do with rollerblading?

I can basically answer that by saying… I am the USD Enforcer, one of the founders of the Stretch Crew, and a Powerslide veteran… since a lot of kids might not know what in the hell that means, I will break it down.

I came to be part of USD in the late part of ‘98, when the team was Arlo Eisenberg, Champion Baumstimler, Dustin Latimer, Jon Julio, and Josh Petty. At the time I was only hired by Powerslide to push papers, but that changed after a week or so.

To make a long story short, I had found my calling. I got to know all of the USD team (which was going through a transition period, much like we are now) and I ended up being the filter between the company and the team; I might even go as far as to say the glue, and at the same time I was the International Sales Manager at Powerslide.

So I was able to combine all of that into helping make USD (and The Conference Brands that followed) the hottest thing available. During this period, of which I am very proud to be a part of, we had the undisputed best team in Rolling, I built a worldwide flow team to rival all others at the time, and worked with distributors in over 40 countries building USD.

I was very adament about everything having structure, and working with the best team of rollers in the world has moulded my personality to this day, and I am grateful to each and every one who ever rolled for USD. […]

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Mark Korte: USD Conference Back together again, where we belong! (August 2009)

Tue, Aug 25, 2009

Mark Korte is Back! Back in the day, when the legend of the infamous Stretch Crew reached around the world. Back when Coup De Tat was the authority on Rollerblading, back when USD consolidated the undisputed sickest, most powerful, stylish and most influential skate team on the planet – there was one person in the wings, always motivating, encouraging, managing, and developing the USD brand to rule over the Rollerblading world – Mark Korte.

Known as one of the craziest fools on the planet, he lived and breathed USD. Eventually forming an unbeatable worldwide flow team – some of which are currently still representing today and some of which even have carried the USD / Conference flag since he left to pursue other endevours in the Golf business.

But, now the time has come for the passion to return to the USD / Conference with the return of the Prodigy, the return of the glory days when USD was considered to be the leader and innovator of the Rollerblading lifestyle, the days when it was not enough to be an amazing skater, you had to have style, personality, and a true love for rollerblading. Reviving the glory of the days of Arlo Eisenberg, Jon Julio, Champion Baumstimler, Dustin Latimer and Josh Petty. Those who made Rolling what it is today. The founder of the Stretch Crew and the USD Enforcer is on a mission to return USD to the top of the game in Rollerblading.

The last of the famous international playboys – Mark Korte, coming to a city near you with the New Stretch Crew, which will be restructured to bring Rolling back to you, the individual skater, back to the reason we do this in the first place – for the lifestyle, and for those who want to have the most innovative equipment available from the most dedicated skater owned company in Rolling – USD and The Conference Team – also led by Bauer, true to The Conference since day 1, will continue to push forward. He will now be concentrating more on the improvement of the product and sales and representing like always. Mark Korte and Stefan Beierlein (Bauer) the new Conference Dream Team. Both will be assisted by Oli Benet and Demetrios George. The Motherfucking Stretch Crew is back, with a Vengeance!

Thanks Mark.

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Deshi is becoming a part of USD

Tue, Jun 16, 2009
Deshi is becoming a part of USD

Deshi is becoming a part of USD.

Deshi is becoming a part of USD
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United Front 2 (Trash): Full Video (2003) by Jan Welch

Fri, Sep 5, 2008
United Front 2 (Trash): Full Video (2003) by Jan Welch

2003 Inline Skating video by Jan Welch. This is the sequel to United Front which was released back in 2000. Features profiles on: Nick Wood, Gonzo Jaquez, Damien Wilson, Chase Rushing and Connor O’Brien. Skating from: Brian Shima, Jon Elliott, Dustin Latimer, Brandon Campbell, Chris Haffey, Alex Broskow and many more.

Video on Youtube: PLAY.

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Heat, Mindgame, 4×4 and Mindgame Wheels - Vicious Bearings - New Designs (November 2006)

Wed, Nov 15, 2006

Heat: Jeff Stockwell, Oli Short, Tory Treseder and Erik Bailey pro wheels

Heat, Mindgame, 4×4 and Mindgame Wheels - Vicious Bearings - New Designs (November 2006)

Mindgame: Billy O’Neill & Dustin Latimer pro wheels

Heat, Mindgame, 4×4 and Mindgame Wheels - Vicious Bearings - New Designs (November 2006)

4x4: Brian Shima & Chris Haffey pro wheels + Vicious bearings

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Barely Dead : Preview, Infos, Website (2006)

Mon, Aug 28, 2006
Barely Dead : Preview, Infos, Website (2006)

Barely Dead, a film by Doug Urquhart, written by Justin Eisinger.

Barely Dead Preview: PLAY

Eleven Years after the first X-Games, Rollerblading has found itself, fighting a war for survival, that has inadvertantly created the very history rolling was discredited for lacking by others. Barely Dead is the story of a global community of outcasts and athletes pulling together to explain and express their one unifying & interest : ROLLERBLADING.

Artworks by Andrew Tunney (2hands, |

Barely Dead : Preview, Infos, Website (2006)

up: Jon Julio / Brian Shima.

Barely Dead : Preview, Infos, Website (2006)

up: Julian Bah / Chris Haffey.

Barely Dead : Preview, Infos, Website (2006)

up: Chris Farmer / Erik Bailey.

Barely Dead : Preview, Infos, Website (2006)

The Misled Lab presents Barely Dead. Produced by JDU, written by Justin Eisinger. Cinematography & Editing by JDU. Motion Graphics by Matt Andrews & JDU. Art Direction by Andy Tunney & Eric Pieper. Featuring: Arlo Eisenberg, Erik Bailey, Alex Broskow, Chris Haffey, Chris Farmer, Brian Shima, Jeff Stockwell, Julian Bah, Oli Short, Jon Julio, Franky Morales, Cameron Card, Shane Coburn, Jon Elliott, Robert Guerrero, Tom Hyser, Azikiwee Anderson and many others. Distributed by Sadako Distribution. Dealer inquires welcome: Shot on Super 16mm film & High Definition Video.

Visit (link down |

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