fishguysII (2013) by sean kelso

Tue, Apr 25, 2017
fishguysII (2013) by sean kelso

This is the second edition of fishguys. all fisheye filmed rollerblading at skateparks in the KCMO area. Main camera: Sean Kelso. Additional filmers: Colin Kelso & Alex Broskow. Featuring: The Kelso brothers, Alex Broskow, Chris Farmer, Adam Exline, Pat Doherty & Kc Roche.

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Fishguys3 (2017) by sean kelso - Out Now

Sun, Apr 23, 2017
Fishguys3 (2017) by sean kelso - Out Now

Fishguys3 (trapped underwater) filmed by the Kelso bros. Edited by Sean Kelso. Featuring: Alex Broskow, Anthony Marchione, Matt Capacette, Steve Iacono, Nick Danchuk, Sean Kelso & Colin Kelso.

Full Video on Youtube: PLAY.

Fishguys3 (2017) by sean kelso - Out Now
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Alex Broskow – Fishguys3, Behing the scenes (2017)

Tue, Apr 11, 2017
Alex Broskow – Fishguys3, Behing the scenes (2017)

It was roughly five years ago when Sean Kelso adapted a Century fish-eye lens to a Panasonic HVX camcorder and took it for a test at Downtown Park in KCMO with Alex Broskow.

After leaving the park that day with a decent amount of footage, they decided it would be fun to keep going and collecting more fish-eye filmed park clips, hence the title of the project ‘fishguys’.

Since that day ‘fishguys’ has evolved into an on-going series and it comes with great pride that bacemint can officially announce we had the opportunity to fly our good friend AB out to Philadelphia. […] Photos & article on

Alex Broskow – Fishguys3, Behing the scenes (2017)

Check the video here.

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Fishguys. (2012) by Sean Kelso

Tue, Apr 25, 2017

Fisheye filmed rollerblading at some parks in KCMO.

Fishguys. (2012) by Sean Kelso
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WRS Uploaded 2011 - Full Results

Sat, Dec 17, 2011
WRS Uploaded 2011 - Full Results

WRS Uploaded 2011 - Results - Fan Votes

  1. Nils Jansons - PLAY (Filmed & edited by Martins Jansons)
  2. Chris Haffey - PLAY Filmed by JC Rowe, Ivan Narez, Beau Cottington & Nick Wood ; edited by Brian Griffin. Song: Jay-z & Kanye West – Niggas in Paris.

Nils Jansons 63.1% (7380 votes). Fan Favorite: $500.00 vs Chris Haffey 36.9% (4324 votes)

WRS Uploaded 2011 - Full Results

Semi Finalist, Fan Votes: Sven Boekhorst (PLAY) Filmed by Dominic Swagemakers, Joery v/d Pol, Simon Goeman, Dick Heerkens & Jan Hoogtijling ; edited Axel van Dijk & Brian Aragon (PLAY) Filmed by Phillip Long, Dre Powell, Max Manning, Erick Rodriguez ; edited by Phillip Long.

Results - Judging

  1. Brian Aragon $1,500.00 - PLAY
  2. Alex Broskow $800.00 - PLAY
  3. Nils Jansons $500.00 - PLAY
  4. Chris Haffey $300.00 - PLAY
  5. Erik Bailey $100.00 - PLAY
  6. tie Sean Kelso - PLAY
  7. tie Dave Lang - PLAY
  8. David Sizemore - PLAY
  9. Mathias Silhan - PLAY
  10. Sven Boekhorst - PLAY

Judges Votes

WRS Uploaded 2011 - Full Results
WRS Uploaded 2011 - Full Results

Judging is based on the following criteria (in order of importance):

  • Difficulty. Difficulty can be applied to a stunt, line or a single technical trick. Clips will also be judged on the overall situation including; size, run-up, landing, weather, traffic, etc.
  • Style. Competitors will be judged on style, confidence, control & speed.
  • Spot selection. Submissions will be judged on the variety, type, difficulty and visual appearance of obstacles.
  • Production value. Production value includes the filming, lighting, audio, music and editing of the video.
  • Character. Character combines all of the above elements and evaluates the submission on overall entertainment and likability of competitor.
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The Blading Cup 2011: Themgoods Edit

Sun, Aug 14, 2011
The Blading Cup 2011: Themgoods Edit

The Blading Cup 2011: A Pro/Am Contest and Demo. Brought to you by NISS, Spohn Ranch, Themgoods Distribution, Bernal Heights, Valo, Razors, USD, Xsjado, Aggressivemall, Rollerwarehouse, Eulogy, Vibralux, Strange Creatures, INRI, SDSF , Downtown Inc. and the City of Santa Ana.

Video on Youtube: PLAY.

Featuring: Chris Haffey, Brian Aragon, Alex Broskow, John Bolino, Erik Bailey, Chris Farmer, Frankie Morales, Brandon Smith, Jeff Stockwell, Dominic Sagona and many more.

The Blading Cup 2011: Themgoods Edit

Photos: Brandon Smith

Check some pictures by Brandon Smith, saved on
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