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Martina Svobodova - Gawds Street Edit (June 2021)

Sat, Jun 12, 2021
Martina Svobodova - Gawds Street Edit (June 2021)

Martina Svobodova has been at it nonstop! Watch her skate the streets in her latest edit. Filmed by Ján Kotleba. Edited by Martina and Martin Darnadi. Music by DJ Grimaso.

Martina Svobodova - Gawds Street Edit (June 2021)

Martina Svobodova Pro Rollerblader | GAWDS Pro | 6x🥇 World Champion | 4x X-Games Medalist 🥇🥇🥈🥉 | 🥇 FISE 2020 | 🥇 Urban World Series | Pro Golfer | PGA member.

I’m happy to inform you guys that I’m officially on the Gawds Pro Team and its like a dream comes true. Even though I had been a pro rider for 10 years before, now after a 12 year break from rollerblading, it feels like a whole new era. Its even greater that im on the team with Franky Morales again, also one of my favorite skaters and inspiration forever.

I want to thank everyone on Gawds, Powerslide and Disroyal Distribution for giving me this opportunity and represent the most stylish skates on the market. - Martina Svobodova (May 12, 2021, IG).

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Bladies - Volume 1 (2021) by Megan Petersen & Aarin Gates

Fri, May 14, 2021
Bladies - Volume 1 (2021) by Megan Petersen & Aarin Gates

Bladies presents: Volume 1. A compilation video featuring Kim Respinto, Becci Sotelo, Amber Rivera, Aarin Gates, Megan Petersen, Martina Svobodova, Brandi Goulet, Shelly Burla, Danielle McCloskey, Pariah Hz, Mari Moura, Mery Munoz, Kamila Probierz, Javiera Garrido, Polly Morris, Mina Lee and Patrycja Najda.

Bladies - Volume 1 (2021) by Megan Petersen & Aarin Gates

Coordinated by Megan Petersen. Edited by Aarin Gates. Music by Andrea Tafelski. Bladies Volume 1 is focused on mostly street skating. Volume 2 coming soon: a compilation of park skating featuring more Bladies shredding! Huge thank you to everyone involved in Volume 1, to all the girls skating and very stoked to keep this going! Shout out to our friends and filmers too! Sincerely, Megan Petersen.

Visit Thebladies.com.

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Rollerblade - Flashback - Martina Svobodova

Fri, May 19, 2017

Rollerblade has opened the team archives and wondered… “What are they up to now?” The Flashback series of interviews allows us to catch up with former Rollerblade team rider and creative minds that helped grow the brand. We talk about the past, present, and future. In this interview we Flashback with Martina Svobodova from Slovakia.

Rollerblade - Flashback - Martina Svobodova

Martina you started skating in the 90s. Can you tell us how you first started skating?

When I was little my parents bought me a pair of inline skates. I was 6 or 7 years old. At the age 12, I asked my parents to buy me a new skates, and that’s when I started skating street with other guys from my neighborhood. When I was 14 and 15 I won the Slovak Championships. Started at the age of 16 I began travelling to the US.

Full Interview & Photo Gallery on Rollerblade.com.

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