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Plastic Pushers - Volume 2 (2021) by Cavin Brinkman

Tue, Sep 21, 2021

Note: Youtube took the original video down. Here is a re-upload of Plastic Pushers, Vol. 2. Quoting Cavin Brinkman: “We had to re-upload Plastic Pushers 2 due to some music rights and had to cut 1 part out (online on IGTV and Facebook). We would appreciate if you could give the movie a new watch and a like, since we lost all the views and likes. Don’t forget to subscribe, and thanks for ALL the support."

Welcome to the second installment of Plastic Pushers. For this one, we got the best skaters living in the Netherlands (and a Frenchy) lined up for you.

Plastic Pushers - Volume 2 (2021) by Cavin Brinkman

Featuring: Dominik Wagner [2:26], Derk Alberts & Wiboud de Boorder [6:18], Jeroen Wullems [9:58], Davy Wouda & Sjoerd Peters [14:12], Friends [19:20], Roel Fritz & his vert buddies [22:16], The Swizz connection [25:19], Eric van Boven [30:41], Freddy White [31:53], Friends II [36:10], Niels Groenendijk & Ralf van de Kerkhof [40:34], Marnix Haak [43:41], Davie Nijenbrink [47:44], Sven Boekhorst [51:13], Levi van Rijn [55:59].

Plastic Pushers - Volume 2 (2021) by Cavin Brinkman

We had the pleasure to work with these great musicians that gave us (or made specially for the movie) their songs: Jimm Hall - hope is not lost, Siriusmo - Ego, Fay Ray - Heatwave, 912 - SCRD, The Homesick - Male Bonding, Slow worries - Slide, Antillectual - If you are not outraged, Sydney Valette - Safety net, Wantigga -2 shaky feat PRVTE, Love Supreme - Your mind is free, Adriaan de rover - More opinions (and a rainbow), El Fatso - Strikes and gutters, DJ Hyperlink - Pushin (exclusive for PP2), Nu Sensae - Spit gifting, MECCA83 - Storm front (exclusive for PP2), DJ Hyperlink - Flowers (exclusive for PP2), Orville Peck - Buffalo run, Toad Smoke - Heat lamp, Bucket List - Darkest hour. Thanks Ruud Scheerens for your dope intro font and Niels Groenendijk for animating them.

Bonus: Plastic Pushers, Volume 1 (2020) - PLAY: Full Movie | Leftovers + Teaser.

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Discount Booze - Bulgarian Rollerblading Film (2021)

Tue, May 11, 2021
Discount Booze - Bulgarian Rollerblading Film (2021)

We were dreaming about a new Bulgarian rollerblading film for so long. This is how the idea for DISCOUNT BOOZE was born. We put our hearts, a lot of energy, blood and sweat to make it happen. There are no words that can describe how grateful we are to every person who took a part and helped us to turn the dream into reality!

Go grab your favourite booze and enjoy 30 minutes of skating by more than 50 rollerbladers from Bulgaria, all over Europe and beyond! We are extremely happy the dream became true and DISCOUNT BOOZE is finally here!

Discount Booze - Bulgarian Rollerblading Film (2021)

Discount Booze - PLAY: Leftover Footage | Trailer 1 | Trailer 2.

Featuring: Rusen Minchev, Mario Vatralev, Ivaylo Kanev & Ventsislav Angelov. Special appearance: Pavel Kristov, Evgeni Gerov, Yulian Arsov, Lyudmil Dachev, Nikola Nedyalkov, Avi Barouh, Evgeniy Penkov, Lyubomir Boyanov, Hristo Georgiev, Georgi Chingarov, Jivko Yordanov, Hristo Andreev, Gabriel Georgiev, Georgi Todorov, Kiril Trayanov, Assia Zaharieva, Odysseas Selelmazidis, Alexander Pehlev, Alexander Popvasilev, Stefan Kalapchiev, Veselin Mishev, Dakata Ivanov, Jelio Ivanov, Boris Nenov, Vladislav Prisadashki, Miroslav Demirev, Tsvetan Damyanov, Stefan Nikolov, Alek Alexandrov, Todor Gemov, Ivan Genov, Georgi Avramov, Dobroslav Kochev, Martin Schiffer, Sorin Coseraru, Jo Zenk, Mihai Militaru, Vladimir Kocherga, Bivol Mihai, Alex Gheorfi, Paul Anastasiu, Gabriel Cezar, Moise Valentin, Sacha Miguel Lopez, Xavi Eguino, Richard Vazquez, Michel Prado, Ton Neves, Cody Lampman, Tasnádi Béla, Gilles Buelens, Freddy White, Remy Meister, Jonas Rogge, Ediz Aksu & more.

Discount Booze - Bulgarian Rollerblading Film (2021)

Producer: Gold Grippin - Digital Production Collective (Goldgrippin.com). Director: Rusen Minchevnn. Camera: Gabriela Mineva, Rusen Minchev. Voice: Brian Shima.

Music: Rone - Brest, Gallowstreet - Asterix, D.R.A.M. - Gilligan (feat. A$AP Rocky & Juicy J), Magic Wands - Black Magic, Los Bitchos - The Link Is About To Die, Elton John - Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting, Engelwood - Puerto Rico, Panjabi MC - Jogi, KVVV3 X SWAY55 - Journey Into Sound EP. Duration: ~30 min.

DISCOUNT BOOZE is absolutely free so if you liked it you can support us and our future projects by donating some bucks to our Paypal. We will be beyond grateful! LONG LIVE ROLLERBLADING! ONE LOVE!

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Athens Calling for Summer Rolling (2018) - Gold Grippin' Edit

Tue, Mar 13, 2018
Athens Calling for Summer Rolling (2018) - Gold Grippin' Edit

This video is about one of the best rollerblading experiences to date! Last summer Nick Kouros from Syeahskate invited us to visit Athens for the legendary Blade House event and a trip to one of the most surreal places - Blu Enigma on Andros Island.

Athens Calling for Summer Rolling (2018) - Gold Grippin' Edit

That was a pleasure to meet all of these amazing people from all around the Europe and share the whole thing as a family. This is something more than rollerblading trip and definitely worth it! :) - Rusen Minchev (Bulgaria).

Camera and edit: Gold Grippin' (Digital Production Collective: Gabriela Mineva, Rusen Minchev). Music: The Black Keys - Fever, Portugal The Man - Atomic Man, Houndmouth - Sedona. Riders: Rusen Minchev, Lucas Spenle, Freddy White, Nikos Karatzounis, Ivaylo Stanimirov Kanev, Avi Barouh, Nick Kouros, John Cico, Romina Ioannidou, Christian Clss, Nikos Diakoumeas, Gaston Rattus Rattus, Babis Gerdani, Sören Cornelius Witzel, Chris Ppd, Chosen Mike, Damien Silbe, Aggelos Six, Argyris Pandazaras, Odysseas Selelmazidis, Andreas Tsam, Bogos Kapamajian.

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Blade House (Athens, Greece) - Rooftop Switchups Session (2017) by Nick Kouros

Mon, Jun 19, 2017
Blade House (Athens, Greece) - Rooftop Switchups Session (2017) by Nick Kouros

With: Nikos Diakoumeas, Richie Eisler, Giorgos Mitropoulos, Dan Collins, George Saradoulias, Dominic Bruce, Panos Vouterakos, Nikos Kouros, John Cico, Freddy White, Nasos Katralis, Karsten Boysen, Agelos Apostolopoulos, Dimitris Kiriatzakis, Akis Rizos, Jarrod Mcbay, John Stavropoulos, Mike Stavrakis, Odiseas Selelmazidis, Gianis Skaltsas, Lubos Turek, Andreas Tsamtsouris, Nicholas Cornford, Nikos Karatzounis, Tim Wolff & Dano Gorman.

Blade House (Athens, Greece) - Rooftop Switchups Session (2017) by Nick Kouros

Music: Swollen Members - King Of Diamonds (Disagree Interlude).

Visit Athensbladehouse.com.

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