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Flashback: The Shock Video (2012) - Full Flick

Sat, Apr 30, 2022
Flashback: The Shock Video (2012) - Full Flick

The Shock Video, Sections on Youtube - PLAY: Intro | Derek Henderson | Montage | Casey Baggozi | Montage 2 | Hayden Ball | Montage 3 | BJ Bernhardt | Jay G | Colorado Roadtrip | Montage 4 and Anthony Gallegos | Peanut | NYC | Jeremy Soderburg | Danny Malm | Montage 5 | Montage 6 | Taig Khris | John Vossoughi | Thomas McGovern | Anders Carlson Wee | Fallon Heffernan and Montage 7 | Tony Rivituso | Vegas Montage | Michael Garlinghouse | The Big Shocker | Kevin Yee | Outro and Credits | Bonus - Full Video & Playlist - Leftovers on Vimeo: Jeremy Soderburg | Anthony Gallegos | Los Angeles - Trailer | Trailer II.

Flashback: The Shock Video (2012) - Full Flick

The Shock Video, featuring full parts from: Kevin Yee, Derek Henderson, Michael Garlinghouse, Tom Bistro, BJ Bernhardt, Danny Malm, Thomas Mcgovern, John Vossoughi, Tony Rivituso, Casey Bagozzi, Winston Wardwell, Peanut, Anthony Gallegos, Jerm Soderburg, Fallon Heffernan, Hayden Ball & Taig Khris.

Also featuring: Quintin Lamb, Sean Salazar, Crob, Alex Nunez, Jeph Howard, John Bolino, Alex Broskow, Ben Weis, Anthony Williams, Pat Leal, Brandon Smith, Keaton Newsome, Boozeman, TY Cuff, Gavin Drumm, Erik Bill, Erik Bailey and more.

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Iconic Skate Spot - Manhattan Beach (California)

Sat, Jul 17, 2021
Iconic Skate Spot - Manhattan Beach (California)

Iconic Skate Spot: The legendary ledges at Manhattan Beach, California. Featuring: Mike Murda Johnson, Dustin Latimer, Morgan Peszko, Abdiel Colberg, Beat Schillmeier, Connor O’Brien, Joey G, Sean Kelso, Fallon Heffernan, Vinny Minton, Eric Schrijn, Lyle Shivak, Brandon Campbell, Ranier Piramide, Casey Mcfarland, Mark Wojda, Ron Copeland & Friends.

Iconic Skate Spot - Manhattan Beach (California)

A compilation by Scoreback (Youtube Channel).

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Vertical World Open 2021 - 1st place: Nicolas Mougin

Wed, Jun 23, 2021

The Inline - Roller Vertical World Open is an online inline and roller skate vertical skating edit competition where vert / transition skaters can submit a 100 second edit showing their skill, style and creativity skating vertical obstacles (Youtube Playlist with all the entries).

Vertical World Open 2021 - 1st place: Nicolas Mougin

The 2021 event was livestreamed on Youtube on June 20 (PLAY) and hosted by champion skaters Cesar Mora, Fallon Heffernan and Matt Salerno.

1st place: Nicolas Mougin (Strasbourg, France)

Vertical World Open 2021 - 1st place: Nicolas Mougin

Visit Thefew.studio.

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Blading Cup 2018 - Full Results

Sun, Nov 4, 2018

Pro Division Results

  1. Philip Moore
  2. Nils Jansons
  3. Alex Broskow

AM / Open Division

  1. Hazen Bell
  2. Chad Hornish
  3. Damon Franklin

Veterans Cup

  1. Dan Rosado
  2. Shane McClay
  3. Scott Crawford


  1. Grazyna Wratny
  2. Aarin Gates
  3. Fallon Heffernan

Under 18

  1. Danny Garcia
  2. Kraig Cuico
  3. Mano Pacia

Results: bigwheelblading.com

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Fallon Heffernan on Blades and Quads Again!

Mon, Feb 26, 2018

Fallon Heffernan had a major knee injury in March of 2014 (torn ACL, meniscus, MCL, shin fractures, and an infection causing hospitalization) while filming a blading edit promoting her first ever pro model wheel.

Fallon Heffernan on Blades and Quads Again!

She had 4 major surgeries to repair the damage done to her bones and ligaments over the course of almost 2 years due to severe surgical complications. She was told by her 2 surgeons that it was unlikely she would ever be able to skate again and she would be lucky to walk properly without chronic pain one day.

Fallon Heffernan on Blades and Quads Again!

Just within a single moment, she went from spending a lifetime doing big stunts on wheels and earning a living skating - to struggling to work her way from a wheelchair, to even walking and being lightly active again.

At age 30, Fallon decided to try to defy the odds and overcome the difficult challenges presented by her injuries throughout her career (13 total orthopedic surgeries) by joining a roller derby team in Santa Barbara, California only 1 year after her final knee surgery, with the goal to just have fun hoping to be able to get that feeling of her passions again to whatever level she could. After patiently taking her strengthening and physical therapy slowly step-by-step, she decided to attempt aggressive inline skating again, and placed top 3 in 2 different events at her first professional competition back on blades a few months ago, after 3 years without skating on ramps a single day.

Fallon’s 28 year career started with rollerskating at a local roller rink when she was age 3 and began inline skating at skateparks by age 7 in Jacksonville, Florida. She became a professional aggressive inline skater in 1999 at age 13, and since then has accumulated 3 X-Games appearances (earning 2 medals), multiple ASA and LG World Championship titles, a CW Supergirl title, the Winterclash title, and placed in the men’s finals at the Asian X-Games in China and the Bittercold Showdown, among other accolades throughout her career. She also performed in 5 years of extreme sports shows across the USA.

She recently fell back in love with rollerskating, where she started on wheels to begin with, before her 15 year professional rollerblading career began. After also taking an interest in skatepark quad rollerskating and falling in love with the community of a whole new sport, she became an athlete for top-level rollerskating sponsors at the start of 2018, at age 31!

This video was made for her announcement back to elite-level competition for her new sponsors’ team talent show feature. It is a mix of highlights of her on both inline and quad skates, and shows a little of her silly and social personality. It features park and street footage of her Blading from 2009-2018 and aggressive rollerskating the past 2 months in 2018.

She still rollerblades often, in addition to aggressive rollerskating and playing roller derby for the Brawlin’ Betties. She is a University of San Francisco psychology graduate and was a Track and Field student-athlete representing USF. She is now earning her Master’s Degree in Social Work from California State University. She is married to a 5th grade teacher in Santa Barbara living with her and her 2 cats. She says she is extremely grateful for every day she can use her legs to do what she loves most passionately once again, and looks forward to skating as long as her body allows her!

She is now sponsored by “Bont” quad rollerskate boots, among a team made up of Olympians and Team USA Roller Derby riders, as well as Athena plates, and Big Foot brand slider-blocks (grind plates).

Also featuring doubles runs with Chris Haffey. Filmed by: Rene Castaneda @bitzy18, Megan Heffernan @meganheffernan88, Nicole Van Ness @n_ness, Haley Nemra @haley_nemra, Andrea Alvarez @cinco.de.mayhem. Music: No Doubt - “settle down”.

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BARS - Extras 03 (2017) by Michael Braud

Tue, Nov 7, 2017
BARS - Extras 03 (2017) by Michael Braud

Bladies! This, That, and the Other, and everything in Between. BARS. - Michael Braud.

BARS - Extras 03 (2017) by Michael Braud

BARS - PLAY: Extras 01 | Extras 02 - More Promos - PLAY: Westside Trailer | Michael Braud, First Trailer | Michael Braud, Pain Trailer | Cameron Talbott | Danny Malm | John Vossoughi | Lovely Ludwig Van Trailer (with Danny Malm, Cameron Talbott, John Vossoughi, and Michael Braud).

BARS - Extras 03 (2017) by Michael Braud

Support Michael Braud: Get BARS on Sellfy ($8).

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The Blading Cup 2014 - Bladies Edit by Sam Deangelis

Thu, Nov 13, 2014
The Blading Cup 2014 - Bladies Edit by Sam Deangelis
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Winterclash 2009 Results

Thu, Jan 29, 2009
Winterclash 2009 Results


  1. Brian Aragon
  2. Stephen Swain
  3. Roman Abrate


  1. Romain Godenaire
  2. Roman Abrate
  3. Adrien Anne


  1. Fallon Heffernan
  2. Jenna Downing
  3. Aurore Costabile

13th & 14th February / Eindhoven (Sint Niklas) / Netherlands (Belgium).

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