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Jumbo: 4 the Streets. Episode 22-23 - Battle my Crew

Thu, Feb 1, 2024
Jumbo: 4 the Streets. Episode 22-23 - Battle my Crew

Episode 23 - Austin VS Dallas - PLAY - February 2024

Battle my crew 6: Austin vs Dallas was in full effect. I better go ahead and say “im kidding” before Videogroove hits me with a “cease and desist”, haha. The boys from all over visited this weekend. Every weekend this past month has been crazy. We had Stefan Brandow in town, BFree was here the next weekend and now we have Mick, Troy and Jordan from Colorado. If that wasn’t enough, about 15 people from Dallas came down to skate as well. I’d say it was a good Saturday. A bit of a cluster finding street spots that can cater to everyone and also not be a bust, but we survived. I have so much to say, but as usual, I’m finishing this late at night and I’m at my wits end so… Cutting this one short. No one reads these anyway I’m sure. Love everyone. - Cody Sanders.

Jumbo: 4 the Streets. Episode 22-23 - Battle my Crew

Episode 22 - ‘Petite Session’ - PLAY January 2023

This was a smaller session than normal. A majority of the crew was invited to a wedding, so there was only a few of us left for the Saturday session. Since it was just the few of us, we stuck to our neighborhood. Usually on the weekends, someone has a specific area we all car pool too. It’s a chance to try and escape from the normal spots we’ve all been going to for the past decade or two. I know what you’re thinking, “man that wood ledge looks perfect, I’d destroy that spot! Why’d they just do a soul grind ?” It’s so much harder than it looks… - Cody Sanders.

Jumbo: 4 the Streets. Episode 22-23 - Battle my Crew
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Jumbo @ Carriers Open 2023 (Frisco, Texas) + Results

Tue, Nov 14, 2023

Carriers Open - November 11, 2023. Frisco, Texas.

Wow. Where do I start? Fritz Peitzner, Carriers, the city of Frisco did such a great job putting on this event. The turn out was really massive. The park is really spread out, but even with that in mind you can tell the numbers were huge. I want to write in depth about the event, give you every detail, etc… But I’m going to leave that to whoever is handling the legit edit. This is the non-legit edit. This is the Jumbo experience… So here’s how it went from our perspective.

Jumbo @ Carriers Open 2023 (Frisco, Texas) + Results

I’ve never ran a booth before… Hell, I didn’t even know this was going to be a company when I started it. It’s a joke that’s gotten really, really out of hand. I love it. I didn’t think about this beforehand, but running a booth, a side event, trying to skate a little AND film an edit of the experience is… A lot. Almost too much, but I still managed. Thank god for the crew helping me hold it down.

Jumbo @ Carriers Open 2023 (Frisco, Texas) + Results

Bcam basically covered the booth and sales the whole time, Gogo and Aaron helping me film. Heath, Ant and Caleb helping me facilitate our mystery event… Oh my god, I can’t believe they let us do the mystery event, hahaha. Jumbo World Tournament. It was so stupid. No one had a clue, not even the people running the contest. I’m not sure how people actually felt about it. I can’t really remember much of it, because I was so focused on announcing. I edited the footage, but I do it all so quickly I haven’t taken the time to really grasp the crowd reaction yet… But if you ask me? I laugh every time. I laugh just thinking about it. That’s really all I want to do, just have a good time.

Jumbo @ Carriers Open 2023 (Frisco, Texas) + Results

If we’re ever allowed to do another mystery event, it might be more focused towards skating… But I love the slapstick, pie-in-the-face, loony toons nature of it all. Without ranting for too long (because I’m sure maybe only 10 people read these descriptions anyway), I think everything about the event was a success. I love my friends. I love the rollerblading scene. I especially love EVERYONE that came by the booth and said what up. For real, I say it every time and I mean it… I’m shocked that people care. I care so much about skating and about us as a community, it’s just really great to know that there are people out there that I can resonate with. Thank you to everyone that came out, that shows love, that watches this… This is the best. Jumbo forever. - Cody Sanders.

Jumbo @ Carriers Open 2023 (Frisco, Texas) + Results

Pro Results

  1. Julien Cudot
  2. Chad Hornish
  3. Jeff Dalnas
  4. Joe Atkinson
  5. Jarrod Banning


  1. Tais Colares
  2. Aarin Gates
  3. Emilia Parejo
  4. Becci Sotelo
  5. Korina Calderon


  1. Muneeb Akhtar
  2. Jacques Orrenstein
  3. Roman Zygmont
  4. Astrid Garcia
  5. Olivia Hallum


  1. Mario Pacia
  2. Jose Arce
  3. Scott Wells
  4. Justin Jones
  5. Caleb Benavides


  1. KV
  2. Kia Hawkins
  3. Holly Lash
  4. Missy Swain
  5. Nina Hallum

Best Trick: Joe Atkinson. Photo.

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Jumbo Presents: Caleb Benevides

Sun, Sep 3, 2023

“The spot is way worse in person”. We’ve all said that before. We’ve all seen a perfect spot on film and thought, “I want to go there,” just to have our dreams crushed once we arrived. You won’t think that about any of the spots in this edit. The spot selection is “feral” at best, haha.

Jumbo Presents: Caleb Benevides

In a world of infinite park clips, he’s skating rocks, trees and dumpsters. It’s a kind of skating that’s not common anymore. You can’t finesse a lot of these spots. No trick was given, everything was earned. I love it. I hope you do too. Much more to come. - Cody Sanders.

Jumbo Presents: Caleb Benavides: PLAY.

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Jumbo - 4 the Streets - Episode 14 (July 2023)

Fri, Jul 14, 2023
Jumbo - 4 the Streets - Episode 14 (July 2023)

We’ll call this the “season finale”. I think that’s a little goofy, but it makes since because I’m basically going to take a seasonal break until summers over. Mick Casals is moving to Colorado and he was going to have his last session in Texas in Dallas. So me and a few others decided to make the drive from Austin to Dallas to come bid him a farewell and also skate amazing Dallas spots. Fact: Dallas has the best spots in Texas.

Jumbo - 4 the Streets - Episode 14 (July 2023)

Massive shoutout to John Sullivan for being our tour guide and also being better than everyone at skating. Thanks John. I could spend a good amount of time writing about the day, all of the spots, describing each minor detail that I think makes the day interesting but… It’s late. My brain feels burnt. So I want to use the rest of my dwindling motivation to say THANK YOU to everyone that has watched, commented and supported Jumbo. I never thought this project would have reached so many people. […] - Cody Sanders. Support Jumbo and get some goodies on Oak City.

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Jumbo 4 the Streets - Episode 13 (June 2023 - Texas)

Wed, Jun 14, 2023
Jumbo 4 the Streets - Episode 13 (June 2023 - Texas)

Hell on earth. It’s summer time in Texas and we forgot to wake up early for street skating. If you’re from a climate similar then you understand, you can only skate during the early morning or the evening… This session was all curbs, trees and one random square downrail. It’s a struggle. Shout out to all my homies that read the group text, don’t respond, but still show up. - Cody Sanders.

Jumbo 4 the Streets - Episode 13 (June 2023 - Texas)

Jumbo - More Episodes.

Jumbo 4 the Streets - Episode 13 (June 2023 - Texas)
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Jumbo: 4 the Streets, Episode 7 (April 2023) + Jumbo Setups with Anthony Medina

Fri, Apr 7, 2023
Jumbo: 4 the Streets, Episode 7 (April 2023) + Jumbo Setups with Anthony Medina

I had some friends from my hometown come visit this weekend. They were very excited to skate the many beautiful street spots of Austin. So what did we take them to? First spot, a bank to dumpster and a rock. Perfect. Honestly, every spot we ever try to go to is terrible. It’s the age old tale of “every street spot is harder in real life”.

Jumbo: 4 the Streets, Episode 7 (April 2023) + Jumbo Setups with Anthony Medina

That’s never really an issue though. Even if the spot is awful (like the curved handicap we go to in this one), there’s still a curb. There’s still SOMETHING. There’s always something, even if it’s a crack on the ground, skating is always fun. We did something different in this one, something we haven’t really done before… Skated a mini-ramp.

I’ve made it a point during this series to not film skatepark, that’s what instagram is for. There’s so much park footage on instagram, you couldn’t watch it all if you spent the rest of your life trying. That being said, I’d count this mini as a “DIY” spot. It’s not a skatepark… So it counts. Let us slide on this one (literally). If you’re hometown friends come to skate, not every spot can be trash… literally. - Cody Sanders.

Featuring: Mick Casals, Caleb Benavides, Heath Burley, Andrew Broom, Matt Raker, Anthony Medina, Cody Sanders & Friends.

Jumbo Setups with Anthony Medina - USD Aeon

The USD Aeon, the most customizable skate on the market… That’s obviously a joke. But, there are actually a few different mods that exist for these things. Anthony Medina discusses how he’s dialed in his Aeons over the past few years of skating them. - Cody Sanders.

Jumbo: 4 the Streets, Episode 7 (April 2023) + Jumbo Setups with Anthony Medina

Jumbo Series by Cody Sanders - More Episodes.

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Jumbo 4 the Streets - Episode 5 & 6 (2023)

Mon, Mar 20, 2023
Jumbo 4 the Streets - Episode 5 & 6 (2023)

Episode 5 - The Short one

It turns out, it’s hard to film a full edit when you show up to the session with only 8% of battery on the camera. Is this my fault? Yes. Do I have a good excuse? Always. But this one is actually good though. I got to go to Disney World last weekend. I didn’t get back until 4am the night before the Saturday session, but I still tried my best to come out and film what we could. It was really fun, for the time I was there. That little bank to rail spot is a hidden gem.

Jumbo 4 the Streets - Episode 5 & 6 (2023)

Heath Burley died on the second spot and Andrew got a really sick clip, just playing around (as usual). Overall, not much to say about this one. It’s just skating mostly, but that’s ok. They can’t all be big hitters…. I mean… None of them are, lol. The goal was accomplished. “Wake up, make something.” - Cody Sanders.

Episode 6

Michael Kraft makes me feel like I don’t even know how to skate. I’m pretty sure he did 3 never before done tricks this weekend. Some of them aren’t in the edit (sadly), but I’ve never seen anything quite like it. I feel like I’m watching the doors open to a new era of skating. It’s like watching a new genre of music be created.

Jumbo 4 the Streets - Episode 5 & 6 (2023)

Whenever it comes to all the wheel swivel stuff, I get that some people don’t understand it. I mean hell, I barely do and I like the stuff. I can hear those “hammer-types” thinking “I don’t like all the nimbly bimbly dance skating. I feel like the invention of “glides” can change that thought process. It takes the precision movement of flat-ground skating and turns it into a maneuver that looks more umm… classically understood. It’s like a grind… Except it’s a “glide.” What’s a glide, you ask? I didn’t know til last Saturday either. Apparently that’s the genus for the wheel slide stuff:

  • Grind: soul plate
  • Slide: frame
  • Glide: wheel

I kind of like that it takes the letters from both “Grind” and “slide” to create it’s name. Fitting. I’m really just rambling at this point. I’m not even the right guy to be writing about this kind of stuff. Anyways. Only 2 spots on this drizzly day, but they were both super fun. The best kink rail in Texas was uncapped recently. Shoutout to whoever did that. It felt like 2002, watching everyone line up at the top of a kink rail to session it as a group. Overall, amazing session. Great energy all around. Saturdays are the best. - Cody Sanders.

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Jumbo: 4 the Streets - Episode 4 (March 2023)

Mon, Mar 6, 2023
Jumbo: 4 the Streets - Episode 4 (March 2023)

No one is answering in the group text. It’s Saturday, where is everyone? The first spot was a complete disaster. Getting lost, can’t find our friends, the ledges are capped, but we made the most of it.

Jumbo: 4 the Streets - Episode 4 (March 2023)

I guess since no ones around, we can finally check out the bad spots. The spots that look great on film, but you don’t want to bring 20 people to, ya know? Filming these glorified b-roll edits is a lot of fun, but we’ve been working on “real” edits this entire time too. I just haven’t been posting the bigger tricks in the 4TS videos.

I did put a few of the bigger tricks in this one though. Zach Gutweiler is a madman and what he sessions for fun, I wouldn’t touch. This edit is a bit of a slow starter, but the ending is pretty sweet. - Cody Sanders.

Jumbo: More Episodes.

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Jumbo: 4 the Streets, Episode 3 + Jumbo Setups with Kirill Braynin (Feb 2023)

Tue, Feb 28, 2023
Jumbo: 4 the Streets, Episode 3 + Jumbo Setups with Kirill Braynin (Feb 2023)

I think every crew has that one guy that is charge of getting everyone together and setting up the session. It’s never said out loud, that he’s the person that’s in charge of this, but we all know who it is. In this case, I’m pretty sure that’s Anthony Medina.

Jumbo: 4 the Streets, Episode 3 + Jumbo Setups with Kirill Braynin (Feb 2023)

…Well he’s not here this weekend. It’s fucking lord of the flies and I’ve got the conch. Our friends from Dallas (John Sullivan and Aarin Gates) were in town as well. Whatever expectations they had for a classic Austin session were immediately dispelled after meeting up.

We’re not skating the good spots, we’re at the spot that we made, The Dawg Pound DIY. It’s called the dawg pound for multiple reasons, but today it really earned its stripes. There were more actual dogs than there were people skating. I’d rather have more dogs than bladers any day, so that’s fine with me. I’m not trying to film, I’m trying to pet a dog.

It’s always nice having people from out of town come visit. Not just because it’s good to see old friends, but everyone gets a little more motivated than usual. Most days, if we’re just derping around on a little ledge spot, not much happens. But I think everyone made the most out of what we had. - Cody Sanders.

Jumbo Setups: Kirill Braynin - Gawds Team Skate (Large Sizes)

This is the first installment of Jumbo Setup Series. I’m a pretty big skate nerd, I like to talk specifics. The goal is to not just show the setup, but also discuss exactly why we skate these things the way that we do. To go a bit further than the average commentary.

Jumbo: 4 the Streets, Episode 3 + Jumbo Setups with Kirill Braynin (Feb 2023)

Average commentary: “Yeah I skate them stock, anti rocker and it’s rad.” Whether or not we achieved that…. Ehhh, we’re working on it! Haha. In this one, Kirill Braynin discusses his Gawds setup. For everyone out there with big feet, this one is for you.

The Setup. Boot: Gawds team boot (Size 11/12), Soul plate: Gawds stock soul, Frame: Kizer Slimeline 2, Liner: Rollerblade Twister XT Liner (I couldn’t find just the liner), Wheels: Bloom 64mm Tony Woodlands, Anti rocker wheels: Ground Control generic, Bearings: Unlisted, generic ABEC 9’s.

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The Comedown - Out of Tune, A video by Austin Foogie Bartels

Thu, Mar 24, 2022
The Comedown - Out of Tune, A video by Austin Foogie Bartels

PLAY: Trailer | Intro | Rosy Bowl | Downers.

Out of tune, from Denver, Colorado. A video by - Austin Foogie Bartels.

Intro, starring: Timona Kasue, Zach Pavel, Foogie, Jarrod Banning, Jimmy Kobryn, Heath Burley, Andy Jacuzzi, Adam Bazydlo, Julian Mire, Ray Kronenberg, Taylor Popham and Dustin Gilmore - PLAY

Rosy bowl: Thanks Jared Kaplan for always organizing these sessions at The Rosy Bowl every Monday night through the winter. With: Jordan Smith, Jarrod Banning, Mick Casals, Will Enzenaur, Jeremy Spira, Philip Moore, and Jimmy Kobryn. Animation by Pablo Porta - PLAY

Downers: Homies section featuring: Brandon Bobadilla, Anthony Medina, Mick Casals, Ryan Rasmussen, Junk Dawg, Kyle Vandongen, Cody Sanders, Caleb Benavides, Angel Gloria, Zach Leavell, Julian Mire, Zack Pollak, Jeremy Spira, Ian Walker, Jordan Smith, and Pablo Porta. Mini section with Andrew Broom - PLAY

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