14x41 Featuring Sven Boekhorst (2022) - Full Video

Mon, Apr 11, 2022

Welcome at 14×41 a well flavoured and tasty non-profit collaboration of Sven Boekhorst and Niels Groenendijk. These two chefs serve a 3 course video meal so the next generation of inline skaters can start cooking their stuff.

14x41 Featuring Sven Boekhorst (2022) - Full Video

Sven started skating at the age of 14 years, and today at an age of 41 he still manages to spice things up when he drops the heat. This meal is free for everyone to enjoy and is well balanced, like his steady grinds on the streets. Whatever your preferred flavour is: He has got you covered in this one: Vert, Street and Park.

14x41 Featuring Sven Boekhorst (2022) - Full Video

VERT EDIT: Amsterdam has a brand new halfpipe and Sven Boekhorst blessed it with his signature style tricks. Technical liptricks and amazing control in the air. The taste of it is well balanced and totally up to date. Hit play and get started.

14x41 Featuring Sven Boekhorst (2022) - Full Video

STREET EDIT: In a search for great spots across the Netherlands Sven Boekhorst and Niels Groenendijk found some heavy hitter street spots. Niels managed to capture a full part of banging tricks and process these into main dish that exceeds all expectations.

14x41 Featuring Sven Boekhorst (2022) - Full Video

PARK EDIT: As an all-round skater Sven makes it all taste good. This part is probably the dish where he truly shows his skills. As a master chef in control, technicality and hammers a park section of Sven Boekhorst is always finger licking good! Check him at skatepark Area 51 where all the proceeds of the donations will go to stimulate the future of street and park inline skaters.

14x41 Featuring Sven Boekhorst (2022) - Full Video

Like the taste of it? Feel free to leave a tip and donate at the 14x41.com website. All proceeds will go to free skate lessons for the youth in Area 51 skatepark. For these lessons, we will work with a new skate instructor. Besides the donations made by you, the chefs of 14X41 will additionally donate 41 of Rollerblade® inline skates to area 51 skatepark for kids to use for free. Will you help us inspire and let the next generation get a taste of what we like? Dig in, donate and enjoy your meal!

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