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Darkplace - Extrastout (2022)

Mon, May 23, 2022
Darkplace - Extrastout (2022)

Featuring: George Wilson, Sparky, Matty Vella, Jim Acres, Brad O’Donovan, Rob Dalton, Matt Jeffrey, Reuben Collins, Johnny Newell, Alex Watson, Jamie Willis, Elliot Provan & Friends.

Darkplace - Extrastout (2022)
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USD Europe - Team Montage (2021) by Daniel Enin

Wed, May 19, 2021

Enjoy 9 minutes of skating by our beloved European USD Skates team in this full release USD Europe online video! All the best skating from Germany, Austria, Poland, Netherlands, France, Ireland, the UK, Sweden & Spain.

USD Europe - Team Montage (2021) by Daniel Enin

Featuring: Eugen Enin, Sven Ischen, Michael Witzemann, Tomek Przybylik, Piotr Combrzyński, Jaro Frijn, Roman Abrate, Albert Hooi, Dano Gorman, Matty Vella, Sam Crofts, Jeremy Melique, Axel Bihagen, Carlos Bernal, Mery Muñoz, Xavi Eguino and Nick Lomax. Shot by the pals, cut by Daniel Enin.

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Winterclash 2018 - Full Results

Sun, Feb 18, 2018
Winterclash 2018 - Full Results

Photo: Nomadeshop (Instagram).

Thank you! Thank you everyone for the best weekend of the year. These are the results. A full judging report is coming up in the next days. - Winterclash Team.


  1. Antony Pottier
  2. Joe Atkinson
  3. Nils Jansons
  4. Soichiro Kanashima
  5. Tomasz Przybylik
  6. David Sizemore
  7. Jacob Juul
  8. Dominik Wagner
  9. Montre Livingston
  10. Jo Zenk
  11. Eugen Enin
  12. Diego Guilloud


  1. Manon Derrien
  2. Chihiro Azuma
  3. Sara Vilella
  4. Kaili Randmae
  5. Liene Nulle
  6. Tais Corales
  7. Mery Muñoz
  8. Coralie Tan
  9. Tisler Armelle
  10. Eva Smejkalova
  11. Lula Varela


  1. Martin Danning
  2. Jaro Frijn
  3. Diako Diaby
  4. Ruben Smulders
  5. Michael Witzemann
  6. Mario Reithofer
  7. Jeremy Domingues
  8. Matty Vella
  9. Michael Müller
  10. Jarod Banning
  11. Xavi Alcazar
  12. Justas Karcauskas
  13. Julien Lemoine
  14. Lennert Goormans
  15. Yair Viner


  1. Nils Rinas
  2. Felix Fälling
  3. Randy Zoller
  4. Ilia Savosin
  5. Ion Mihai
  6. Stefan Selders
  7. Alex Dochkin
  8. Tomass Mezeniks
  9. Poema Kitseroo
  10. Victor Nguyen

USD Best Trick Award: Soichiro Kanashima (clips)

K2 Skates Best Newcomer Award: Tais Colares

SkatePro Most Creative Trick Award: David Sizemore

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Alex Burston | BURST BLOG 4

Thu, Mar 16, 2017

In this “episode” I go to Boneyard skatepark for a game of BLADE/ SKATE. I have been going to Boneyard since I was around 12 years old, Over 10 years. I also make my way up north to UNIT 23 skatepark in Scotland which is one of the best skateparks in the world in my opinion.

Alex Burston | BURST BLOG 4

There is not really any talking in this episode as the camera I have is very muffled. I hope to talk some more rubbish in the next ones. Excuse the spelling mistake. I did not see it till after I exported the video and could not be bothered changing it. haha. Alex Burston.

Featuring: Connor pearce, Matty Vella, Sam Garland, Matt Ford, Jake Rickets, Ben Shelbourne, Andrew Hosker, Nathan Robinson and Reuben Collins.

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Matty Vella – MCR Video (2016) Section

Thu, Mar 9, 2017
Matty Vella – MCR Video (2016) Section

Matty Vella has one of the best styles out there.Alex Burston.

Matty Vella – MCR Video (2016) Section
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