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Kyle Wood - Winter 2018

Mon, Feb 19, 2018
Kyle Wood - Winter 2018

Rollerblading has been thriving in the Midwest lately. Big sessions every week in Columbus, Ohio have become regular!

Kyle Wood - Winter 2018

It’s amazing. Anyways, I am done being lazy when it comes to documenting and publishing good blading content. You will see some personal and some group projects, as well as some profiles of others on my Youtube channel. - Kyle Wood.

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SCRUB$ Extra: Buckeye Bladers Montage (Columbus, Ohio)

Mon, Jan 1, 2018
SCRUB$ Extra: Buckeye Bladers Montage (Columbus, Ohio)

In 2016 I had my camera stolen and my laptop crash and i recovered these clips of gold from Columbus, OH with all my homies. I wanted to use this montage in my blade flick SCRUB$ but i felt it did not match up and flow with the timeline. - Matt Lyon.

SCRUB$ Extra: Buckeye Bladers Montage (Columbus, Ohio)

In order of appearance: Matt Lyon, Kyle Wood, Ben Poling, Bradley Wilson, Kenny Shawver, Brandon Ballog and Hawke Trackler.

Get SCRUB$ on Sellfy ($5+).

SCRUB$ is a cinematic journey by Mattre Lyonston. Featuring full profiles from Matt Lyon, Blake Hyatt and Montre Livingston. Also featuring blading from the Carolina blade scene.

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Brigade Presents Glory To (2017)

Wed, Dec 13, 2017
Brigade Presents Glory To (2017)

Columbus has always been a great hub for rollerblading. A sometimes forgotten gem in the Midwest, it is inhabited by a group of bladers that have been friends since childhood that still push each other every chance they get. Glory To Columbus.

Brigade Presents Glory To (2017)

Featuring Kyle Wood, Paul Stewart, Hawke Trackler, Bradley Wilson, and Stefan Brandow.

Kyle Wood: 1:03 - Paul Stewart: 2:58 - Hawke Trackler: 7:13 - Montage: 9:36 - Bradley Wilson: 12:29 - Stefan Brandow: 16:00

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BLADE TRIP DENVER CO. (2017) by Matt Lyon

Tue, Aug 29, 2017
BLADE TRIP DENVER CO. (2017) by Matt Lyon

We ohio boys met up in denver, CO for Kyle Wood’s bachelor party and had a great time, we also manage to blade up some awesome spots and parks. here’s a recap of some good tricks and great times! enjoy! - Matt Lyon.

BLADE TRIP DENVER CO. (2017) by Matt Lyon

Music by Snoop Dogg.

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