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'Shift Content' - Razors Team (Phone) Video (2017) by Jeph Howard

Wed, Sep 20, 2017

A team phone-filmed collaboration. Filmed entirely on Razors Shift skates.

'Shift Content' - Razors Team (Phone) Video (2017) by Jeph Howard

Content Providers: Jeph Howard, Brian Weis, Jordan Williams, Deniz Baethke, Stephen Babcock, Shane McClay, Dave Hartnett, Ray Kronenburg, Taylor Popham, Derek Henderson, Zack Savage.

'Shift Content' - Razors Team (Phone) Video (2017) by Jeph Howard

Along with: Hunter Grimm, Geoff Acers, Jon Fromm, Quintin Lamb, Daniel Nielsen, Korey Waikiki, Isaac Desanto and Alex Burston.

iPhilmers: Taylor Popham, Ray Kronenburg, Marc Lorra, Jack Mehoff, Claus Rytter, Joey Lunger, Mike Rotch, Jalord Santos, Jeph Howard, Stephen Babcock, Oliver Klozoff, Luke Naylor, Kevin Lebeau, Glenn Beardmore, Andrew Papoutsis, Ian Hutchinson, Hunter Harper, Zach Tierce and Cody Clark.

Producer & Director: Jeph Howard - “Boom. I made this entire video on my phone”.

SHIFT CONTENT - A Razors Skate Co. Thing.

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Razors HQ - Thursday Chill Session (2017) with Eric Schrijn & Friends

Fri, Aug 18, 2017
Razors HQ - Thursday Chill Session (2017) with Eric Schrijn & Friends

Thursday PVC slider Session with Eric Schrijn, Oscar Sosa, Geoff Acres & Steve Johns.

Razors HQ - Thursday Chill Session (2017) with Eric Schrijn & Friends

What is your favourite section of Eric Schrijn?

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Geoff Acers (Sunshine Distribution) - Truspin Podcast

Wed, Aug 16, 2017

This is the man behind the scenes at Sunshine Distribution, he is the swiss army knife of jobs and titles for Sunshine, he is the part of the engine that keeps this always shifting skate company moving forward. He is always on the move with company and cutting edge of the industry. We get to hear his coming from Texas to California for Razors story, the Shift skate development and a whole lot more.

Geoff Acers (Sunshine Distribution) - Truspin Podcast

Truspin Podcast by Steve Johns: A deep dive into the lives and careers of past and future Bladers. Check the podcast on your favourite platform: Soundcloud, Stitcher, Libsyn, Itunes.

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Rollerblading Gems

Alfons Schulz & Stephan Mohr in Boxosaurus - Ludus Skate Crew

Gabe Talamantes - NYC 2024 - One Mag

Spring 2024 with the MVMT Crew: Sascha Simms, Cody Forrester, Phil Gripper, Samuel Deangelis, Joseph Smith & Jesus Rivera

Surf Cidy - Cidy Life in Valencia (Spain) - A video by Ryan Gillett

Calimario Brothers - Starring Mike Dempsey & John Lyke - A Black Bandit Media Film

Iqon Flow Team - Street Edit

Billy Murton - Plastic Pushers 4 - Leftovers

Where Are The Bangers | Magic Boots 2024 with Nils Jansons, Tomek Przybylik, Valters Grasmanis & Michal Pietrzak

ANEW: Skate or Climb - Adam Bazydlo, Mick Casals & Luke Bender - A video by Sayer Danforth

Maxitaxi 23 - Stuttgart (2023, Germany) feat. Max Heid - A video by the Ludus Skaterblade Crew

Julien Cudot - Phantom Monkey, Cymatics Pro Wheel - Promo Edit

Yuto Goto & Ambassadors in NY - Roces Namikaze Pro Skates, Promo Edit by Marco Valera

Big Wheels (more)

Leon Basin and Stuart Brattey - Wizard Base and Wizard Base High

Astral Blade x FTS (2022) with Pat Ridder, Sandro Gruenheid, Dominik Stransky & Friends - Big Wheels

Them Skates & Brain Dead Present: JK in 5d Vision (2022)

OG (more)

Full Circle: Featuring CJ Wellsmore - [Documentary Short] by Dom West - Full VOD, Now Free

Sven Buršić (37, Croatia) - 2023 Street Edit - Strtz x Broskva x Leaf

Cajt - 2023 Recap (Czech Republic) - H.B.O.K Crew, Inline Cup Kroměříž 2023, Skatekm

Capital Rollas - Dad's Birthday, Barcelona Trip

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