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La Roulette - Bras Cassé (Broken Arm) by Jeremy Fanfaron (France)

Mon, Apr 3, 2023
La Roulette - Bras Cassé (Broken Arm) by Jeremy Fanfaron (France)

Jeremy Fanfaron broke his arm, but it didn’t stop him to film his pals, and make this 10 minutes video, called ‘Bras Cassé’ (broken arm, in french). Featuring: David Smadja, Jeremy Fanfaron, Hugo Renard, Gauthier Kawase & Etienne Camus. Filmed by the La Roulette Crew ; additional filming by Cavin Brinkman.

La Roulette - Bras Cassé (Broken Arm) by Jeremy Fanfaron (France)

FR: L’ami Jeremy est surement un des français les plus productifs sur les patins, mais il ne donne pas non plus sa part au chien quand il s’agit de monter des vidéos de copains. On a en tous cas connu de bien plus mauvaises manières de s’occuper avec un coude pété (trop dangereux le skatepark bro !). Et si l’on avait pu voir dernièrement le poto Gauthier Kawase dans quelques vidéos londoniennes, le grand David Smadja a tendance à cacher beaucoup plus sa patte droite et son regard caméra, qui pourtant valent clairement le détour !

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(({{SHINE}})) 2022 - Bank LDN, by Leon Humphries

Sat, Oct 1, 2022
(({{SHINE}})) 2022 - Bank LDN, by Leon Humphries

‘SHINE’ (2022) Is the latest amalgam of life, skate culture and skill captured through the lens of BANK LDN. Shot primarily in London UK with a special journey to Glasgow & Edinburgh, Scotland.

(({{SHINE}})) 2022 - Bank LDN, by Leon Humphries

As paths intersect and depart, the constant remains the intuition to skate. A central beacon which has guided the collective journey of this group. A true nature is revealed in these high moments of visualisation and aesthetic brilliance - An inner realisation of oneself in a finite moment.

(({{SHINE}})) 2022 - Bank LDN, by Leon Humphries

Shot & edited by Leon Humphries. Titles, animations & assistant editing - Neil Ingall. Title & Graphics - Ian Gallais. Camera assistance - Joe Spray, Tom Sharman, Matt Collins, James Keyte, Lewis Bowden, Chris Doughty & Joe Harvey.

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1 Weekend in Paris (2017) by Cavin Brinkman

Tue, Dec 5, 2017

January 2017: “I just came home from 1 week filming in Barcelona when i had to leave the morning after to Paris because the sister of my girlfriend gave birth to her 1st kid.

1 Weekend in Paris (2017) by Cavin Brinkman

This gave me a great opportunity to see my boys again and skate, there where some guys from outside the city that joined the session and i came home with a fun lil weekend edit”. - Cavin Brinkman.

1 Weekend in Paris (2017) by Cavin Brinkman

Featuring Louis Villar, Louis Lescure, Fred Bukowski, Tom Thieuleux, Jeremy Fanfaron, Fred Bukowski, Victor Daum, Gauthier Kawase, Jeremy Vallauri & Thomas Pfluger.

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