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Silver Sun (2021) - Chicago Bl8 Video

Tue, Jan 4, 2022
Silver Sun (2021) - Chicago Bl8 Video

Featuring: Luis Sotelo, Alec Alec Heredia, Josh Dubman, Matthias St John, Cal Martin, Chris Mccormick, Jared Reddrick, Gabe Talamantes, Ryan O’neill, Nick Vanhorn, Rory Melehan & Tri Tri-Rudolf. Filmers: Alec Heredia , Luis Sotelo, Jack Komos, and Jared Reddrick.

Silver Sun (2021) - Chicago Bl8 Video
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Retrograde - A Chicago Neighborhood Mixtape (2011-2015) by GL-JOE

Mon, Nov 13, 2017
Retrograde - A Chicago Neighborhood Mixtape (2011-2015) by GL-JOE

This is footage from 2011-2015. Was going to keep some of these clips for “Shoes With Wheels” but they are getting so old, I decided to make Retrograde, A look back on my last years in Chicago. I miss this place. Soon I will return. - GL-Joe.

Skating by Anthony Esquivel, Jared Reddrick, Gabe Talamantes, Dan Moroney, Matt Luda, Robbie Pitts, Scottie Bee, Collin Martin, Josh Dubman & Cedric Tippet.

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Game Theory - Razors Team Video (2010) - Friends Montage

Fri, Sep 16, 2011
Game Theory - Razors Team Video (2010) - Friends Montage

Featuring Korey “Sneaky” Waikiki, Mats-Kaarel Russ, Steven Tat, Taylor Ritchie, Jake Dotson, Alex Nunez, Dan Barnes, Rachard Johnson, Nico Auroux, Brian Arnold, Fred Castro, Chris Smith, Paul John, Gabe Talamantes, Josh Glowicki, Sammy Chase, Erick Rodriguez, Fabio Enes, Courtney Cain, Avichai Wechsler, Dave Jones, Nick Uhas, Adrian Anne & more.

Friends Montage on Youtube: PLAY.

Game Theory, the 2010 Razors Team Video directed by Helton ‘Brazilionaire’ Siqueira. Starring: Brian Aragon, Julian Bah, Dre Powell, Stefan Horngacher, Jeph Howard, Mathias Silhan, Roman Abrate, Max Jubin, Iain Mcleod, Edwin Wieringh and Eric Perkett - Full Video & Soundtrack.

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