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Alvin Chong (33, Singapore) - Smoke & Mirrors (2022) by Alexander Bychkov

Thu, Apr 28, 2022
Alvin Chong (33, Singapore) - Smoke & Mirrors (2022) by Alexander Bychkov

Some things you’re able to pick up exactly where you left off. Rollerblading isn’t one of them. I’m proud to present my first edit after a long leave of absence, which was surprisingly hard to make. What was even more surprising was how warmly the community of true rollerbladers welcomed me back; how their love and passion for the sport had never diminished, but only grown. I’m humbled and honoured to call them my family. - Alvin Chong. Apologies for the poor quality footage. Big thanks to everyone who helped film, and Alexander Bychkov for filming and editing! - PLAY.

Alvin Chong (33, Singapore) - Smoke & Mirrors (2022) by Alexander Bychkov

Flashback: Alvin Chong - Razors Singapore (2015)

First uploaded to the Razors YT channel in 2015. Filmed by Amirul Asyraf and Nicholas Hart. Music: ‘Sixteen Tons’ by Tennessee Ernie Ford - PLAY.

Alvin Chong (33, Singapore) - Smoke & Mirrors (2022) by Alexander Bychkov
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Danila Rodin (18, Russia) - Embily, 2020 Rollerblading Profile

Sat, Jul 17, 2021

You can call this video a debut ; here is the main player of today’s inline scene, coming from a little town called Balakovo (Russia), a skater not yet 18 years old.

Danila Rodin (18, Russia) - Embily, 2020 Rollerblading Profile

Danila Rodin profile - a remix of clips from the Embily Tour 2020 and unused material captured during the filming of the project. Filmed by Victor Bayramov, Rodion Korneev, Boris Gaisner and Gosha Obydennikov. Edited by Ilya Savosin.

Danila Rodin (18, Russia) - Embily, 2020 Rollerblading Profile

Special thanks to the general producer of Embily team Alexander Bychkov. Music: Ploho - Youth ; lil krystalll - Every day. You can follow Danila & the Embily Team on IG.

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Embily Tour (Russia, 2020)

Mon, May 10, 2021
Embily Tour (Russia, 2020)

We are glad to present our debut team video project EMBILY TOUR 2020. The video was filmed from June to December in Moscow, Novosibirsk, Sochi, Novorossiysk, Anapa, Simferopol, Sevastopol, Yalta, Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don and Belgorod with the support of Embily Co.

Embily Tour (Russia, 2020)

SECTIONS: 00:00 Intro / Интро, 02:10 Vova Turkin / Вова Туркин, 05:39 South Tour / Южный Тур, 11:12 Sasha Sashenka / Саша Сашенька, 13:17 George Obydennikov / Георгий Обыденников, 17:05 Ivan Kovtun / Иван Ковтун, 20:43 Ilya Savosin / Илья Савосин, 25:39 Daniel Goncharov / Даниил Гончаров, 31:07 Moscow / Москва, 35:01 Kirill Kochetkov / Кирилл Кочетков, 40:22 Outro / Аутро.

Producer: Alexander Bychkov. Executive producer: Boris Gaisner. Directed by: Rodion Korneev. Filmed by: Boris Gaisner, Victor Bayramov, Rodion Korneev. Edited by: Rodion Korneev, Victor Bayramov, Boris Gaisner. Color correction: Victor Bayramov, Rodion Korneev.

Embily Tour (Russia, 2020)

Embily team: Vova Turkin, Ilia Savosin, Daniel Goncharov, Ivan Kovtun, Sasha Sashenka, Kirill Kochetkov, George Obydennikov, Vanya Chanchikov, Dima Makrushin, Danila Rodin, Kirill Galushko.

Embily Tour (Russia, 2020)

Also featuring: Zhenya Leonov, Egor Ershov, Rodion Korneev, Nikolay Belov, Egor Talanin, Maxim Abdullaev, Dmitriy Ushakov, Daniil Kudryashov & Sergey Golovushkin.

Embily Tour (Russia, 2020)

Photographers: Anton Seleznev, Vladimir Mozgalev. SMM: Boris Gaisner, Nikolay Belov. Design: Victor Bayramov, Rodion Korneev. Drivers: Kirill Kochetkov, Vladimir Mozgalev, Nikolay Belov, Egor Ershov.

Embily Tour (Russia, 2020)
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