Winterclash 2024: USD Edit by Rafael López Maldonado

Fri, Mar 15, 2024
Winterclash 2024: USD Edit by Rafael López Maldonado

Winterclash, 2024 edition, filmed and edited by Rafael Maldonado. Additional filming by Daniel Enin & Kasper Tillgaard.

Winterclash 2024: USD Edit by Rafael López Maldonado
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Faction and Friends at Winterclash 2024

Wed, Mar 6, 2024
Faction and Friends at Winterclash 2024

The Faction Skate Company Team went to Eindhoven to experience Winterclash 2024. It did not disappoint. See what we saw at Winterclash 2024. The community is strong!

Faction and Friends at Winterclash 2024

Featuring: Chynna Weierstall, Eric Michael, Matt Lyon, Cameron Card, Stephanie Bennett, Shredpool, Ben Sanders, James Cisz, Aniek Kerkhofs, Viktoria Soderholm, Nils Jansons, Chihiro Azuma, Levi van Rijn & more.

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Roces Team at Winterclash 2024 - Edit by Marco Valera

Fri, Mar 1, 2024
Roces Team at Winterclash 2024 - Edit by Marco Valera

Winterclash 2024, filmed and edited by Marco Valera. Futuring: Robert Spassov, Nils Jansons, Yuto Goto, Kate Bedrata, Yuto Akiyama, Francesco Famà, and Lauric Picard.

Roces Team at Winterclash 2024 - Edit by Marco Valera
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Trying On Echo Skates! WinterClash 2024 | Aggressive Inline

Tue, Feb 27, 2024

Quoting Spook Wackagoo:

During the Winterclash 2024 tradeshow, I was able to try on the Echo skate! We were informed after trying on the skate that it was a 3d printed mold and was made simply for sizing purposes.

Trying On Echo Skates! WinterClash 2024 | Aggressive Inline

All in all, the length of the skate was a little beyond a size 10, and the footbed was pretty wide compared to the 909s or the Faction Tacticals. That being said, they were very comfy and I really enjoy the aesthetic of them. Excited to see what comes next! - Spook Wackadoo.

Trying On Echo Skates! WinterClash 2024 | Aggressive Inline

Echo Skates - Official Sneak Peek - Visit

Trying On Echo Skates! WinterClash 2024 | Aggressive Inline

Photos: 01 | 02.

Trying On Echo Skates! WinterClash 2024 | Aggressive Inline

Coming Spring 2024. UK £199.95, EU €229.95, US $249.95

Trying On Echo Skates! WinterClash 2024 | Aggressive Inline
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Jumbo at Winterclash 2024 + Clips Best-of

Mon, Feb 26, 2024

Update: added “Jumbo Mic’d up at Winterclash 2024” by Ricardo Lino to the post.
Quoting Cody Sanders:

I’ve always wanted to go to a Winterclash. For as long as it’s been happening, I remember there’s some old video where Jon Elliott says “If you haven’t been to Winterclash, you’re not even rollerblading”, or something like that. Definitely not an exact quote, but you get the gist. You have to see it to understand it.

Jumbo at Winterclash 2024 + Clips Best-of

I came in knowing this was the worlds biggest contest. Professionally run. The highest level… Two things stuck out to me though. The skating was great, but it was the attendees that brought the energy. Even if I was upstairs, away from the contest, I didn’t feel like I was missing it. No matter where you are or who you’re with, you’re in it. It’s truly unlike any contest in the rollerblading world. Incredibly professional… Which is great… unless you’re trying to show up, unofficial and make an edit of the weekend… Which is what I tried to do.

Jumbo at Winterclash 2024 + Clips Best-of

So as it turns out, this isn’t a contest put on by “one of the homies.” Oh no, no no. You can’t just know a guy and get onto the course to film a couple of clips for your instagram, there was legit processes and procedures you had to go through to get the badge, the jacket, etc… Basically, credentials I didn’t have, haha. But that’s ok! We’re going to find a way to do it. Mick was supposed to skate in the pro comp (he didn’t because he got hurt during warm-ups… we all did). By luck, I just so happened to have a friend who should not be named that procured me a media badge (probably an old one) that was going to allow me to get in early. To maybe be able to actually film the contest well and make a proper edit…

Jumbo at Winterclash 2024 + Clips Best-of

We show up Friday morning ready to warm up. As it turns out, if you don’t practice skating 10 foot high wood ramps, you’re not very good at it. We were off to a bad start. Mick was slipping around a bit, so I thought I’d put the camera down for a while and check out the skatepark. After all, it’s my first Winterclash, I’ve wanted to skate this place for years. I put my skates on, do one royale in the bowl and fall on my face (literally). One tricks, skates off, never skated the rest of the weekend. Shout out to the medical staff on site (yet another perk of the professionalism of the event).

So after a couple of hours of shaking off a mild concussion, the park opened for everyone and it was chaos. Everyone in Europe is good at skating. That’s intimidating. Since I was still rocked from the earlier fall, I was hanging back a little bit. I was missing some of the event, sure, but I got to witness what I’m coining “Stairclash.” I feel like whenever you’re watching a contest edit, you’re always expecting to see “the big hurricane,” “the dangerous disaster,” etc… But you never get to see these super talented people just skate like normal. Stairclash was what I was looking for the whole time. Some of the best, my favorites, just making use of a 6 stair at the largest event at the world. I’m laughing as I type this. I’ll never explain it as well as I’d like.

With all that being said, I don’t want to take anything away from the actual event. It was MADNESS (as expected). I don’t think I captured it as well I would have liked, but that’s part of the beauty I guess. The massive sea of people, the energy from it, there are moments where it feels like everyones in the same rhythm. I dunno.. I just stayed up all night editing this, so as usual, I’m just going to tap out on the writing bit. As I always say… I think only 3 people read these anyway, lol. Good times. Good good good times. I’ve always wanted to come and I’m pretty sure it’s one of the best skate-related experiences I’ve ever had. Ever. If you stopped by to say “hello,” thank you! I might have been a little loopy from a concussion or completely overwhelmed from the experience (and jet lag!!), but I was so happy to meet everyone. Just amazing. I have a thousand little stories to tell but I guess that’s for another time. Love y’all. - Cody Sanders.

Bonus: Best Tricks @ Winterclash 2024 - PLAY ; a compilation by Ivan Higgins.

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Winterclash 2024 - Results & Livestreams Replay

Sun, Feb 25, 2024

Livestreams Replay - PLAY: Ricardo Lino (Official) + Blade Blog (Russian language).

Winterclash 2024 - Results & Livestreams Replay

Pro Men Results

  1. Nils Jansons
  2. Julien Cudot
  3. Danilo Senna
  4. Robert Spassov
  5. Jaro Frijn
  6. David Sizemore
  7. Krystian Zarzeczny
  8. Dominic Bruce
  9. Roman Abrate
  10. Levi van Rijn
  11. Martin Danning
  12. Eugen Enin
  13. Joe Atkinsson

Pro Women

  1. Mery Muñoz
  2. Misaki Katayama
  3. Javiera Garrido
  4. Chihiro Azuma
  5. Carla Martin
  6. Aniek Kerkhofs
  7. Armelle Tisler
  8. Nuria López
  9. Lilou Fumery

Amateur Women

  1. Ana Julia da Silva
  2. Kate Bedrata
  3. Laura Santos
  4. Julia Komenda
  5. Matilde Fiorin
  6. Veronica Bonaiti
  7. Pauline Dubreuil
  8. Maria Eduarda da Silva

Amateur Men

  1. Leonardo Cardoso
  2. Noboru Katayama
  3. Gilles Buelens
  4. Francesco Fama
  5. Lenny Jourda
  6. Lucas Landthaler
  7. Xabier Mikel Ganuza Sánchez
  8. Liam Gratwohl
  9. Michael Müller
  10. Leo Fumery
  11. Victor Medrano
  12. Niko Salaman
  13. Gino Dangers
  14. Valters Grasmanis
  15. Krzysztof Starzewski
  16. Fabian Mathie

Junior Women

  1. Amelie Maria Pogaceanu
  2. Katarzyna Kaminiorz
  3. Eva Klomp
  4. Marie Rothkamm

Junior Men

  1. Haruhi Shimizu
  2. Jun Shoha
  3. Michal Pietrzak
  4. Filip Hudziak
  5. Nolan van Ophoven
  6. Adam Trzeciak
  7. Leonardo Rodrigues Araujo
  8. Yuto Akiyama
  9. Thorben Schoen

More Awards

  • Faction Best Trick Award: Joe Atkinsons
  • Emoves Best Grind Award: Gilles Buelens
  • Blank Best Line Award: Bobi Spassov
  • Dead Wheels Most Creative Trick Award: Levi Van Rijn
  • Hestialiving Best Sign Award: The Judges Sign
  • This is Soul Best Setup Award: Bjoern Ox

More Photos of the Podiums on

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