Nick Danchuk (Philadelphia, 2020-2021) by the Kelso Brothers - Bacemint

Sat, Mar 12, 2022
Nick Danchuk (Philadelphia, 2020-2021) by the Kelso Brothers - Bacemint

Filmed by the kelso bros. Edited by Sean Kelso. Featuring Nick Danchuk. Filmed in Philadelphia, PA during the period of time between May 2020 and July 2021.

Nick Danchuk (Philadelphia, 2020-2021) by the Kelso Brothers - Bacemint

This section could not have been made a reality without the following living, breathing individuals. Firstly, foremostly: Thank you Lauren for existing on this planet, in this lifetime and for encouraging/ supporting me in everything that I do. I love you Eternally

Thank you Sean and Colin for making bacemint, pushing me to make this part, and for keeping every session FUN, productive, and FUN. Your passion for rollerblading—much like your friendship—is unequivocal.

Thank you to everyone who backed my ‘MetalChassis4Chuk’ 2020 campaign. You guys have big hearts and a great sense of humor. I’ll forever value your love/friendship/support: Tom Mikos, Austin Leleu, Jon Lee, Ryan Parker, Angelo Lucero, Seth Shimkonis, John Alward, Ben Magaziner. Thanks to my blonde brother Kyle Walsh for your dedication to skating, the energy you bring to the game, and your initiative towards spot-building. RIP Highpoint. (Those clips were the first three filmed for this project and dedicated to you, Big Dog.)

Thank you Ben Magaziner for keeping skates on my feet all these years and just for being Ben Magaziner. Holy shit. You are a beautiful man. Thanks to everyone from Ghetto Ramps Skate Team, (GB Bklyn, NY): the foundation to this constant joyride. Big thanks to Anthony Lee for showing me the ropes early on and for telling me to keep skating when I needed to hear it, 2002. You are my brother for life!

Also thanks: B-Bell (RIP) for making Street Dwellaz 1, Kato for skating in it, TJ Regz for introducing me to a skateboard in 1996, my mom for letting me destroy her rec skates, my cousin Tom for showing me Mouse, my cousin Joe for showing me Road Fools, Billy Schon for making Live from New York and Chelsea Piers for having it in stock, Baretto for teaching me how to royale over by the GB basketball courts, Dustin Halleran for being the sickest ever, street hockey, Shane Coburn for giving us Brain Fear Gone and widening the scope, South Brooklyn my home forever, Coney Island pier at 5am, whoever designed the M12 boot (my first skate), genuinely nice people, candor, laughter, history buffs (like my pop and his pop before him), people who love, people who can control their emotions, people who appreciate riding flat, Cult Crew for all the online entertainment, AB for the long angle, Shuda for coming out to throw hammers and take photos throughout, the people’s champ John Bolino, Zac Siravo, Austin and Ben Leleu for being two of my favorite granola-heads: (thank you both for your constant support), the immortal Bobby Puleo, Weck for keeping it real in a world full of fakes and cosplay-punks, Ditch Ryder for maintaining Dustbowls for like four decades, Chatr, Teor, Kas. Tyler, Josh, Brent, and all the Lehigh Valley skaters. The Godfather Warren Raygun and all the Ceramic Animal boys, Lazerbeam for being the best skater in NYC no question, KILLGORE, Bapa, Nemo, Big Steve, Fish. Nick Benton, Matt Bee, Twon, Cameron Ogle, Chi Mendez, Matt Capacete, Ed Duff, Andreas Quiroga, Hunter Graves, Mike Pronzato, Chase Foley and all the local D-town dudes who continue to rip in one way or another. Thanks to Brian & Nate, Dan Moonan, Cam, AJ, Chris Rotelli, DJ Mustard, DJ Andrew, Jay, Christina, Pete, & everyone at MoMs. Thanks Matt at Villa Capri. Thanks Nate and Alan at Skyroast. Thanks to Kenny at Cross Culture, Doylestown—(you fncking rule, dude).

Thanks to Sandwich Connection, Borough Bagel, and the bomb Chinese food at Kung Fu Restaurant. A special shoutout to Sandra at La Esquina Del Sabor Restaurant/Bakery in Allentown, PA: best Mexican food on the east coast, maybe the world—I don’t know!—but it’s on the corner of N 5th & W Gordon. This woman is a New Yorker, having spent thirty-three years in Queens and now going on year two out here in PA with her and her husband’s business. (If you’re ever in the area, get the rojas enchiladas and chorizo tacos with a side of rice and beans. Fnckin bangin’.)

Thank you Dima, Lonni, and Bodhi for this true privilege. Keep the fire alive. (Your ancestors are watching). Thanks to everyone I’ve ever skated with past and present…especially my favorite skater OAT, the Bustleton Boy: Jim McKenna. You are forever gnarly.

Lastly: Thanks to all you weirdos around the world who continued to skate throughout the slow years simply because you loved it. That shit was punk as fnck. To the future skaters, remember this little pearl: You are an individual; and mob mentality is lame. Be confident in your vision and make sure things stay good & weird. (Never lose sight of what brought us here in the first place). RIP Lou Reed. RIP NY. & 4eva Danamarie Peace & Love, — DADCHUK.

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