Catching Up With Franck Steve - Rollerblade 2022

Thu, Mar 10, 2022
Catching Up With Franck Steve - Rollerblade 2022

Today we’re catch up with Franck Steve in Bordeaux. Franck shares with us how he got into inline skating over10 years ago. From that day on, inline skating has become a huge part of his life. For Franck it is like therapy that helps him stay healthy and strong both physically and mentally. Skating is his lifestyle.

Catching Up With Franck Steve - Rollerblade 2022

Franck loves to support others as they discover inline skating too; especially that moment of standing on inline skates for the first time. It is a moment that most of us will never forget. Whether we are immediately successful or not, it is the exhilaration of trying something new and exciting.

Catching Up With Franck Steve - Rollerblade 2022

Franck’s current skate inventory consists of three pairs of inline skates. For the street and park he has the all new Blank SK skate. His choice for commuting is the Twister skates. And when he’s running late and needs some extra speed Franck chooses the RB 110 3WD. Hit play and enjoy the skate session with Franck. Article on

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