Flashback: Imyta Paris 2003 - Headcase Production, Official Dvd - Full Video

Sun, Jan 23, 2022
Flashback: Imyta Paris 2003 - Headcase Production, Official Dvd - Full Video

“With over 1000 people in attendance on april 13, 2003, the second ever Paris Imyta was the largest street contest in the history of rollerblading. Crews from all over the world represented their love for rolling. Coming from as far as Russia, Poland, Finland, Holland, Ireland, Scotland, England, Switzerland, Germany, Portugal, the Czech Republic, the USA, and of course, France”.

Flashback: Imyta Paris 2003 - Headcase Production, Official Dvd - Full Video

“In this first edition of the 2003 Imyta Dvd series, you will witness France’s own Mathieu Heinemann dominate the field at La Defense, securing his first heavyweight title in the Imyta series. You’ll also see complete coverage, behind-the-scenes with riders, organizers and secret skate sessions”.

Flashback: Imyta Paris 2003 - Headcase Production, Official Dvd - Full Video

“This is also the first Imyta released entirely by Headcase Productions. We would like to thank everyone around the world who has continued to support the Imyta from the beginning. We couldn’t do it without you all. And watch for our next release, Imyta Los Angeles (and what will surely be an out of control event!). Respectfully”. - Jon Julio, Matt Andrews, Azikiwee Anderson, and Mike Wilson.

Sections: Intro | Paris 2001 Recap | Day 1 | Travelling to La Defense | Prelims | Semi Finals | Finals | Credits | Ads (Rejects, Rollerblade, USD, Mindgame, 2nd Regime, Deshi - Vimeo Mirror: PLAY

Winner: Matthieu Heinemann. Slam of the year: Neou Men.

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