Seba Dzbik // Shade (Poland, 2021) - Burza Torden Edit

Fri, Nov 19, 2021
Seba Dzbik // Shade (Poland, 2021) - Burza Torden Edit

SHADE: comparative darkness and coolness, caused by shelter from direct sunlight. Video released much earlier than I thought. I had a few more ideas to implement but due to injuries I had to finish it now. Through my rollerblading career I have never been through something like that. Probably I wont be back in 2 to 3 months. Sick! That’s my the longest break from rollerblading. Below is a description of this tragic event.

Seba Dzbik // Shade (Poland, 2021) - Burza Torden Edit

It happened at the weekly skatepark meeting. I tried to do a dizaster from the quarter to the rail. After a few tries I slipped and my ankle just turned in the other direction and I fell on it, heard a bone crash. The next day I went to the hospital - the tibia was broken. Now I have a cast on my leg for 5-6 weeks. Later, I will face a long process of bone fusion, and then certainly painstaking rehabilitation.

Seba Dzbik // Shade (Poland, 2021) - Burza Torden Edit

If you would like to support me in rehabilitation, here is a link to my paypal. I would be really grateful for any help. Stay safe! I want to thank all the people who were involved in this vid. - Seba.

Cut by Seba Dzbik. Filmed by Marcin Chmielarski, Paweł Fijał, Michał Kaliściak, Adam Olejniczak. Visuals from movie ‘Debbie Does Damnation’. Letters by Kuba Partyka. Music: Twin Tribes - ‘FANTASMAS’.

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