The London Jam 2021 - Edit by Capital Rollas

Mon, Oct 4, 2021

Presented by Blake Bird & Jamie Harris. Featuring: Alex Burston, Jurgen Nijman, James Bower, Bruce Dobble, Kalleo Hipolito, Sam Crofts, Matty Vella, Graeme Forbes, Aaron Turner, Tom Barrio, Leon Humphries, Jay Cuthbertson, James Keyte, Andy Spary & more.

The London Jam 2021 - Edit by Capital Rollas

On September 11th we held this year’s LDN Jam in South London next to the river Thames after not being able to hold one last year due to a global pandemic we did not know how this one would turn out. But we had a budget something we have never had before and we set to work organising the event from buying wood and materials ordering medals sorting out money to pay the Filmer and editors along with staff on the day.

The London Jam 2021 - Edit by Capital Rollas

And we could not be more proud of how it turned out so sit back and enjoy this years edition. We would like to thank everybody who has been supported the brand so far and to all the sponsors that sent us prizes without you guys we are nothing! - Capital Rollas.

The London Jam 2021 - Edit by Capital Rollas

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