R.I.P Brett Urbas (April 25, 1992 – July 30, 2015)

Sat, Aug 1, 2015
R.I.P Brett Urbas (April 25, 1992 – July 30, 2015)

It is with the heaviest of hearts that I have to tell you that our beloved Brett Urbas has passed away. If it was not for this amazing young man and his family, Modern Skatepark would not exist as it is today.

He began as a naturally gifted skater that eventually became World Champion. He was loved and respected by everyone that crossed his path.

He was hit by a car while skating on Thursday, June 30, 2015 doing what he loved to do and did better than most…

Please make any donation that you wish to this site in order for us to create a lasting memorial for one of the finest young men that has graced God’s green earth.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Urbas family and friends as we deal with incredible loss of a great human being. We need for him to live on through us by living our lives with his positive spirit.

Brett M. Urbas tribute page on Wasikfuneralhome.com.

R.I.P Brett Urbas (April 25, 1992 – July 30, 2015)

Thanks Joe Binford. Threads on Facebook: 01 | 02 | 03.

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Brett Urbas: Modern + Indiana Park Clips (2014)

Wed, Nov 19, 2014
Brett Urbas: Modern + Indiana Park Clips (2014)

Due to insufficient clips, we hereby give you some 7am & some wherethefuckarewe Indiana skatepark content. Enjoy… - FIDSHREDCO.

Video on Youtube: PLAY.

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Bittercold Showdown - 2012 Results

Sun, Feb 26, 2012
Bittercold Showdown - 2012 Results


  1. Alex Broskow
  2. Brett Urbas
  3. Brian Aragon
  4. Erik Bailey
  5. Chris Haffey
  6. Franco Cammayo
  7. Dominik Wagner
  8. Montre Livingston
  9. Chris Smith
  10. Jimmy Hake


  1. Michael Garlinghouse
  2. Wake Schepman
  3. Eric Michael
  4. Ryan Sibbio
  5. Korey Waikiki
  6. Chris Smith
  7. Luke Naylor
  8. Zach Peavell
  9. Joe Torres
  10. Damon Franklin
Bittercold Showdown - 2012 Results

Photos: Create Originals | Brian Aragon | BCSD.

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Zack Waszkiewicz (15, Detroit): Stak-N-Doe 2014 Edit

Sat, Nov 8, 2014
Zack Waszkiewicz (15, Detroit): Stak-N-Doe 2014 Edit

S&D Detroit’s Youngest AM Blader 15 Year Old Zack Waszkiewicz Savageee Life Section. This Is A Well Deserved Edit For Zack. Savageee: Bad Ass Mother Fucker Who Did Something Nobody Else Had Balls To Do. Filmed by Arthur T. Edited by: Arthur T. & Zack W. (Savageee). Music by School Boy Q.

Video on Youtube: PLAY.

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Bryan Bell: Rest in Peace

Fri, Sep 5, 2014

Bryan Bell. November 30, 1977- September 1, 2014 (RIP).

Bryan Bell: Rest in Peace

We have just received the very sorrowful news that Bryan Bell who had been missing for almost a week, has died in a sudden and tragic way. This was, of course, unexpected and has left his family and friends devastated.

Bryan’s parents, who are serving as missionaries in Belize, were able to come home to be with their family and join them in the search of their son because of the overwhelming and generous giving of family and friends. On the day of their arrival in San Diego they were informed that Bryan’s body had been located in San Diego Bay and that his identity had been confirmed by the San Diego Medical Examiner.

Now the family has the added concern of a proper burial for Bryan. Bryan was the friend of hundreds of people around the world as a result of his career as a professional inline skater. His early videos of the sport captured the spirit and culture of the skating community. Bryan also made many friends through his music and art. He seemed to excel at everything he attempted. But perhaps his best gift was the friendship and unselfish love that he gave to all.

With your help and support we can pay tribute to our good friend, Bryan Bell, and lay him to rest in a respectful and honoring way.

Bryan’s memorial service will be on Thursday, September 11 at 5pm (more infos)

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Delta City Open 2014: Luke Naylor & Luke Rappa

Sun, Jun 15, 2014
Delta City Open 2014: Luke Naylor & Luke Rappa

Quick hits of Luke Naylor & Luke Rappa at Delta City Open IV in Detroit.

Video on Youtube: PLAY - Music: The Rolling Stones – Paint it Black. Thanks Jonathan Bryant.

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