Fabiola da Silva on paulmitchell.com (2009)

Sun, Mar 22, 2009
Fabiola da Silva on paulmitchell.com (2009)

Remember when all the corporate sponsors bailed on rollerblading? Except Paul Mitchell Shampoo and they are still supporting us. If you have stanky Helmet sweat hair you better be washing the funk out with some PM! Fabiola Da Silva is even featured on the front page of Paul Mitchell! - Recnroll Skateshop.

Fabiola da Silva on paulmitchell.com (2009)

Link on Paulmitchell.com down.

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Fabiola Goes to Hollywood (2005)

Wed, Feb 2, 2005

X-Games world champion Fabiola Da Silva will star in a new film being produced by Warner Brothers Studios.

The Movie

X-Games world champion Fabiola Da Silva of Brazil will star in a new Warner Brothers movie called Slammin, which is scheduled to begin filming in the summer of 2005. The movie will be shot mostly in Brazil and it will feature both Brazilian and United States actors.

The Script

Warner Brothers producer Clifford Werber acquired the rights to the prize-winning script written by Aaron Metchik and Joseph Garner for a reported six figure sum. The script was purchased specifically as a vehicle for Fabiola da Silva because she is one of the most popular and recognizable female sports stars in the world. The script was one of four winners in the 2003 Pipeline Into Motion Pictures Screenwriting Contest.

The Story Line

Slammin is the story of a young Brazilian girl whose struggle to rise in the male-dominated world of competitive aggressive inline skating takes her to Venice Beach, California, where she finds love and professional success (sound familiar Fabiola?).

Quote from Fabiola

Slammin gives me a chance to present my sport and my country in the context of a story that hits close to my heart and will resonate with young people wherever they live and whatever dreams they pursue," da Silva said.

Quote from Producer Clifford Werber

“This project presents a unique opportunity to take the best of all worlds; the Brazilian film world, that has enthusiastically embraced the project, and the extreme sports world and package them together to produce a feel-good, youth empowerment film that is certain to appeal to young audiences worldwide”.

Source: Skatelog.com.

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Precilia Verdier joins the Unkut Team : videos + pics (2007)

Wed, Nov 28, 2007
Precilia Verdier joins the Unkut Team : videos + pics (2007)

Precilia Verdier (Montpellier, France) joins the Unkut Team. Thanks Alex. Video on Youtube: PLAY.

Precilia Verdier joins the Unkut Team : videos + pics (2007)
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Winterclash 2008 Results

Sat, Feb 9, 2008
Winterclash 2008 Results


  1. Erik Bailey
  2. Worapoj Boonnim
  3. Stephen Swain


  1. Giorgio Oehlers
  2. Sylvain Humbert
  3. Christoph Muller


  1. Martina Svobodova
  2. Fabiola da Silva
  3. Aurore Costabile

Grindhouse best trick: Hagi Romania

Worst slam: Beethoven Pitanga

Photo: Erik Bailey, Jochen Smuda & Jon Julio by Arpad Zentai (Hungary).

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