Steve Durr - Photo Retrospective (2006)

Thu, Jun 8, 2006
Steve Durr - Photo Retrospective (2006)

Steve Dürr recently joined the European Deshi team. Here is a photo retrospective of pictures taken from publications of the past few years. partial save of the page on

2006 Deshi European Team: Oli Benet | Fridolin Eelbo | Benny Harmanus | Steve Dürr.

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Deshi Colin Kelso 2 Pro Skates + Deshi Kicks 2

Fri, May 19, 2006

Published today on

Deshi Colin Kelso 2 Pro Skates + Deshi Kicks 2

As you can read, Deshi Skates are fully compatible with the new Sifika liner SL310.

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Deshi Colin Kelso 2 Skates

Wed, Mar 22, 2006
Deshi Colin Kelso 2 Skates

Thanks Tbar57 and Kris.

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Steve Durr (Austria) - Video Edit (2013) by Jojo Jacobi

Thu, Mar 9, 2006
Steve Durr (Austria) - Video Edit (2013) by Jojo Jacobi

Steve Dürr is riding for Deshi, Undercover, Ignition Skateshop & OCB Longpapers. Check the video on (link down).

Edited by Jojo Jacobi. Length: 1.59 min. Music: Andre Nikatina – Ayo for Yayo. Thanks Julius & Oli.

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Colin Kelso's Custom Deshi Skates

Mon, Nov 7, 2005
Colin Kelso's Custom Deshi Skates

Note: Colin Kelso obviously just took his foot out of the skate, so the liners are slightly pulled out of shape. They would normally be lower, to the point that half the shield would be obscured.

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Deshi Colin Kelso - Press Release

Fri, Oct 21, 2005
Deshi Colin Kelso - Press Release

The Conference is glad to present another awesome product to add to its collection: The new Colin Kelso Pro. This skate has been put together with Colin’s input and improvements and is ready for imminent release. It is a totally new Skate system and comes with an improved internal structure along with plenty of other new features.

Deshi Colin Kelso - Press Release

Release Dates

  • USA: Nov 20th
  • Europe: Nov 30th

Key features

  • super light weight skate (including its soul plate): only 1312g including liner, shock absorber and innersole, Boot only without soul plate only 950g.
  • new reworked soul plate, now lighter and smaller: 2mm taken off width on the positive side. Advantage on ledges. Material taken removed from the soulplates, new plate is now only 362g.
  • New Kizer Air Shock absorber. New air distribution concept.
  • New Kizer Triple Shock Innersole, for support on entire base of foot.

Kelso Design

  • NEW wrap around Kevlar toe area for added protection.
  • NEW 45° strap with protection and heel lock function.
  • NEW fully replaceable male and female buckle.
  • reworked liner for better fit, comfort and control.
  • embossed logos, clean and simple design

NEW internal structure

  • new longer lasting inside construction, more flexible, material stays in perfect shape. More supportive on your ankles than ever before.
  • inside construction made of DELRIN (TM from DU Pont of Switzerland)

NEW RIC (Replaceable Internal CUFF) System

  • skate comes with two different thickness of internal cuff support.
  • skate it without support or with one internal cuff support or two internal cuff supports.
  • can be used as stash pocket.
  • support can be increased by adding the Deshi strap

So. Lightweight, supportive yet flexible, innovative, compatible with many other options of soul plate, sleek and black, revolutionary anti-shock system. Not bad, eh?

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