Winterclash 2006 - Starcream Photos

Thu, Feb 9, 2006
Winterclash 2006 - Starcream Photos

Starscream (Claudio Antonelli) posted some photos of the Winterclash, 2006 Edition (february 4th, Muhlhausen, Germany). Link Down.

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Jojo Jacobi - Winterclash 2006 - Some Words

Thu, Feb 9, 2006
Jojo Jacobi - Winterclash 2006 - Some Words

Jojo Jacobi posted some words about the Winterclash, 2006 edition:

Thank you. Thank you a thousand times. This was all I could say at Saturday night. But there and then this was enough. I want to thank all of you. Thank you for coming, especially if you are one of those who came from very far away to Muhlhausen. You made this weekend possible.

When I stood right the middle of the masses and when it got really loud for the first time I realised why I had been working for nine months. So many rollerbladers at one spot, so many people who pushed rollerblading to the highest level. I think that the 4th of February showed what rollerblading is capable of. We infected a whole city with the Winterclash hype and we showed that rollerblading is something needs to be taken serious.

This Winterclash only was the second edition of this event. That this event could get that big in such a short time is almost like a miracle. I’m not an event manager. I’m just a little boy and this weekend made me aware of how many things I still have to learn. But it was a good start and I know that quite some things have to be changed and improved.

I also want to apologize! Please excuse if you were one of the guys who had stuff stolen or if you felt insulted because there was no space and we had to tell you to leave several times. Unfortunately I did not calculate with such a mass of rollerbladers. This is something which became really obvious and sometimes we simply were overstrained. But we want to ensure you that we will find solutions for these problems until next year.

Right now I want to get rid of something really important. FUCK YOU to all the people which are dumb as shit and which can’t be happy without going nuts. The whole city of Mühlhausen and the whole team of the skatepark were supporting this event 100 percent and tried to help us wherever they could. At Saturday night they were stunned by the spirit and by the way rollerblading can look. But on Sunday morning they told me that they will never again permit a rollerblading event there. They already had the German championship in skateboarding there but they had never before seen such antisocial people like the ones they saw at the night after the Winterclash! If you build waste-piles on the funbox – if you block the kiln until the hall if full of smoke and if you throw bicycle rims at the owner of the park because he tries to clean up – if whole hotel rooms are destroyed and if people have to be put into jail. I know that there are people like these everywhere and that you can’t prevent something like this. But it is insane that 20 people can destroy what 700 people experienced and created. You are one of the reasons why rollerblading can’t be taken serious. You make us look like a bunch of idiots; you make us appear as if we could not behave like human beings. The people there were so amazed by rollerblading and by what happened. But it only took 20 people to destroy this. These idiots were the reason why all the good impressions were erased at the next morning.

This was the only thing that really annoyed and upset me.

Aside from this, this is the first time that I’m really content with one of my events and I’m highly motivated to top everything next year! I want to once again thank all the people which made all this possible. First of all this is all the people who were there! I want to thank my designer Robert Winkler because he created all the nice graphics and was with me from the very beginning. Thank you to all my sponsors Concrete Rudolph, Ignition Skateshop, Grindhouse, UCON, The Conference and X World Skateshop. My partners Be-Mag and CLIP. Thank you to the judges, the people that helped out at the entrance, the girls at the bar and the team of the skatepark. And I also want to thank Sebastian Lehmann for moderating almost the whole Winterclash. It was a very, very tough job which he, in my opinion, handled really well and I’m very thankful for this!

If there is any criticism or any suggestions please don’t hesitate to contact me at! We will meet again this summer – I’m planning a lot of things for you! - Jojo Jacobi.

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Winterclash 2005 - Full Results

Sun, Feb 13, 2005
Winterclash 2005 - Full Results

29th January / Aurich / Germany.

Pro Results

  1. Matthias Ogger
  2. Dominik Wagner
  3. Erik Bailey


  1. Piotr Combrzynski
  2. Alex Dumitru
  3. Tyron Ballantine


  • Ucon most creative trick: Benny Harmanus.
  • Best Trick: Adil Farhouni.
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Winterclash 2005 - Flyer

Fri, Jan 7, 2005
Winterclash 2005 - Flyer

Winterclash 2005 - Flyer. Playground Skatehall, Aurich, Germany.

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Ispo 2004, Be-Mag Report

Sun, Jul 11, 2004
Ispo 2004, Be-Mag Report

Although the ISPO has become a lot smaller in the last years, it’s still the biggest sports trade fair in the world. Thus all the companies present their latest products. Besides the new stuff that is shown, we had the chance to take a glimpse at the new USD, Deshi and Xsjado stuff and all I can say is, they look sick. Anyway, back to the present, here you can check out the products that will be released in the near future.

Link Down | Partial backup on

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