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Dream Urethane - Awaken (2024)

Fri, Feb 23, 2024
Dream Urethane - Awaken (2024)

Dream brings together an eclectic mix of skaters from across the world, each with their own distinct style and diverse approach to rollerblading. Founded by Jan Welch, the project has been brought to life through the creative minds of Jeremy Beightol and Chris Peel. Together, we’re proud to unveil our first product line and are excited to expand our range and wheel variety in the future. Visit Dreamurethane.com.

Dream Urethane - Awaken (2024)

Featuring: Matty Schrock, Andrew Broom, Michael Kraft, Brian Freeman, Taylor Popham, Viktoria Söderholm, Nay Mapalo, Chie Ichi Inoue & Julia Komenda. Cameras: Anthony Medina, Chris Smith, Andreas Belin, Michael Kraft, Zach Leavell, Shintaro Nakayama, Joanna Seybold, Piotrek Gbyl, Sebastian “Basza” Gruba & Patryk Pilch. Editing: Michael Kraft. Artwork: Jeremy Beightol.

Dream Urethane - Pro Wheels

Dream Urethane - Awaken (2024)

Brian Freeman 60/92 | Andrew Broom 60/90 | Michael Kraft 58/90 | Matty Schrock 58/92.

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Faction Skate Company - The White Edit (2023)

Wed, Aug 30, 2023

“With the launch of the white Tactical V1s its only right to make something special. Enjoy!”. - Factionskatecompany.com.

Faction Skate Company - The White Edit (2023)

Featuring: Clark Kirkman, James Cisz, Lee Barwick, Chynna Weierstall, Eric Michael, Shredpool, Iain Mcleod, Frai Gomez, Adam Barr, Aniek Kerkhofs, Viktoria Soderholm, Cameron Card, Matt Lyon, Tina Vallarta & Mario Pacia.

Faction Skate Company - The White Edit (2023)

Faction Skate Company - White Tactical V1 ($425.00)

Faction Skate Company - The White Edit (2023)

Previously: Faction Skate Company @ Ramp & Camp 2023 - with Cameron Card, Shredpool, Jimmy Cisz and more!.

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