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Potion - A Rollerblading Video by Harry Can & Jo Zenk

Tue, Jul 11, 2023
Potion - A Rollerblading Video by Harry Can & Jo Zenk

A Rollerblading Skate Video by Harry Can & Jo Zenk filmed in Stuttgart, Germany. “They were heading south into the lands of deer and griffin to seek inspiration from the Source. They set out to find the potion of youth yet what they’d meet on the path would lead them deep into the source field…”.

Potion - A Rollerblading Video by Harry Can & Jo Zenk

We are very excited to release POTION for the public after premiering it at TNT Shred 2023 (July 7, 2023) in Stuttgart where it was filmed end of last summer. POTION, filmed by Jo Zenk & Harry Can. Runtime: 17min. Edited & graded by Jo Zenk. Featuring: Michael Muller, Harry Can & Jo Zenk. Also with: Philipp Fitschen, Fabian Gaile & Justas Karčauskas. Appearances & cameos of friends: Marius Gaile, Richard Vazquez, Xavi Eguino & Phil Aznar.

Potion - A Rollerblading Video by Harry Can & Jo Zenk
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