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Cranks 2021-2022 (Poland) by Michał Kaliściak

Thu, May 18, 2023
Cranks 2021-2022 (Poland) by Michał Kaliściak

Cranks Warsaw & Hedonskate presents „Zrobić, zapomnieć” (do & forget), the new video of the capital city of Poland. Featuring skaters and friends from all over Poland.

Cranks 2021-2022 (Poland) by Michał Kaliściak

Edited by Michał Kaliściak. Filmed in: 2021-2022.

Cranks 2021-2022 (Poland) by Michał Kaliściak

Riders: Maciek Kubis, Michał Kaliściak, Maciek Arciszewski, Paweł Fijał, Adam Olejniczak, Oleg Tysenkov, Dominik Kielan, Karol Byrski, Filip Suwała, Patryk Pilch, Eryk Pilch, Jacek Kamiński, Gabriel Rozwadowski, Piotrek Combrzynski, Szymon Czajkowski, Wiktor Głowacki, Paula Zawadzka, Kuba Wajs, Kamil Nowaczek, Bartek Kloc, Bartłomiej Zgrzeblak, Dawid Daraszewski, Dominik Piechocki, Tobiasz Grochowski, Łukasz Kaźmierczak, Łukasz Bartoszek, Aleksander Czernikowski, Tomek Przybylik, Szymon Frejsztat, Krzysztof Zdunek, Szymon Ziemicki, Michał Pietrzak, Andrzej Bonder & more.

Cranks 2021-2022 (Poland) by Michał Kaliściak
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Twice Ft. Patryk Pilch (Poland, 2021-2023)

Sat, Mar 18, 2023
Twice Ft. Patryk Pilch (Poland, 2021-2023)

“This project is a mix of my last 2 seasons of street skating. I filmed the first part in 2021 but then got a serious injury. I needed to take a break and whenever I checked the stuff I already filmed, it did not make me happy at all. However, my brother Eryk saw it completely different, so I agreed to let him edit it anyway. He definitely took out the best out of these clips, for which I am extremely grateful”.

Twice Ft. Patryk Pilch (Poland, 2021-2023)

“In March 2022 during a photo shoot with Wiktor Głowacki I had the most serious accident of my whole blading venture so far. I still can feel its effects even today. Since the accident, my street skating was very limited. I had to set new goals all the time to get my confidence back, but still the most important thing for me was to keep having a good time while doing it. I spent most time at the skateparks, where I gained self-confidence and realized that I don’t have to expect so much from myself, that the most important thing for me is just to enjoy the session and not to have a sick ambition to impress someone. During these 8 months I not only changed my attitude to skating, but also had to work on my body. Once a week I went to a physiotherapist, who made me realize how much work with my fresh scar is ahead of me. If it wasn’t for the doctors’ help, I probably wouldn’t have get back to skating at all, not to mention the pain that accompanied me during the healing process like constant migraine pains, drug states that could keep me awake in the middle of the night and keep me awake, toothaches, and many other things that caused incredible discomfort”.

Twice Ft. Patryk Pilch (Poland, 2021-2023)

“So finishing the part was hard. However, at the very end of the year I went to Barcelona with Tomek Przybylik,Eryk Pilch and Piotr Gbyl. It was really there that I skated street for the first time since the accident, realizing that I didn’t have to expect anything from myself, just enjoy the moment and spend my time the best way I wanted. During these 2 years a lot has really changed in my life, and I owe a lot to my family and friends who have been there for me. I would like to thank them sincerely for that”.

“To my wonderful girlfriend, who was by my side all the time in the most difficult moments after the accident, you are my biggest support and I love you very much. To my brother Eryk who is my biggest inspiration not only when it comes to the skating itself, the approach to filming and the unique vision of blading. He had an incredible influence on my personal development. I love you and am very grateful for the time you have given me. To my whole family: my sister Ada who gave me tons of positive energy and support. To my Mom and Dad to whom I really owe a lot. My physiotherapist Zuzanna, without whom I would not be where I am. The best skater crew in the world ‘Skateroom crew’ thanks to whom I get the best energy to shred. Tomek Przybylik, who gave me a lot of motivation to still skate and without whom my trip to Barcelona probably would not have happened. I love you brother. Piotr Gbyl, Michał Kaliściak for his time spent on stacking with me on the streets. Kuba Olejarz and Paweł Komosa for giving a huge dose of childish juice and excitement every day. The whole neighbourhood for a lot of support. And finally Wiktor Głowacki and Mateusz Bączkowicz for the best photos and for being the best homies. I love you all. - Patryk Pilch.

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Poland (2017) by Bobi Spassov

Sun, Aug 6, 2017
Poland (2017) by Bobi Spassov

Video filmed in Rzeszowie and Katowice during the visit of Israel and Sweden crews who dropped a visit for Carpatia Extreme Festival. Riders: Lukasz Malewski, Bobi Spassov, Yair Viner, Karol Byrski, Patryk Pilch, Patrycja Najda, GiB Sweden. Camera: Bobi Spassov & Basza.

Poland (2017) by Bobi Spassov
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