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Operational - Murdah Militia 2022 Team Edit

Fri, Dec 16, 2022
Operational - Murdah Militia 2022 Team Edit

Operational: Term used to define personnel that are fully trained and mission capable. Able to learn and adapt to the ever changing scope of a mission set - These riders have proven they are able to adapt to any situation, obstacle, or skatepark; and bring the heat on rollerblades. While operating as a squad this amazing set of rollerbladers have defined style, swag, innovation, and dedication. This team of heavy hitting bladers who are dedicated to this sport. With almost 175 years of cumulative experience, this team exudes everything that rollerblading is about.

Operational - Murdah Militia 2022 Team Edit

Each member of this team brings their own specific skill set and style which make them unique and an integral part of this team: Sascha Simms, Joe Smith, Arsenio Patterson, Samuel Deangelis, Craig C. Parsons, Joe Styes, Kevin LeBron, RJ Elwell, Phil Gripper & Karlis Bowman.

We want to give a huge shout out and thank you to Karlis Bowman! Karlis selflessly sacrificed 11 Months of this year to fulfill a military obligation. Sacrificing his personal life, health and wellbeing, and personal interests in support of the freedom that we all use every day! Its sacrifices like his and those that are actively serving, prior service, or those that have paid the ultimate price. I am proud to call him a Brother In Arms, a Brother In Blades, and a close friend!

Thank you to each and every rider on this team! This great group of rollerbladers go out and sacrifice their bodies and their time to support this amazing sport and all the companies that help make this amazing industry happen. This video is dedicated to them! Dedicated to them to showcase their talents, abilities, and their love and devotion to a sport that has given so many so much! Without riders like these and regular riders like you, this sport would be a lot less fun. They are truly dedicated to the sport and the community, a truly upstanding group of like minded people that only want to see the sport grow and flourish.

Video edited by Samuel Deangelis. Co-Edited by Phil Gripper. Music: “A New Error” by Moderate.

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Karlis Bowman - Skatepark Hunting in Colorado Springs (2022)

Mon, Mar 21, 2022
Karlis Bowman - Skatepark Hunting in Colorado Springs (2022)

We discovered a new skatepark in Colorado Springs. - Karlis Bowman.

Karlis Bowman - Skatepark Hunting in Colorado Springs (2022)
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Karlis Bowman - Player Selected (2021) - Murdah Militia Edit

Tue, Nov 9, 2021
Karlis Bowman - Player Selected (2021) - Murdah Militia Edit

Karlis Bowman is a true killer on blades and here is the edit to prove it. Since he has moved to Colorado for a new Army Duty assignment he has progressed into a true Blade Assassin.

Karlis Bowman - Player Selected (2021) - Murdah Militia Edit
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Stay Focused by Murdah Militia (2021)

Sun, Jul 25, 2021
Stay Focused by  Murdah Militia (2021)

Staying focused gets tough sometimes. Life has a way of getting in the way of things we want to accomplish, but luckily our team has a way of being able to keep going. Moving, injuries, illness, work life, family life, all have a way of chipping at the clock; and it makes it hard to find time to lace up and skate.

Stay Focused by  Murdah Militia (2021)

Grateful to our team and their ability to find a little time here and there to get us clips and being able to highlight the sport we love. Featuring: Karlis Bowman, Craig Holland, RJ Elwell, Joe Styles, Craig Parsons, Chase Harding, Nathan Buck & Friends.

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