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Vault Vintage (Toronto + Montreal, Canada - 2022)

Thu, Feb 24, 2022
Vault Vintage (Toronto + Montreal, Canada - 2022)

“We made this video with over thirty Toronto & Montreal skaters that we have held strong bonds with through skating and filming. Thank you to our sponsors for supporting the skating in this videos and future Vault projects: Shawarmagang, Blood Brothers, Roces & Ground Control”.

Vault Vintage (Toronto + Montreal, Canada - 2022)

Skaters: Daniel Millar, Erik Burrow, Immony Men, Charles A. Nantel, Simon Von Vorst, Tim Birchard, Lukas Weerdenburg, Roman Filitov, Johanny Velasquez, Lauric Picard, Mathias Rueda, Maxence L. Valade, Luis Bonilla, Alexandre Bouchard, Ross Bushnell, Kevin Chow, Mike David, Candace Dunn, TJ Edwards, Matt Garrity, Dave Ghent, Tim Hanes, Johnny Hoermann, Maxime Lanthier, Mitch Lawheese, Blair Loughead, Scott MacDonald, Ricky Oats Timmy Oats Marc-Étienne Paradis, Awan Qadhi, Nawa Qadhi, Yoshi Qadhi & Sylvain Chaussee.

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Johanny Velasquez - Training for the Redbull Crashed Ice (2018)

Tue, Jan 16, 2018
Johanny Velasquez - Training for the Redbull Crashed Ice (2018)

January 19, 2018, I will be racing at the RedBull Crashed Ice Junior World Championships in Minneapolis-St.Paul. Here is a video of my training and preparation leading up to this race. - Johanny Velasquez.

Johanny Velasquez - Training for the Redbull Crashed Ice (2018)
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