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Inferno - In & Out - FULL VOD, NOW FREE - With Bobi Spassov, Ilia Savosin & Kate Bedrata

Sun, Jul 14, 2024
Inferno - In & Out - FULL VOD, NOW FREE - With Bobi Spassov, Ilia Savosin & Kate Bedrata

In & Out finds Bobi Spassov, Ilya Savosin, and Kate Bedrata destroying the streets of Israel, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Poland, and Latvia. VOD released in march 7, 2024.

Full Video

Inferno - In & Out - FULL VOD, NOW FREE - With Bobi Spassov, Ilia Savosin & Kate Bedrata


Inferno - In & Out - FULL VOD, NOW FREE - With Bobi Spassov, Ilia Savosin & Kate Bedrata

A film by BOBI SPASSOV & ILIA SAVOSIN. Shot by: Eryk Pilch, Omri Baum, Nils Jansons, Martim Teixeira, Rodrigo Teixeira, & Ilia Savosin. Additional camera: Ben Rifken, Patryk Pilch, Martin Jansons, Ricardo Lino, Costas Gounaris, Daniel Deitch, Michael Prado, Isac Martinez, & Dexter Dex. Cut by: Bobi Spassov. Photography by: Eryk Pilch, Shira Darf, Ieva Jansone, & Nikos Jaratzounis. Special thanks to: Kash, Miro, Martina, Marco, Kouros, Cody, Bernal, Mom, XCCV, JJ & Jonas, and Chika & Pablo. Soundtrack: Hobo Hands - Whole, Doron Miran - Lo Boged, Obladaet - Plugged In, Lil Yachty - The Black Seminole , Jasmin - Tudo/Nada.

Inferno - In & Out - FULL VOD, NOW FREE - With Bobi Spassov, Ilia Savosin & Kate Bedrata
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Inferno - Omri Baum - One Bird in Hand

Sat, Feb 17, 2024
Inferno - Omri Baum - One Bird in Hand

Inferno edit, shot by Bobi Spassov, cut by Bobi Spassov & Omri Baum. Photo art by: Shira Darf. Additional camera operator: Eryk Pilch.

Inferno - Omri Baum - One Bird in Hand

The Israeli blading scene has enriched the world of skating with a plethora of influential skaters over the past two decades. Notable figures such as Avichai Wechsler, Yair Vinner, and Robert Spassov have left an indelible mark on street inline skating. Furthermore, the charismatic Leon Basin has not only founded but continues to actively develop the Wizard skating movement. Emerging from such a vibrant environment can be daunting, as the expectation to fill large shoes looms; however, being surrounded by a talented cohort may well be the catalyst for pushing individuals to excel even further.

Omri Baum has demonstrated remarkable progression in recent years, both in his appearances in front of the camera and in his work behind it. His contributions include a wealth of innovative content alongside his local XCCV crew and video-on-demand projects with Bobi Spassov. However, his influence extends beyond the Tel Aviv and Israeli skating scenes. Omri’s skills and commitment have caught the attention of Greg Preston’s Too Easy project, and his participation in the recent release of Plastic Pushers IV is a testament to his motivation and enthusiasm. […]

Omri Baum - Full Interview on Infernoskate.com.

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Inferno - Bobi Spassov & Cody Lampman

Tue, Jan 23, 2024
Inferno - Bobi Spassov & Cody Lampman

INFERNO Vol. 1 finds Bobi Spassov and Cody Lampman skating the streets of London during seven days of straight mayhem. Not your ordinary brand welcome video.

Inferno - Bobi Spassov & Cody Lampman

Shot by the talented Eryk Eryk Pilch. Cut by Cody Lampman.

The Birth of Inferno by Cody Lampman

“Bobi and I met at a small contest in London. Like many others, I had been a fan of his skating for half a decade. Meeting in person, we bonded over a few shared ideals, our sobriety, and our similar approaches to making edits.

I appreciate humility and authenticity above all else. Bobi embodies these two adjectives in full. He is as comfortable with a beginner skater as he is talking to the legends. He is more fully a representation of our culture than many of the “pros” I know, who are more concerned with their image than interacting with the next generation.

He is also the hardest-working skater I have ever met. [] - Cody Lampman.

Bobi Spassov Playlist

Inferno Playlists asks your favorite skaters to create custom mixes based on their favorite artists, parts, movies and overall inspirations. Our first mix is by Inferno co-founder and style god Bobi Spassov. Read on to find one hell of a hard mix.

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