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David Carrizosa - CHAOS (Montreal, 2023)

Wed, Jan 10, 2024
David Carrizosa - CHAOS (Montreal, 2023)

Filmed in Montreal, November 2023 by Caroline Souty. Music: Erlax - Follow Instincts.

David Carrizosa - CHAOS (Montreal, 2023)
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Catching Up With Robert Guerrero at LaPalme D'Or II In Sherbrooke, Quebec (2022)

Sun, May 22, 2022
Catching Up With Robert Guerrero at LaPalme D'Or II In Sherbrooke, Quebec (2022)

This past Saturday, I made my way across the border to catch up with Robert Guerrero at the “Lapalme d’Or II” event in Sherbrooke, Quebec. “Lapalme d’Or II” is a three-day and two-night camping and skating event that Alex Lapalme and Boutique Inline Skateshop host. Robert Guerrero is currently staying north of Sherbrooke in Drummondville. We are both only about an hour from the event, so we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to re-connect again after not seeing each other for almost two decades. Rob and I had a wonderful time hanging out, and I plan to drive up to Drummondville soon to film some more content with Rob and discuss the time we spent hanging out and filming together from the mid-90s to the early 2000s. - Jan Welch.

This video features the skating of Robert Guerrero, Lauric Picard, Maxence L. Valade, Maxime Kind, Maxime Lanthier, David Carrizosa Pereira, Gregory Hernandez, Marc-Etienne Paradis, Mathieu Lapointe, Mehdi Buscaino, Simon Gemme, and Pier-luc Bernier.

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Montreal Rollerblading 2020/21 by Gyom Latrompette

Fri, Jun 4, 2021
Montreal Rollerblading 2020/21 by Gyom Latrompette

Featuring Alex Boucher, Jason Segeleski, David Carrizosa, Charles Nantel, Jessyka, Simon Gemme, Julien Deschamps, Karl Newman, Guillaume Roy, Vincent Romain & more.

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