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Wizard Skating presents: RE•EMBARK - Trailer

Sun, Jul 23, 2023
Wizard Skating presents: RE•EMBARK - Trailer

Wizard presents RE•EMBARK. The sequel to DISEMBARK. Featuring: Leon Basin, Mike Torres, AJ DeLong, and Stuart Brattey. Directed by Mike Torres. Filmed in the summer of 2022. Full video available for purchase on Wizardskating.com.

Wizard Skating presents: RE•EMBARK - Trailer

Previously: DISEMBARK - Full Video (2019, 11min) - PLAY.

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Spellcaster (2017) by Tom Mosher (Canada) - Audio Podcast with Leon Basin

Fri, May 26, 2017
Spellcaster (2017) by Tom Mosher (Canada) - Audio Podcast with Leon Basin

Spellcaster (Soundcloud) is a series of discussions with innovative rollerbladers, exploring blade tech, mods and the characters involved. Tom Mosher (Toronto, Canada) released the episode #3 of his podcast featuring Leon Basin, the owner of Task Shop & creator of the Wizard Frames.

Spellcaster (2017) by Tom Mosher (Canada) - Audio Podcast with Leon Basin
  • Episode 3 with Leon Basin - Leon gives his candid opinion on various rocker options, his Wizard frames, three wheel skates, Aeons, Xsjado, Seba, Inline vs Rollerblading, Shop Task, skiing, Warlock prototype, Crashed Ice tricks, Sam Crofts, Anthony Pottier, AJ Delong, the history of Big Wheel skating among many other things!

  • More Episodes on Soundcloud.com/spellcasterrollerblading.

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