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Champion Baumstimler & Jeff Frederick: USD Coup De Tat Sections

Monday, November 29th, 2010

coup de tat

Champion Baumstimler

Jeff Frederick

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Champion Baumstimler: Fruitbooter Interview

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

Champion Baumstimler

Mention the name of Champion Baumstimler to anyone who was rolling in the 90s and you will get an immediate reaction. Memories of burly gaps, technical rail tricks and a rumoured list of illegal activities as long as your arm are just some of the things that spring to mind.

He featured in the first skate video I ever owned, VG4, and was a big part of the American scene back in the day. There has been a bit of a buzz around Champ again recently so I sent him a few questions to try and clear up some historical inaccuracies and get the low down on future plans.

Hi Champion. The last I heard from you was around the time of your second pro USD Psirus, then you seemed to drop off the map. What have you been up to?

I did drop off the map, and it was intentional I suppose. At that time I guess I was somewhat burned out on skating, I had injuries that I didn’t let heal, and I thought it was time to grow up. But looking back on it, it is something I terribly regret, although I needed to calm down a bit, I was living a pretty wild lifestyle but that’s typical of someone that age, especially someone in my situation who had basically been living a unique life. I had a son, got married and got a few college degrees (biology/chemistry and political science).

I skated every now and again but nothing significant during this period. Since, I have gotten divorced and have been working. I currently manage a research and quality control laboratory in Texas. I go backpacking or drive around in the desert every chance I get, and have been skating quite frequently lately. […]

Check the Full Champion Baumstimler: Fruitbooter Interview.

One day with Champion Baumstimler @ Odessa park

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

Champion Baumstimler

This is one day with the legendary Champion Baumstimler at the Sherwood skatepark in Odessa TX.

Champion was the first rollerblader to inspire me to skate so its an honor to make this section.

Be prepared to see his comeback section in the making.

Champion Baumstimler: Film of the Year (1997) PRN

Monday, June 8th, 2009

Champion Baumstimler

Thanks Youk (french topic).