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Shred Cologne | New Year’s Shred 2017

Sunday, January 15th, 2017

Filmed & edited by Tyriek Gibson.

Shred Cologne | New Year's Shred 2017

From the Shred Cologne Facebook event page:

The best way to start the year of 2017 is to come together and having a huge jam session with all you blading friends from Germany and the Netherlands. For this day we will have a Miniramp Jam, a Half pipe Jam and again a DIY Skate park Jam which is a new experience every year. This is the fourth edition of the New Year’s Shred on Cologne Germany. Let’s celebrate the new year together!

Music: Young Sherman – Fear, Mac Demarco – Only You.

Miniramp Jam: Results

  1. Benni Petry (GER/ Bremen)
  2. Gero Placheta (GER/ Cologne)

Vert Jam

  1. Jo Zenk (GER/ Munster)
  2. Erik Droogh (NL/ Amsterdam)

Park Jam

  1. Jo Zenk (GER)
  2. Eugen Enin (GER) & Benni Petry (GER)

Rookie of the Day Award: Maurice Bohr (GER)

Eugen Enin: Bonus Clips on Instagram.

Barcelona: Summer 2016 by Tyriek Gibson

Monday, November 21st, 2016

Featuring Maurice Borr, David Pedroza, Alex Sijakovic, Joni Prados and Juninho Morais.

Barcelona: Summer 2016 by Tyriek Gibson

Me and the young homie Maurice Borr traveled to Barcelona on a skate trip and we ran into a lot of bladers during our stay.

It was fucking dope as fuck! Everything positive you heard about Barcelona is true as fuck. I have more footage but unfortunately not all the clips could make it in.

I even got to blade and film Yuri Botelho and Michel Prado but i didn’t film any good clips. At the end of the trip i was tired as fuck but I think i will throw up a short edit of our the rail sesh that happened.Tyriek Gibson.

Music: Fela Kuti – Water get no enemy.

Mathias Silhan wins Ulm City Blader Jam 2016

Thursday, November 10th, 2016

Mathias Silhan wins Ulm City Blader Jam 2016

Ulm City Blader Jam thrown by the homies Gino and Hank from Ulm Germany. I wasn’t planning on filming but i always bring my camera regardless. Gino asked if i brought my cam and said yes and i went on from there. Hope to see more of you guys in the future. I slowed it down to about 75 percent because fuck it! Why not !?Tyriek Gibson.

Best trick starts at 3:30. Music: Nina Simone – Sinnerman.

Pro Results

  1. Matthias Silhan
  2. Jan Fehlmann
  3. Jon Matter + Lucas Landthaler
  4. Julien Lemoine
  5. Sacha Miguel Lopez

Am Results

Trick of the day: Sacha Lopez | Ulm Jam Session (2016)

Sunday, November 6th, 2016

Ulm (Germany). Clips by Tyriek Gibson.

Trick of the day: Sacha Lopez | Ulm Jam Session

South Korea: Goodbye Friends (2014) by Tyriek Gibson

Sunday, February 15th, 2015

Here is most of the footage that i collected from 2014, thanks you all for letting me film you. It was a pleasure to skate in this country i hope i come back only as a civilian. I really enjoyed it here.Tyriek Gibson.

South Korea: Goodbye Friends (2014) by Tyriek Gibson

Part 1: Featuring Tyriek Gibson, Samuel Lee, Seth Chandler, Chris Williams, Chris Placeres, and Daehoi Koo (Good Day). Music: Alex Calder – Strange Dreams.

Part 2: Music: Alex Calder – Light leave Your Eyes.

South Korea: Boots (2014) Clips by Tyriek Gibson

Monday, January 19th, 2015

South Korea:

Featuring Samuel Lee, Seth Chandler, Tyriek Gibson, Daehoi Koo (Good Day), Kyungmin Kevin Lee & friends. Filmed by Tyriek Gibson and Chris Placeres.

Music: Nancy Sinatra – Boots are meant for walking. Thanks Rieky Gibson (forums).
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