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Handmade Remz HR 1.3 Skates by Rainbow Iris

Friday, February 14th, 2014

Handmade Remz Skates

Made by Kotomi Yokota (Japan). Larger picture on Instagram.

Remz HR 1.1: Promo Edit by Fred Castro

Friday, February 10th, 2012

August 2010 Repost.

Remz HR 1.1: Promo Edit by Fred Castro

Just a little promo video I did for Remz Skates. I don’t even remember doing this one, I found it the other day, decided to post it up.

What I did: All motion graphics shots, color correction and the editing of the clip. Enjoy.Fred Castro.

Chris Haffey Signature 2.1 by Remz

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

Chris Haffey Signature 2.1 by Remz

Meet the latest Remz weapon, a classy and stylish update of the acclaimed 2.0, the New Chris Haffey Signature 2.1

Along with conceiving the low-cut skin design pioneered on the 2.0 and matching his own “V-cut + strap” setup, Chris Haffey personally put a multitude of samples through the test to meet his high technical expectations.

The new 2.1 is updated with new skin materials and stronger eyelets, combines a modern yet classic color scheme reminiscent of the 2000 Remedyz (when Chris first started rocking Remz), and includes all the advanced features that made the 2.0 a top-seller such as the redesigned rear lacing system, the precise neoprene liner with softer shock-absorber, strong hockey laces giving the skate a distinctive and athletic look, and the new concept of High Resilience (HR) construction providing optimum control & foot support.

“It sucks your foot in there and keeps it right where it needs to be so you’re in complete control at all times” says Chris about the Remz HR concept that he helped develop.

As a reflection of Chris Haffey who recently took the title of World Champion (with the 2.1 on his feet), his New 2.1 signature model is a winner and might well make you a better skater!

Chris Haffey Signature 2.1 by Remz


– New Classy and Stylish low-cut design by Chris Haffey
– New HR ‘High Resilience’ skin concept
– New high-end ergonomic Remz liner built to Chris’s specifications
– Chris Haffey original freedom-of-feet setup w/ Rear lacing system
– Reinforced ankle strap (w/ plastic buckles included in the box)
– GC FTL2 frames
– 57mm/90a Chris Haffey 4×4 wheels
– ABEC 5 bearings

Remz HR 1.1 Skates (?)

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

remz h1r1

Spotted on Magma. Thanks Rollarturo.

New Remz & Jug Products

Thursday, June 17th, 2010


Via Magma.

New Razors Genesys Cb And Remz Hr 1.1 (?)

Friday, May 7th, 2010

Razors Genesys Cb

Remz Hr 1.1

Thanks Labutte1991 (via).