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One Magazine: Digital Issue #3

Thursday, January 16th, 2014

One Mag, Digital

Issue #3 Content

From our sunny base in San Diego the ONE network of contributors delivers the goods from Melbourne, Pretoria, Montreal, Santa Ana, New York City, Nashville, Essex, and countless destinations in between, capturing important moments in blading from around the world.

Whether Jeff Stockwell shooting photos of pros at the Blading Cup, or Brandon Smith on a mission to Mt. Baldy or Hayden Golder shooting with a German in Australia or Jon Fromm blading his way through South Africa, Digi v.3 represents a cross section of the blade talent stretched across the globe, and serves as a reminder that through blading we come together as a community. [...] – One Magazine.

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One Magazine: Digital Issues 1 & 2 (Free)

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

One Magazine: Digital Issues

One Magazine released the 2 first issues of his digital mag for free:

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Issue #2 Content

This issue is exciting in many ways. First, it’s got a heavy dose of variety. There’s Chris Haffey boosting on the Nitro Circus Giant-A-ramp, Alex Burston shredding the streets in his UK hood, Michael Collins back on blades and staying fresh, the full-on Americana blading of Boise’s Erik Bill, a long-overdue check in with pioneer Dave Kollasch on life and the evolution of blading, and so much more.

Nils Jansons: One Mag, Skater of the Year 2012 – Edit

Sunday, March 31st, 2013

Nils Jansons earned your votes and became the latest ONE Skater of the Year.

Nils Jansons: One Mag, Skater of the Year 2012

Like past SOTYs Alex Broskow and John Bolino, Nils took his new title and went straight into a hot streak: winning events, taking blading into Latvian schools, being interviewed on TV, and working on all of his own plans to get blading in front of more people through festivals and his own events.

And after seeing tricks like he did at Winterclash and Pony Cup and his photos inside and on the cover of ONE, it can seem like blading poses little challenge for the young powerhouse. But that’s not the case.

As you’ll see in this edit that Nils chopped together himself, some come easy but the big ones can and do take their toll. Can you count how many attempts it took to nail the disaster soul for the cover shot?

Think blading lost its heart or balls? Think again. Nils Jansons is amazing. Nils Jansons is rollerblading.


Mark Wojda: One Mag, Raw Clips & Interview

Friday, July 13th, 2012

Mark Wojda: One Mag, Raw Clips & Interview
Photo: Revolution.

Mark Wojda went above and beyond our expectations for his Blade Life profile.

Not only did he shoot photos with the Earl M. Bryan in GA, but he put together this Raw Clips edit shot by Robby Silcox.

Read the whole interview at Page 01, 02.

The Zamora Sessions

Sunday, December 4th, 2011

louis zamora

One Magazine posted a new video of Louis Zamora:

By popular demand, here’s more blading from the one and only Louie Zamora.

Ever since our first quick session edit with Louie we’ve been getting out steadily on mini missions. Over a couple recent sessions we hit Rancho Bernardo and downtown SD with the homies, topped off with a trip to one of Chula Vista’s mini skate plazas.

Guest appearances by Hayden Ball, Steve Steinmetz and Steve Zamora round out these sessions.

Previously: Louie Zamora: SD park session by Beau Cottington.

An Afternoon with Louie Zamora by One Mag

Sunday, November 20th, 2011

louis zamora

We caught up with Louie Zamora for a session this weekend. And though we got kicked out of one legendary spot and the sun set on another, this all managed to go down.

We think you’ll agree that it’s great to see Louie doing his thing and speaking his mind. Dig it! Video after the break. — ONE

Erik Bailey made the cover of One Mag, Issue #19, check this post.

Chris Haffey talks Nitro Circus, One Mag Interview

Monday, May 30th, 2011

chris haffey
up: Chris Haffey – Mute 360 (Gosford, AU) ; launcher top view.

Nitro Circus comes to North America next weekend, right? What’s going on? When does the tour start?

The actual tour isn’t ’til next year, but we are doing a one-off show in Vegas next weekend, so tomorrow I am heading to a spot in California where they have the ramp set up so we can catch some practice/learn some new stuff before that show.

It sounds like the Las Vegas stop is supposed to be pretty special. What’s the story?

Yeah, Vegas is going to go off! Since it is a single show no one really has to be worried about being healthy for a show the next night, so I think a lot of people are planning some special tricks for this one. Every show is already insane, so I can’t even imagine how crazy this one is going to be. On top of that, they are bringing in some special guests for this one, so it should be the best show to date. [...]

(Blade Life): Chris Haffey talks Nitro Circus, Full Interview.
Interview by Just Blade ; Photos:

Charging as featured in One Magazine

Friday, May 27th, 2011

one mag

Photos: John Bolino (Forward Dub, Austin, TX) by Haynes.
Chris Farmer (Switch Sweatstance, Denver, CO) by Jeremy Stephenson.

The past two issues of ONE magazine (and a poster from Intuition Skate) have featured some phenomenal blading from Straight Jacket riders captured in action while filming for Charging and now you can see all those photos here along with an edit showing how each trick went down.

And as thanks to AJ for not only making Charging but putting together this lil promo edit, head over to the Straight Jacket site to take advantage of savings on all online orders.

Stay tuned to find out what’s next. -ONE

Huge Photo Gallery + Article on One.

ONE Video Rochester, NY: Submissions (2008)

Saturday, April 23rd, 2011


quoting Mike Torres.

Here is an edit I put together in January of 2009. All of this footage was filmed for the ONE Magazine blade video which was produced and directed by Conner O’Brien, and released in December, 2008.

The edit was only made for the eyes of my friends in the WNY scene, so they could see the clips we filmed in an edit since not all of them made it into the ONE Video.

The edit was then released as a last minute bonus feature on “The Best of” DVD which was released and distributed at the 2009 Bitter Cold Showdown in Royal Oak, MI.

Filmed & edited by Mike Torres ; featuring Steve Bruning, Dan Barnes, Tim Adams, Grant Hazelton, Chris Walker & Mike Torres.

Just thought I’d throw this online. You know… Before It’s Too Late.

One Mag: Issue 17 (V5N2) Online

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

john bolino

If you haven’t already read the John Bolino interview, or read about Paul John or David Sizemore, caught a dose of blade history from Minnesota’s Jon Robinson, or seen the BCSD X coverage, then it’s high past time to check it out (via).

Download: ONE_17_issuu.pdf |

Bittercold Showdown XI

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

BCSD XI Media: Vinny Minton comp + pre-bcsd, Brazilionaire, Valo team edit + warmups, results + raw media, more BCSD media, official website.

bittercold showdown xi
Photo: Casualty Killers.

Living Color Productions Edit

One Mag @ BCSD XI
Filmed and edited by Kris Troyer (via).

More BCSD XI Photos by Casualty Killers.

Lookback: Box Magazine Class of 2000

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

Lookback: Box Magazine Class of 2000

This week, let’s take a look at the Box Magazine Class of 2000 from the January 2000 issue.

It is interesting to look at the list of names featured and see the different paths their lives have taken.

Every skater on the list has left an impact on skating. Some of them continue to influence the blading universe with their skating or other talents, while others have moved on with their lives or faded into obscurity or infamy. — Ben Rogers

Lookback: Box Magazine Class of 2000.

Alex Miranda: Day of the Rope (1996) + One Mag Itw

Monday, January 24th, 2011

alex miranda

AM 4 life… Alex Miranda, lots of people have an opinion on who Alex is. Some think they know him, few actually do. I’ve known him since we were kids, 12 or 13 years old. When he was still rocking a rat-tail under his A’s cap and wearing a Bash Bros. t-shirt.

The first thing we had in common was our favorite baseball player, Jose Canseco… this was before steroids were really illegal. We became friends, and began chillin’, playing football, baseball, BMXing, or whatever the flavor of the month was. In ‘93–’94, rollerblading began to consume us.

We saw a great opportunity to be original and have our own crew that did something no one else did at that time. Shortly after that, we were known throughout the city as “Bladers.” Alex had a style that stood out from the rest of us. When Alex skates he strives for perfection, just landing isn’t good enough.

There’s a sense of unity when Alex locks on a grind; it seems that he attaches himself to it, while making sure his shirt and hat always match. Alex was getting into the OC scene, skating with Randy Spizer, Arlo Eisenberg and the Senate guys. He was eventually placed on the Senate team, putting his name next to skaters like Louie Zamora, Josh Petty, TJ Webber and B Love. What most people don’t know about Alex is his life outside of rollerblading.

I’m sure that there are kids out there who can relate to family issues, health problems and trouble with the law. Alex has had a fair share of ups and downs, but through the fog, he has emerged with a new perspective on life. Alex is a person who can make you laugh one minute and maybe get under your skin the next, but one thing that’s consistent with Alex is that he is always himself, whether you like it or not. – Carlos Kessell

Full Alex Miranda Interview on One Magazine.

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