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Hanglosers: The Wheel Deal (Oslo, 2015)

Thursday, July 23rd, 2015

Filmed & edited by Vincent Lindgren.

Hanglosers: The Wheel Deal (Oslo, 2015)

The Wheel Deal took place in Oslo between the 8th – 12th of July and the Hang Losers was there to take part in the action. 5 days of street sessions, downhill bombing, camping and barbecues ended up with the Norwegian Open Championships in bowl and street park at the Jordal Skate Park.

Featuring Axel Bihagen, Worapoj Boonnim, Josh Glowicki, Lilian Puisset, Scott Quinn, David Sizemore, Joakim Lundberg, Richie Eisler, Ralf Monnerup, Nicklas Persson, Julius Josefsen, Johan Svensson, Zebastian Cassel, Michael Pedersen, Gabriel Gok and Victor Karlsson.

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HangLosers (Sweden) x Momo Wheels (Japan): North to East Connection (2015) by Vincent Lindgren

Wednesday, January 21st, 2015

Japan connection, section at 4:18.

HangLosers (Sweden) x Momo Wheels (Japan): North to East Connexion (2015) by Vincent Lindgren

The losers got together at Hangaren skatepark. Meanwhile, the Japanese connection is ripping the streets up on the other side of the globe.

Filmed by Olav Norheim, Vincent Lindgren, Anders Bergen, Gabriel Gok & Joel Fernberg. Edited by Vincent Lindgren. Skaters (in order of appearance): Julius Josefsen, Nicklas Persson, Joakim Lundberg, Joakim Wall, Joel Fernberg, Gabriel Gok, Olav Norheim, Anders Bergen, Jonas Bodtker, Felix Nissen, Zebastian Cassel, John Lonngren, Sam Cabezas, Shintaro Nakayama, Yuto Goto & Toru Shirai.

Water: Tour Video by Vincent Lindgren (2011-2012)

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

Filmed in 2011 & 2012 in Stockholm, Helsingborg, Oslo, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Eindhoven and Tokyo by Vincent Lindgren. Contributing filmers: Anders Bergen and John Lonngren.

Skaters (In order of appearance): Fredrik Andersson, Sho Suzuki, Shintaro Nakayama, Peter Kallio, Nicklas Persson, Frederik Kofoed-Sorensen, Jacob Hojmark-Christensen, Robert Juhas, John Lonngren, Johan Svensson, Yuto Suzuki, Tomohisa Hayakawa, Keita Kuni, Yutaro Marumoto, Gabriel Gok, Nick Lomax, Marc Moreno and Michel Prado.

HangLosers x SkateNerds.