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SYEAH: ROAD TO ENIGMA (2016) with the Cayenne Team

Monday, October 10th, 2016

Syeah vacation to Andros with uncle Benny and the Cayenne team.


Athens Blade House 2016 (Greece): Teaser

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016

4th edition of the event: September 10, 2016.

Syeahskate is a group of friends from Athens, Greece who love to blade. We have turned our residential home into a blade – house!

Equipped with terrace rail-boxes, an indoor bowl, a handrail and more, we are happy to invite you to our 4th annual event, this September 10th in Athens, Greece!

Athens Blade House 2016 (Greece)

Experience the madness that is Greek summer, and have some great blading sessions! Destroy the house with bladers from all around Greece, Europe and beyond. Get destroyed at the now infamous after party.

Greeks are well known for their hospitality, so in true Greek fashion we shall try our best to find a nice place for all you bladers to stay for free!

Try visit up to 10 days before the event! There will be blading, trips to the beach, great food, partying and everything else summer related.

It would be truly great to have you here! The blade house is active almost all year long, so feel free to contact us if you visit Athens. All rollerbladers are most welcomed here!


Syeahskate (Greece): Blade House 2015

Tuesday, December 29th, 2015

Syeahskate, a rollerblading team from Athens, Greece, have turned a residential home into a blade-house!

Syeahskate (Greece): Blade House 2015

Equipped with terrace railboxes, an indoor living room bowl, a handrail and more, we are proud to present our 3rd in-house rollerblading event, featuring skaters from all over Greece and beyond!

Heavyweight Champion: Nikos Diakoumeas tie with Giorgos Mitropoulos. Jurassic Champion (Over 30): George Sarantoulias. Shot by Ilias Mertis. Cut by Nick Kouros ( Music: Kvelertak – Bruane brenn.

SyeahSkate House Event #14 (Greece)

Monday, October 13th, 2014

SyeahSkate House Event #14 (Greece)

Syeahskate, the rollerblading crew from Athens, Greece, have built a skatepark IN A HOUSE! Equipped with terrace railboxes, an indoor living room bowl, a handrail and more. We are proud to present our 2nd in-house rollerblading event, featuring skaters from all over Greece and beyond!

Shot by Ilias Mertis & Sifis DRS. Edited by Nick Kouros. Additional footage shot by Kostas Daskalopoulos & Akis Rizos. Music: Hidden In The Basement – Set intro (Live), Bruises & Cuts with Mr.Soundproof – Power Moves remix (Notorious BIG, Live), Acoustic Covers When Punk Rock Bothers – Wherever i lay my head (Tom Waits) (Live). ALL LIVE PERFORMANCES coming very soon in your earpussies.


  • Railbox King: Nikos Diakoumeas.
  • Handrail Warrior: Lubos Turek.
  • Best Fall: Giorgos Mitropoulos.


Syeahskate Crew (Greece + Canada): 666 Edit

Monday, June 23rd, 2014

Syeahskate Crew (Greece + Canada): 666 Edit

SyeahSlayer 666 edit featuring doomed syeahskate members in Athens, Volos & Montreal. Edited by Nick Kouros.

Music: Slayer – Raining Blood (song on | Banjo cover by Rob Scallon).

Syeahskate (Greece): Battle My Crew 5

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

VG24 BMC 5 (cancelled), edit by Syeahskate (Athens, Greece). Shot, processed and cut by Nick Kouros ( Shot in Athens & Volos, Greece and Montreal, Canada.

Skating by Giorgos Mitropulos, Odiseas Selelmazidis, Argiris Pantazaras, Nikos Diakumeas, Andreas Tsamtsouris, George Saradoulias, Nikos Anastasiadis, Manolis Papakostas & Kostas Prasas.

Shot on Super8 film. Cameras used: Nizo – 156 / 481 / 561 / PRO , Canon – 310 / 514 , Nikon – R8. Film Stock: Kodak – 7280 / 7285 / 7265 / 7266 / 7219, Wittner – PanR100 / B&W 54 / Chrome V50 Hand Processed using a Lomo tank (E6 process). DIY telecine using a projector to camera sensor method. Extra processing by Andec Filmtechnik, Berlin. Recorded sound with a Zoom H4n.

This edit also serves as a teaser to the upcoming film, SYEAHV (coming not so soon).

SyeahSkate House Event #13 (Greece)

Thursday, October 24th, 2013

Syeahskate, the infamous rollerblading crew from Athens (Greece), have built an indoor skatepark IN A HOUSE!

SyeahSkate House Event #13 (Greece)

Equipped with a rooftop railbox, an indoor living room bowl, a handrail, a gap & more. We are proud to present Syeahskate’s 1st in-house event featuring skaters from all over Greece.

Filmed by Daniel Rhodes, edited by Nick Kouros. Additional footage shot by Nicholas Cornford.


  • Bowl walltap & rooftop railbox winner: Nikos Diakoumeas.
  • Handrail winner: Kostas Prassas
  • Best fall: Giorgos Mitropoulos


Syeahskate 4 Arrostia (Greece): Full Video

Wednesday, June 18th, 2008


Arrostia (Sickness) is the latest video attempt from Syeahskate, the oldest inline skating crew of Greece. Prepare yourselves for our “ill” themed video with skating from almost every afflicted person in Syeahskate in various cities of Greece and abroad.

This took us almost two years of touring, filming, editing, producing and general foolishness so we think its definitely worth your time! Bear in mind this isn’t a pro video, dont expect any mind-boggling tricks here, we are all amateurs but this totally represents our scene and we bet our video is more fun and interesting than the majority of action sports videos out there. hope you enjoy this,check out all the links below for everything concerning syeahskate! THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR VIEWING, we would love to hear your comments!

Directed, Filmed, Edited and Produced by : Nick Kouros.

More bonus videos on Vimeo.


Syeahskate : Athens (Greece)

Monday, June 11th, 2007

BeExposed is a digital video mag from Greece concerting all sorts of action sports like inlineskating, skateboarding, bmx, snowboarding, surfing, music, juggling and various vids sent by viewers.

Syeahskate : Athens (Greece)

Syeahskate is featured in every issue with a skate video, here is the eventh one.

You can visit their myspace here.

Syeahskate : Athens (Greece)

SYEAH_3 ROLLERBLENDER, Full Length Greek Skate Video

Sunday, April 9th, 2006

Full Length Greek Skate Video

The video you are about to download is the first ever full length Greek inline skating video by SYEAHSKATE, SYEAH3:ROLLERBLENDER.

After more than a year and a half in the making you are now about to watch another skate video.Our vid is about 35 min and includes skating from 33 skaters in various cities of Greece and a european tour in Italy, France,Holland and England.

We are definitely not the best skaters around but we are all very proud of our video ,and it totally represents our scene and us having fun while skating, so we guess its worth your downloading time.

Download the Full Video on this Topic.

Quoting Mightydog :

Even a fool should notice that much time/work, thought and love was put into this. Unique quality editing (actually much better and creative than a lot of “professional” vids imho…), wide range of different music (really) but still the movie rolls along smooth from start to finish.

So i really liked it in that part, but what i enjoyed the most was the overall feeling the video had. You can truely feel the good time people had while skating, pushing themselfes and putting together this movie. Where a lot of “professional” vids these days feel like commercials you managed to portrait a living subculture and actually shot a movie imho.