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Mushroom Blading Commentary: Brain Fear Gone | A film by Dustin Latimer and Shane Coburn (2000)

Monday, February 6th, 2017

Mushroom Blading Commentary: Brain Fear Gone | A film by Dustin Latimer and Shane Coburn (2000)

Todd and Joey watch the 2000 Certified Classic rollerblading video (and first Mindgame team video) Brain Fear Gone by Dustin Latimer and Shane Coburn. Some say this video is the rollerblading bible.

More Media: Mindgame – Brain Fear Gone (2000): Full Video
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Mindgame Words (2003): B-Roll

Sunday, February 14th, 2016

2011 Repost.

mindgame words dustin latimer

A follow up to what some will say is the best video ever made.

Edited by Dustin Latimer and Shane Coburn with visual effects from Matt Andrews ; produced By Trendkiller / Mindgame.

Featuring Aaron Feinberg, Chris Farmer, Dustin Latimer.

Mindgame Words (2003): Full Video.

Mindgame Words (2003): Full Video

Monday, March 23rd, 2015

April 2011 Repost.

mindgame words dustin latimer

A follow up to what some will say is the best video ever made.

Edited by Dustin Latimer and Shane Coburn with visual effects from Matt Andrews, produced By Trendkiller / Mindgame.

Featuring Aaron Feinberg, Chris Farmer, Dustin Latimer.

Soundtrack courtesy of Rolling Videos.

  • Intro: The Stranglers – Peaches
  • Aaron Feinberg 1: The Beatles – I am The Walrus
  • Chris Farmer 1: Local H – Hands on The Bible
  • Friends: Bon Jovi – Wanted Dead or Alive
  • Dustin Latimer 1: Gorillaz – Sound Check
  • Credits: John Lennon – Mindgames
  • Chris Farmer 2: El-P – Delorean
  • Aaron Feinberg 2 Intro: The Stone Temple Pilots – Wet My Bed
  • Aaron Feinberg 2: Ours – Fallen Souls
  • Dustin Latimer 2: The Faint – Ballad of a Paralyzed Citizen
  • Crescendo: The String Quartet – Stairway to Heaven

Shane Coburn: Shock Interview (2009)

Sunday, July 19th, 2009

mindgame xsjado

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Accidental Machines: Intro & Ben Schwab profile

Sunday, March 15th, 2009

Accidental Machines

Accidental Machines was Mindgame’s farewell gift to the rollerblading industry.

The 56 min. video dealt with themes ranging from the state of the industry, to the dual lives of pro-skaters, to the absurdity of popular trends.

Herein lies the video’s intro, featuring the skating talents of Dustin Latimer, Aaron Feinberg, Chris Farmer, Brian Aragon, Billy O’Neill, Don Bambrick, and Ben Schwab, the motion graphic expertise of Matt Andrews, and the song “The Spell” by The Black Heart Procession, courtesy of Touch and Go Records. Written and Directed by Shane Coburn. Produced by Trendkiller, Inc. (R.I.P.)

Videos Offline.

Shane Coburn Interview + Mindgames videos

Friday, April 11th, 2008

shane coburn

We were all sad to see Mindgame close last year. Was that something you had been thinking about for a while?

Mindgame was always meant to be a company that challenged the conventions of the industry.

I’ve always sought to make ‘core’ companies and products that didn’t have to answer to the mainstream, and I saw Mindgame as the greatest manifestation of that intention. But Mindgame became really popular, really quick. We turned a profit in our first year, and tripled in size our second. It was kind of a fortunate / unfortunate position to be put in.

We had the money to do the things we wanted, but somewhere, the message was getting lost. Soon, I started to see posts on the messageboards like ‘Why do they call themselves Trendkiller if all they do is make trends?’ Well, the truth is, we never ever intended to make anything in to a trend — we just liked putting ideas out there and seeing how people responded to them and made them their own. But people have a way of institutionalizing things. […]

What have you been up to since then?

I moved to LA last year and took a job as Marketing Director at an auto enthusiast site called WebRidesTV. It was a good move for me — I learned a lot about the power of the web, and was also able to get some talented rollerbladers paying gigs, including Connor O’Brien, Brandon Negrete, Cuauhtzin Guiterrez, Drew Bachrach, and Billy Kostka.

I left WebRides last October to take a position at as their Director of Project Development. quarterlife is a web show and a social networking site for creative people. I really love what I do, but we’ve had our ups and downs.

We made history by being the first internet series to be picked up by network TV, and then we made history by being one of the fastest cancellations in NBC history. After that, we had to make some cuts, and unfortunately, I had to layoff some of my friends friends I had actually brought on to the project. […]

Read the full Shane Coburn Interview

mindgame fish logo

You can check Shane Coburn work at Here are some links to videos:

Shane Coburn News

Tuesday, June 19th, 2007

Dear Bladers –

A lot of you have been wondering what I’ve been doing lately, and I apologize for being incommunicado. As most of you know, we decided to close down Trendkiller at the beginning of the year. It was a mutual decision, but as with any break-up, things haven’t been easy. In recent months, I’ve been busy moving from place to place and looking for a new way to pay for my life. Needless to say, it’s been a tad hectic.

Even though Mindgame and Trendkiller will cease to exist, I am still functioning as the creative director for Xsjado. So contrary to popular belief, I haven’t left rollerblading. In fact, I am really excited about the opportunity to concentrate on Xsjado, as I feel the product can contribute greatly to the industry’s growth. You may have heard that we added Damien Wilson to the pro team recently an addition we are really excited about. We are also working on a new line, featuring a new Basic Complete and Chris Farmer Boot. The new products should be in stores some time in August.

My new full-time gig is as marketing director for WebRidesTV . WebRides is an auto-enthusiast site that features original video pieces from profiles to car shows to shop tours. My big project has been to build and promote our new web community: The Garages. It is sort of a Myspace meets CarDomain meets PhotoBucket:

Since my priority here is to generate traffic for the site and increase our userbase, I would appreciate it if all of my car enthusiast friends went on and built a Garage (check out the videos while you are there too). If you’re not an enthusiast, maybe you could pass the link on to someone who you think would enjoy the site. I’d really REALLY appreciate it.

Besides that, hit me up with anything except skates. You have to talk to Mark at Integrated about that (sorry, Mark). My new email address is . The unlearning address will be shut off in the next month or so.

I hope you’re all well. Take care.

Shane Coburn
Marketing Director

8500 Steller Dr. Building 7
Culver City, CA 90232

Mindgame : Accidental Machines, Dvd Trailer

Saturday, November 18th, 2006

Video Offline.

The first peek at Mindgame’s new team video, Accidental Machines.

Starring Dustin Latimer, Aaron Feinberg, Chris Farmer, Brian Aragon, Billy O’Neill, Don Bambrick, and Ben Schwab.

Written, Directed, and Edited by Shane Coburn. Available on DVD 11/18/06.

Thanks to Rob of Fr33dom Clothing

Shane Coburn Comments on Medium and Mindgame

Friday, January 20th, 2006

al dolega wrote:

medium was owned by bravo corporation, which is still very much around today, not Xsjane. tribe was Bravo’s aggressive distribution brand name. Bravo killed off a lot of its companies to concentrate on Senate when skating started shrinking in the late nineties- grand, color theory, 976, etc.

Xsjane started Mindgame himself after Medium tanked, the two companies are unrelated other than Xsjane’s involvement. i personally think Medium was badass, and i’ll always miss it, but i think Mindgame’s way better.

i like typing Xsjane instead of Shane.

Shane wrote:

This is pretty much correct, except that Medium was not one of the companies we intentionally killed off at Tribe during our brand house-cleaning. We killed off the majority of Tribe brands in 1997/98 (976, Super Computer Robot, Color Theory, and Grand), so that we could pool all of our resources and concentrate on Senate. I also left USD at that time as we had all agreed to scrap any outside projects we were working on. However, Medium was moderately successful and since I did 100% of the branding, it didn’t cost anything to keep it around. I ended up leaving in July of 1999.

Shortly after I left Tribe, I had several meetings with the people there to find a successor to run the brand. However, nothing panned out and Tribe pulled the plug on the brand a few months later. Dustin, our partner Denny, and I officially launched Mindgame on 01/01/00.

I saw Mark Heineken at a store a couple of years ago, and we discussed the idea of doing a joint-venture (since they own the trademark and I created the intellectual property) to bring back Medium. It was nice to talk about, but in reality, wasn’t the right thing to do.

jomu wrote:

because maybe they could then pay them.

Shane wrote:
Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe we are the only wheel company in the industry paying their pros a retainer in 2006. From what I understand, every other company only pays royalties on pro-product (which we also do in addition to the retainer) and/or a “performance contract” by which skaters get paid based on their exposure. The fact is that we pay our team more than some skate companies do. Maybe you know something I don’t.

josip wrote:

Hey Shane, how do you decide who to put on the team? I just don’t see how Billy O’Neill (and I’m not disrespecting him or his skating) fits your image?

Shane wrote:

Billy is one of my favorite skaters. I had wanted to put him on Mindgame for about two (maybe three) years prior to him joining. But some times these things take time, because the skater and the company aren’t on the same page about stuff or the situation/deal isn’t right. But now everything’s worked out and when the next video comes out, you’ll see why Billy is on Mindgame. Billy’s been one of the most underrated skaters in blading for the past several years, and when we’re able to showcase his talent like we do for our other riders, people are going wonder how they had missed him. I’m just saying this so you can all get ready for your next favorite skater.

jomu wrote:

Shane, I didn’t mean to imply that I had any inside knowledge on how you run your business.

Shane wrote:

Sorry that I misunderstood your statement. I think skaters should get paid more too. But in order to do that, the companies need to make more money…which isn’t happening right now. Things will change, though. I don’t know when…but it is inevitable.

DanielBond wrote:

I would sell my soul for a medium knifey shirt.

I mean that.

Shane – make it so.

Bitch_face wrote:

I would give my first born child for a “meat is murder and murder tastes good” medium shirt. re-release through mindgame? eh eh eh? anyone? eh eh

Shane wrote:

As far as Medium goes, I threw away everything I had when I left Tribe. The only thing I kept to remember the company by was our 1998 Cult team jacket, which I have in storage. My friend still has the “Meat Is Murder And Murder Tastes Good” shirt. Everytime I see it, I want to steal it from him. When we were in Paris recently, Farmer found an Anti-Fashion ball cap at a shop and bought it. Then he had me autograph it. Then he lost it in a drunken Parisian stupor.

senatebrand93 wrote:

Well, the reason why I consider DL to be essential to Mindgame is due to his day one involvement with the company. In addition to that, can you picture Dustin riding for anyone else? Senate? 2nd Regime? 4×4? I think not. DL has this Guru-Buddha style to him, he also has his thug side to his personality as well.
Chris Haffey was riding for “Flow-Game” before 4×4 was started, and if 4×4 didn’t start, and Shane, correct me if I am wrong, he most likely would have been riding for Mindgame, as would Rachard Johnson and Mike Johnson as the rode flow for mindgame as well.
Medium seemed to produce a lot of projects and was a “bad-ass” company, literally, as their themes and “fuck you” attitude were unlike anyone else during the time of their existance. From Medium to Mindgame, Shane’s approach towards his companies, in my opinion, has become more intelligent as well as more mature while still retaining a sense of humor.

Shane wrote:

I think fans of Medium will find the next Mindgame line to their liking. I haven’t transposed the Medium aesthetic onto Mindgame per se…I’ve just found that my personal art direction has been incorporating more and more of the kinds of stuff that I used to do, and I’ve been having fun with it. People have been asking me to bring back Medium for years, and I have been flatly against it, because it wasn’t what I wanted to do. However, I can’t deny where my designs want to go…like I said earlier (and was said long before me), change is inevitable. That said, I know some people are going to misconstue what I am saying here. If you are expecting to see red and black Mindgame shirts with drawings of daggers and puppets in the next line, you’re going to be REALLY DISAPPOINTED. Besides, there are plenty of other companies currently covering that look. However, if you like the Mindgame aesthetic, but appreciated the Medium feel, you’ll like the new stuff. The best way I can think of describing it is if Isaac Brock were to meet Stephen Hawking for coffee.

Crazy Tom – Cute kids.