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ULTRA: Remy Cadier Clips (200x)

Sunday, July 31st, 2016



ULTRA (200x): Full Video.

Edwinfinity: the life of Edwin Wieringh, by Remy Cadier

Tuesday, April 19th, 2016

This is a documentary about Edwin Wieringh, a very talented professional Rollerblader who died too soon.

Edwinfinity: the life of Edwin Wieringh, by Remy Cadier

Edwin died after falling from his balcony on the 5th floor, on his birthday. At the time he was collecting clips of his skating in order to create a Profile.

He was also featuring in the Dutch TV show The Freestyle Games, who were kind enough to provide footage of him skating and most importantly of the interview that is the backbone of this documentary.

Edwin died on his 32nd birthday, leaving behind his family and friends. Rest in peace good buddy, you will be sorely missed.Remy Cadier.


Cityhopper World: Skating Favela La Rocinha (2015)

Wednesday, January 20th, 2016

Brazil (2015). Filmed & edited by Remy Cadier. Featuring Raphael Medeiros, Maxwell Alexandre and Sven Boekhorst.

Cityhopper World: Skating Favela La Rocinha (2015)

After we had wrapped up shooting the Cityhopper Rio De Janeiro part of Cityhopper world we wanted to donate the Cityhopper ramp to a good cause, and maybe have a look at the very famous “Curva Do S” miniramp in the La Rocinha favela.

In La Rocinha we had the opportunity to do a dirty little downhill and skate the miniramp before we headed over to the “Skate-Bike-Roller” skatepark, to whom we would donate our Cityhopper ramp.

Guiding us were Rubem from the SBR skatepark, Raphael Medeiros and Maxwell Alexandre, to make sure we got the shots we wanted, and also that we wouldn’t get robbed ofcourse. Sven Boekhorst and Maxwell skated the miniramp, and I did a little downhill with Raphael. This was by far one of the coolest experiences we had during our time in Brazil.Remy Cadier.

Music: Tropkillaz – Boa Noite. Trivia: Rocinha (little farm) is the largest favela in Brazil, and is located in Rio de Janeiro’s South Zone (Wikipedia).


City Hopper 1 (2012): Video (Best-of) | Documentary | Trailer.
City Hopper 2 (2014): Video + Documentary | Trailer.

One day, One Night in Amsterdam (2016)

Friday, January 15th, 2016

One day, one night in Amsterdam (2016) with Roel Verhoeven, Randy Abels, Remy Cadier & Eric van Boven.

One day, One Night in Amsterdam (2016)

Introducing: USD Flow Rider Randy Zoller (2015)

Monday, October 19th, 2015

This is an introduction edit by young Randy Zoller, who has transitioned from being a little park ripper to conquering real street spots some older guys would be envious of.

Introducing: USD Flow Rider Randy Zoller (2015)

His ascent has been noticed by USD, who took him on as an Amateur, to represent the brand in Holland. This kid is already a well known face in the European competition scene, placing high in the many junior comps het enters. Always down for a session, and always sporting a big grin after landing a trick.

Check out how this kid that just turned 14 today rip the streets of Amsterdam and Rotterdam!Remy Cadier.

Music: Run The Jewels – Oh my darling, don’t cry. Camera: Don Zoller, Edwin Wieringh & Arnold Zoller. Edited by Remy Cadier.

Previously: Randy Zoller (12): Skateland, Quick Hits (2014).

Sven Boekhorst & Maxime Genoud: Marinedagen (2015)

Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

Sven Boekhorst & Maxime Genoud: Marinedagen (2015)

Axel van Dijk, Sven Boekhorst and Remy Cadier teamed up to create an advert for the Royal Dutch Navy. Sven Boekhorst and Maxime Genoud use the largest Dutch Navy vessel as a skatepark.

Last Session of the year (2014) by Remy Cadier

Wednesday, December 31st, 2014

Last Session of the year (2014) by Remy Cadier

Yesterday, December 30th, we had the last skatepark session of the year, and I wanted to film some blading with my new camera, the Sony A7S, and use its 100 frames per second slomo a little bit.

Every tuesday there is a session in Skatepark 2.0 in Bovenkarspel, and there are always enough bladers to skate with.

This is a little edit of the last tricks of the year of Randy Abels, Axel van Dijk, Erwin Bakker, Max Fesunenko, Erik Droogh, Luca Gobbo and of course myself, Remy Cadier. Happy New Year everybody, and I hope to blade with many of you in 2015!

Randy Zoller (12): Skateland, Quick Hits (2014)

Saturday, October 25th, 2014

Randy Zoller (12): Skateland, Quick Hits (2014)

While trying to film some Tyron Ballantine clips my little buddy Randy Zoller was also cruising round the park and laying down tricks in an effortless manner. So here’s 3 quick tricks by Randy, filmed on the sly. Keep an eye out for this guy, and his Brother Donny too! – Remy Cadier.

Previously: Randy Zoller (12): Mind the Gap Waalwijk (NL).


Tyron Ballantine: Skateland, Quick Hits (2014)

Thursday, October 23rd, 2014

Tyron Ballantine: Quick Hits in Skateland (2014)

I was set to go and film a couple clips in Skateland with my buddy Tyron Ballantine but unfortunately not too far into the session he busted his ankle with a TTS to flat from one of the larger ledges in that park. He got up and tried again, only to fully screw up his ankle for the day. These are the few clips we did get before his little accident. – Remy Cadier.

Salomon ST90 x Symetrics Plate Custom

Friday, August 15th, 2014

Ivo from This Is Soul skateshop in Amsterdam bought some deadstock, mint condition Salomon ST90 2 from some seedy corner of the internet and since I used to own a couple of pairs of Salomons and remembered how comfortable they were, I needed to get my grubby paws in them quickly.

One thing I remembered as well was that the grinding was not my favourite part of skating them. The decision to use Adapt Symetrics Soulplates was easy, since Toe Bee had already done the research on several pairs of Salos himself, and was willing to share what little he knew.

Salomon ST90 x Symetrics Plate Custom

So off to Beer Hendrik’s workshop I went. Feeling guilty that he was doing most of the work I decided to film his bladecraftmansship. All I had was my Iphone 5S but it had to do.

Have a good look at how easy it it to modify the Symetrics plate to fit any skate with a flat bottom. Now time to destroy them on some rough terrain! – Remy Cadier.

Music: Giorgio Oehlers – No Heart Feelings.

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