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Underground Originality (2003) by Austin Paz

Sunday, October 19th, 2014

Underground Originality (2003) by Austin Paz: Full Video

My second video, but the first one I actually edited on a computer. You can tell I had fun with some effects that were available. Sections on Billy O’Neill, Franco Cammayo, Austin Paz and Thomasz Roginski.Austin Paz.

Sections: Encore (03:51), Billy O’Neill (07:46), Montage 1 (11:52), Thomasz Roginski (14:55), Franco Cammayo (18:19), Montage 2 (21:24), Austin Paz (25:46), Outro (31:28), B-roll (35:34).

Illusion Crew: More Videos by Austin Paz
Technique (2004) | Third Premier (2004) | Time to waste (2006).

Third Premier (2004) by Austin Paz: Full Video

Friday, October 17th, 2014

Third Premier (2004) by Austin Paz: Full Video

Sections: Franco Cammayo + Ryan Stevens (5:27), Austin Paz (7:38), Narong My (11:41), Billy O’Neill (14:45), Mike Terrazas (18:02), Montage (20:05), Outro (24:55) + B-Roll.

Illusion Crew: More Videos by Austin Paz
Technique (2004) | Time to waste (2006).

Technique (2004) by Austin Paz: Full Video

Tuesday, October 14th, 2014

Technique (2004) by Austin Paz: Full Video

Sections: Billy O’Neill (2:01), Montage 1 (4:51), Narong My (9:20), Thomasz Roginski (12:20), Montage 2 (14:08), Franco Cammayo (17:29), Falls (21:12), Austin Paz (23:55), Montage 3 (28:33), Outro (32:42), B-Roll (37:56).

Previously: Time to waste (2006) by Austin Paz: Full Video.

Time to waste (2006) by Austin Paz: Full Video

Sunday, October 12th, 2014

Time to waste (2006) by Austin Paz: Full Video

Sections: Franco Cammayo (4:37), New Jersey (8:16), Austin Paz (11:26), Billy O’Neill (18:30), Outro (22:34).

Brooklyn Street Session by Anthony Chen

Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

A summer street session with Franco Cammayo, James Perez and Justin Brasco.

Franco Cammayo

After a brief warm-up, we headed to this up-ledge/ bank/ bank-to-ledge spot under the Brooklyn Bridge. The guys were able to lace some sick tricks before we got rained out.

Director & Editor: Anthony Chen. Production Assistant: Krystin Bruan. Rollerbladers: Franco Cammayo, James Perez, Justin Brasco. Shot on RED Epic (for rental information please contact

NYC13: James Perez, Franco Cammayo, Justin Brasco, Billy O’Neill and Austin Paz

Monday, December 16th, 2013

NYC13 by Austin Paz

Shot 100% within the 5 boroughs. Featuring James Perez, Franco Cammayo, Justin Brasco, Billy O’Neill and Austin Paz.

Valo 4Life: Franco Cammayo

Sunday, January 20th, 2013

In 2010, the Valo Brand released Valo 4Life, their fourth team video.

Valo 4Life: Franco Cammayo

Captured during two years of touring some of most beautiful cities in the world, including Barcelona, Sydney, Los Angeles, New York, Montreal, Amsterdam and San Francisco with the international team.

Along with the vast amateur talent from across the globe, 4Life features with sections from pro riders Alex Broskow, Erik Bailey, Brandon Smith, Victor Arias, Soichiro Kanashima, Cosmio Tassone, and Jon Julio.

Enjoy the first team video by Ivan Narez—and the only blading video on iTunes — as he and the team work to complete the next Valo team video, V, due out Summer 2013.

Valo 4life: Intro | Europe Tour | Soichiro Kanashima | Dean Coward & Ross Kuhn | Montreal | Soundtrack | Trailers & More Media.

Woodwitch by Shredweiser: Brian Shima, BJ Bernhardt, Franco Cammayo, Dave Lang & Friends

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

Woodwitch by Shredweiser
Mural by Arlo Eisenberg.

Took a trip up to Woodward a couple weeks ago in an attempt to out run the rain.

Fun ass weekend featuring Franco Cammayo, Mike The Moose Peluso, Chris Dafick, Dave Lang, Brian Shima and BJ Bernhardt.


Last Man Standing 2011 (NYC): Official Skatelife Edit

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

Franco Cammayo

Filmed and Edited By Cesar Macay ; additional filmers: Shawn Engler and Christian Delfino.


  1. Franco Cammayo
  2. Chauncey Jenkins
  3. Jose Henriquez


Sultans of swag (NYC): Franco Cammayo & Friends

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

Filmed by Cesar Macay and Ryan Many ; edited by Cesar Macay. Canon T2i ; Lenses: 50 mm, 18 to 55mm and 8 mm fisheye ; Glidecam 2000

NYC new york city

Franco Cammayo: Create Original AM Edit (Spring 2011)

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

After 18 years of blading, looking at things in retrospect, the past year alone has been an enormous upward spike for me in the game of life.

With the help of amazing friends, and colleagues, I have this compilation of deals chopped together and ultimately created by the wonder team behind OG.

The filming experience graced me the pleasure of getting closer with amazing people such as Sam DeAngelis, Cesar Macay, Hector “Tato” Ganzalas, & Dan Fabiano in particular who kept me motivated and were always ready to work around my wild schedule between being a therapist and a blader.

The most important ingredient in the outcome of this short would have to be the work ethic and faith in the companies growth and direction. It is about embracing evolution to me.

As far as the products go, I personally had minimal problems from the beginning. With constant renovations of the frame mold & compound; I’ve had more or less no complaints. They have survived my blading through the past year and it’s been a fun and fresh ride the whole way through.

Always solid and always sliding. Thank you incredibly much to those I’ve mentioned and the dear friends that were around throughout those random sessions. Ya’ll know who you are. Thank you east coast, thank you west coast, thank you all coasts. Shred life.Franco Cammayo.


Create Originals: 2011 Spring, Summer Collection

Friday, May 6th, 2011

franco cammayo

Click on the picture above to browse the full catalog.

Shields SkatePark: Winter 2011 Edit by Dan Fabiano

Saturday, April 16th, 2011

franco cammayo

quoting Daniel Fabiano:

This is my 2nd installment of my Winter filming at Shields Skatepark in Flemington, New Jersey. As you know, during the Winters it can be hard to find appropriate weather to street skate, so we find our home at Shields on many Tuesday and Thursday nights where its ‘rollerblade’ only.

Even though I attended nearly 20-25 sessions this Winter, I only picked up the camera 5-6 times. These were classified to be the best tricks I captured during my Winter months. I filmed many people, but unfortunately not everyone made the cut due to song length. Have no fear, there will be plenty more edits in which you can get your chance. Until next time..

Featuring Franco Cammayo, Steve Nichols, Mikey Roman, Jimmy Shuda, Joe Torres, Dan Fabiano, Will Harvey, Mike Hazard, Tim Franken, Shawn Gradilone, Chris Esposito, Ryan Many, Seiichi Daimo, Wake Schepman.

Filmed & Edited by Dan Fabiano ; Music: Ratatat – Drugs.

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