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Barely Dead (2006): Full Video

Monday, April 22nd, 2013

Barely Dead, the saga of modern rollerblading. A film by Doug Urquhart, written by Justin Eisinger.

Barely Dead

Barely Dead, Lost Interviews: Jon Julio

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

Jon Julio is probably the most respected man on rollerblades. And this interview from six years ago for Barely Dead shows exactly why.

Covering a range of topics from picking team riders, the pros/cons of contests, the importance of fashion sense in blading and much more, this 30 minutes is a very real and very candid look at a blader who has shaped rollerblading as we all know it.

We think you’ll find it as interesting a statement on blading’s past and present (and future) as we do.

Barely Dead Lost Interviews: Jess Dyrenforth

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

In 2006, many of rollerblading’s most influential individuals were interviewed for the documentary Barely Dead. Six years later, these interviews provide intriguing commentary on the growth and progression of rollerblading and blade culture.

While fashions may have changed and companies have come and gone, the words spoken by these blading leaders capture the many complex nuances of rollerblading life. Watch for some rollerblading history from the recent past that we all experienced together.

Barely Dead Lost Interviews: Erik Bailey

Monday, April 16th, 2012

In 2006, many of rollerblading’s most influential individuals were interviewed for the documentary Barely Dead. Six years later, these interviews provide intriguing commentary on the growth and progression of rollerblading and blade culture.

While fashions may have changed and companies have come and gone, the words spoken by these blading leaders capture the many complex nuances of rollerblading life. Watch for some rollerblading history from the recent past that we all experienced together. Visit

Barely Dead, Intro: the saga of modern rollerblading

Friday, January 5th, 2007

barely dead dvd

A review of Barely Dead is availiable on Poland Inline. Link

Barely Dead on Techcrunch

Tuesday, November 21st, 2006

SyncVUE: Skype Powered Collaborative Video Editing

Barely Dead from Doug Urquhart was featured on Techcrunch in an article of SyncVUE a Skype Powered Collaborative Video Editing.

SyncVUE is a product that enables users to sync up media files like video or audio with their Skype contacts for collaborative annotation in real time. It’s an impressive use of the Skype network, an approach that’s likely to become increasingly common. There’s a long list of plug-ins available on the Skype Extras page, but that’s far from an exhaustive list.


Barely Dead : One Teaser

Tuesday, November 21st, 2006

barely dead
up : Barely Dead Packaging, featuring Arlo Eisenberg and Jon Julio ; artwork by Andrew Tunney. Photo source : be-mag

In 1995, just four years after rollerblading became the fastest growing participation sport in human history, the first X-Games made its way into households across America. While millions of people were already familiar with the idea of inline skating as a recreational activity, the X-Games was the first time most viewers ever saw a side of the sport known then as aggressive inline skating.

For any young sport, getting so much exposure was a triumph – seen at the time as testimony to the sports’ longevity; a sign of widespread public acceptance. But what no one seemed to expect was public backlash from the recently united action sports community that nearly erased the sports’ mainstream marketability.

More than ten years later, a young sport that many wrote off as unoriginal has discovered the truth behind its origins and progressed to levels of unfathomable athleticism. Traits once viewed as weaknesses have evolved into strengths, and while the world slept, rollerblading — and those who live to do it — built a formidable international network of the dedicated and industrious nature.

BARELY DEAD is a film about an underground culture that has grown beyond ethnic, economic and social boundaries- a culture brought together by a shared love for rollerblading. And why that culture is going to be the next great anti-establishment movement for the 21st century.

The Barely Dead Dvd is at the Duplicators, check more photos of the packaging here.

barely dead
up : Barely Dead Packaging, featuring Chris Haffey. Photo source : be-mag

Here is the Barely Dead Teaser, shared by One.
Download the teaser : (quicktime, 12mb)

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barely dead
up : Jon Julio, Chris Haffey from the Barely Dead Dvd Packaging.

What an old school skateboarder had to say about Barely Dead

Thursday, September 14th, 2006

Garett posted some quotes of Grimcity :

Also, fuck any and everyone that uses the term “Action Sports”, means it, and attempts to classify skateboarding in that group. Fuck them with a fire hydrant (note: that wasn’t explicitly done in this video, but everyone that uses the term “action sports” lumps skateboarding into that category)..

From the clip, Quote:
“We’ve done all the fine tuning, now it’s time to build a culture around it a little bit…”

PUKE, PISS, BUKKAKE. For fuck’s sake, if someone wants to rollerskate down a 50 stair handrail, that’s fine… way to go, neato… but “build a culture” around it? Eat a lumpy diseased infested dick. Anything “built” around it will be artificial… “culture” is something that manifests itself naturally… culture just happens. Any and every “culture” you try to make will be complete and utter bullshit.

Joe: “Hey Bob, what are you working on today?”
Bob: “I’m trying to invent a culture for rollerblading.”
Joe: “Sounds swell! Hey, I have a buddy that sells Amway for a living… whattaya say you help to include Amway into this new fangled rollerblade culture? He really could use the money.”
Bob” “Fuck yeah we’ll include that in this new culture… ooohhh, we have to include Grape Nuts too. From now on, Grape Nuts is part of blader culture!”

I will give props out to Arlo Eisenberg (featured in the vid linked in this thread)… he was a part of one of the best interviews ever in Big brother (aka “Worst Issue Ever,” the one with Josh Kasper doing a Benihana over a bunch of really fat chicks covered in blood)… he knows he’s a kook, he pretty much says it. He knows (and says repeatedly) that rollerblading in its current form is a rip off of skateboarding. Now, I don’t vibe him for wanting to play on his skates, but I give him props for being up front and honest about what he does… for that, he gets free beer. It’s not even the act of rollerblading that gets to me (unless I’m waiting for one to crawl out of a bowl), it’s this whole fake as culture/steez thing that so many of them want to portray.

I am a bigot on the matter. I was riding a board before their sport-thing was ever really a sport-thing. They don’t have roots, they don’t have history. To that end, I understand… it’s new, so fine… everything has a beginning. Beyond that, don’t proactively try to establish some sort of mythos around it. If it’s destined to have a culture, it will. Any intentioanl “world” created around it is false, and amounts to nothing more than a day time soap opera.

Having said that, nothing about this video reminds me of skateboarding in the 80’s. In the 80’s, skateboarding had already been well established for nearly 30 years… it had its roots in surfing, and always identified itself as such (especially in the west coast). Skateboarding never denied where it came from, nor did it make shit up to make itself legit. If anything, skateboarding (and skateboarders as a whole) have prided themselves on the fact that it wasn’t/isn’t legit, even while megacorporations repeatedly try to sell it to the masses.


Barely Dead : Trailer 2

Sunday, September 10th, 2006

Be-Mag posted the 2nd trailer of the upcoming Barely Dead Dvd:

We are proud to present the 2nd trailer for the highly anticipated Barely Dead project by Doug Urquhart. Post what you are expecting of this project and spread the word about this trailer, since this dvd is gonna be a must have.

Interview : Doug Urquhart of Misled Media

Thursday, September 7th, 2006

RW : Barely Dead is one of the most anticipated videos that I have heard about in my 8 or so years of Rollerblading. Does the fact that so many kids are expecting so much out of this video put any pressure on you to produce a great product?

DOUG : It explains why the film has not yet been released, seriously! Here is some of the latest: Justin Eisinger and I have been taking our time perfecting the ultimate script. I’m working on upconverting all the archived material (ex. Hoax I & 2, Mad Beef master Beta’s) to DVCPRO HD via a TeraNex. I have to fit into open time slots at a local studio ( after hours to use the Tera so I have to be patience at times. My Sony HDV camera is in So Cal right now as Carl Sturgess, Justin E, & Wes Driver help re-shoot interviews with Brian Shima and Jon Elliott. Matt Andrews is brewing up motion graphics Perfection is key. We are not rushing anything on this project but it is coming very soon. I promise!

RW : We saw amazing skating in Black Market including profiles on Julian Bah, Will Gordon, Montre Livingston, Brian Aragon, and Brent Hicks, who can we expect to see profiles of in Barely Dead?

DOUG : Barely Dead (the documentary portion) will not have any profile formats. However, throughout the film you will be acquainted with:

Chris Haffey, Alex Broskow, Cameron Card, Jon Julio, Azikewee Anderson, Shane Coburn, Chris Farmer, Jeff Stockwell, Mike Opalek, Jon Elliott, Julian Bah, Walt Austin, Robert Guererro, Michael Braud, Sean Keane, Pat Lennon, Dave Kollasch, Franky Morales, J.C. Rowe, Damian Wilson, Nick Wood, Arlo Eisenberg, Jess Dyrenforth, Tom Hyser, Brian Shima, Eric Shrihjn, Doug (a 67 year old ‘first-gen’ rec blader from Minnesota), Dave Carnie (oops disregard, he rejected the interview!), & many more! Simply stated, amazing skating.


Barely Dead : Preview, Infos, Website

Monday, August 28th, 2006

barely dead

Barely Dead a film by Doug Urquhart, written by Justin Eisinger.

Eleven Years after the first X-Games,
Rollerblading has found itself, fighting a war for survival,
that has inadvertantly created the very history rolling was discredited for lacking by others.

Barely Dead is the story of a global community of outcasts and athletes pulling together to explain and express their one unifying & interest : ROLLERBLADING

Barely Dead Preview

Artworks by Andrew Tunney :

Jon Julio Brian Shima
up : Jon Julio & Brian Shima

Julian Bah Chris Haffey
up : Julian Bah & Chris Haffey

Chris Farmer Erik Bailey
up : Chris Farmer & Erik Bailey

Barely Dead Website online :

barely dead

Visit the website

Barely Dead : Empire Photo Gallery

Thursday, June 29th, 2006

Doug Urquhart

A sick picture gallery on of the of Misled Media’s visit to San Francisco featuring Erik Bailey, Jon Julio, Jeff Stockwell,Oli Short, Chris Haffey, Sean Keane, St Ours, Tory Treseder for the filming of the Barely Dead Dvd

Check out the Gallery!

HD footage from the upcoming Barely Dead Dvd

Tuesday, June 27th, 2006

Barely Dead Dvd

Valo posted some HD footage from the upcoming “Barely Dead” Documentary.

Download the clips of Erik Bailey and Jon Julio, courtesy of Black Market/Misled Media (right click / save as). You can check some photos here.

Barely Dead Dvd

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