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Australian Rollerblading Open 2016: VC Best Trick Competition [Edit] – Winner: Joe Atkinson

Monday, November 28th, 2016

Australian Rollerblading Open 2016: VC Best Trick Competition, Winner: Joe Atkinson

Velvet Couch, best trick comp at the ARO 2016. This year’s Australian Rolling Open was held at Noble Park skatepark in Melbourne, As always the VC best trick award was up for grabs. And this years winner was Joe Atkinson all the way from England!

Beat by Insideus.
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Australian Rollerblading Open 2015: Results

Friday, December 4th, 2015

Tuggeranong skatepark (Canberra) – November 28, 2015.

Australian Rollerblading Open 2015: Results


  1. Oliver Czaja
  2. Rhys Bell
  3. Rob Kellett

OG (30+)

  1. Hayden Golder
  2. Brad Watson
  3. David Simpson


  1. Keely Macey
  2. Shine Anyeung
  3. Cat Allen

UNDER-14s: Chase Nickless


  1. Johnny Jacob
  2. Daniel Werry
  3. Jackson Werry


  1. Shane Yost
  2. Brad Watson
  3. Iain Smith

BEST TRICK: Kizza Deans (FS nugen 450 out on the death drop ledge).

Results courtesy of

Australian Rolling Open (ARO) 2015: Weekender Edit by Robert Kellett

Thursday, December 3rd, 2015

Australian Rollerblading Open 2015: Results

Trip down to Canberra for the 2015 ARO! Turned out to be quite an adventure, with some super sweet deals on return flights, free hotels (buffet breakfast included), and a third place in the Open Division (full results).

It was so good to see the aussie blading family again, and we left with so many good memories! Here’s just a couple of random clips we managed to get of some homies along the way.Robert Kellett


Australian Rolling Open: More Media.

Australian Rolling Open (2014) by Mitchell Macrae

Monday, October 27th, 2014

Music: Emancipater – First Snow (Ooah Remix).
More Media: Clips & Photos | Results.

Australian Rolling Open 2014: Clips & Photos

A few points of awesomeness from this year’s ARO

The Old Skool 30+ title was again won by an entrant who’d travelled from interstate, and George Sarantoulias certainly wasn’t planning on bringing any gold back to his current home in Adelaide. There was a strong interstate attendance, with people travelling from ACT, NSW, QLD, SA TAS and WA, and by all reports the shuttle bus to the event from Fed Square in the city was a hoot.

Hayden Golder turned 30 on the day of the event, qualifying him to enter the Old Skool 30+. He also entered in Vert, Mega, and made the finals in the Open Street too. His buddy Brad Watson medalled in Vert, Mega and Old Skool. (more…)

Australian Rolling Open 2014: Clips & Photos

Thursday, September 4th, 2014

Australian Rolling Open 2014: Clips & Photos

Clips by Iain Smith

Clips by Alice McTaggart

Photo Gallery | Visit Photo: Hayden Golder.

Australian Rolling Open 2013: Clips & Results

Saturday, March 15th, 2014


  1. Martin Gade
  2. Josh Nielsen
  3. Danny Jensen

Old Skool

  1. Brad Watson
  2. Ian Smith
  3. Benny Beeching


  1. Tiffany Street
  2. Jen Watt
  3. Alicia Kluske


  1. Josiah Beliharz
  2. Lachlan Keighery
  3. Rhys Smallwood-Reynolds


  1. Daniel Werry
  2. Nick Thorne
  3. Daniel Webster

VC Clothing Best Trick: Paulie Haack.

Australian Rolling Open 2012: VC Best Trick Comp

Thursday, December 13th, 2012

Australian Rollerblading Open 2012 at Belconnen Skatepark in Canberra.

Australian Rolling Open 2012: VC Best Trick Comp

VCclothing Best Trick Comp – Edited by Gerard Ahrens.
Featuring CJ Wellsmore, Hayden Ball, Gav Drumm & more.

Josh Nielsen took out the best trick with a cork 7 to cork 9 over the double jump boxes.

Bonus: Clips by Daniel Talbot


  1. Josh Nielsen
  2. CJ Wellsmore
  3. Tristran Richards

Thanks Jessus (forums) & Gerard Ahrens.

Australian Rolling Open 2011 by Craig Smith

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Australian Rolling Open

Australian Rolling Open 2011 by Craig Smith. Saturday 16th of April in Woden, Canberra, ACT. Thanks to Guy Owen and Robbie Pitts.

Australian Rolling Open 2011: Edit by Robbie Pitts

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

Valo Australia at the ARO 2011
Photo: Kids of the cave.

Valo Australia at the ARO 2011. Blading by Gav Drumm, Tien Nguyen & Robbie Pitts.

Filmed by Jarrod Thackeray ; Edited by Robbie Pitts. Music: The Byrds – Wasn’t Born To Follow.

ARO 2011 Results | Visit

Australian Rolling Open 2011: VC Best trick Comp

Monday, April 18th, 2011

Canberra, Australia. Edit by Black Market Films.
ARO Pro Results: 1. CJ Wellsmore 2. Rhys Bell 3. Danny Jensen.
Best Trick: Danny Jensen. Full Results Below.

australian rolling open

Australian Rolling Open 2011: Full Results


  1. CJ Wellsmore
  2. Rhys Bell
  3. Danny Jensen
  4. Hayden Golder
  5. Paulie Haack
  6. Tristian Richards
  7. Josh Nielson
  8. Brad Watson
  9. Craig Brocklehurst
  10. Michael Pedersen


  1. Tom Cowly-Sowry
  2. Robert Kellet
  3. Matthew Caratelli
  4. James McErlain
  5. Jack McVeigh

Best Trick: Danny Jensen.

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