Shotgun Blading: Chinese Shotguns (2015)

March 2nd, 2015

Shotgun Blading: A Web Series by Samuel DeAngelis. We are a couple East Coast rollerbladers that love to travel, drink beers, have laughs, and make some day edits. Join us as we tour up and down the East Coast of the USA exposing some of the best skate parks and street spots throughout!

Shotgun Blading

In this episode we teamed up with Beyond the Ledge Skate Wax and took over Oil City. Then the next morning we took a trip down to Lakewood, NJ to shred the day away at The Incline Club. This edit is 4:03 long, with 43 tricks. More bang for your buck than your favorite VOD because it’s free. DO THE MATH!

Featuring Eric Miller, Brent Scherer, Kevin LeBron, Sam DeAngelis, Pablo Munoz, Jimmy Kobryn, Tyler Knight, Julian Hinsch, Chauncey Jenkins, Austin Croteau and more.

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Valo Maneuver Monday’s with Elliot Stevens

March 2nd, 2015

Shot by Cavin Brinkman in Amsterdam, Holland.

Valo Maneuver Monday's with Elliot Stevens

Previously: Alex Burston & Elliot Stevens: Stockport Session.

Victor Galicia: Haitian Mag, Earth Clips (2015)

March 2nd, 2015

Updated: added promo edit.

Victor Galicia: Haitian Mag, Earth Clips (2015)

Haitian Mag: Earth Issue – Promo Edit

Haitian Mag: Earth Clips

Haitian issue 4, the Earth issue, is now available at shops. Featuring Victor Galicia, Miguel Ramos, Dan Stirling, Blackjack, David Sizemore & Reincarnation Tour.

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USD: A Few Tricks With Richie Eisler (2015)

March 1st, 2015

A couple morning tricks at Venice Beach (Los Angeles).
Filmed and edited by Erick Rodriguez.

USD: A Few Tricks With Richie Eisler (2015)

Previously: Richie Eisler: USD Promo (2015) by Erick Rodriguez.

Woodward West: “Wasted” Weekend by E. Rodriguez

March 1st, 2015

Woodward West:

Music: Kanye West – New God Flow Instrumental.

Too Cold To Blade Outside (2015) by Hawke Trackler

March 1st, 2015

Too Cold To Blade Outside (2015) by Hawke Trackler

Rollerblade Competition held February 23 in Florence Kentucky at Ollies Skatepark. Filmed & edited by Hawke Trackler.

Featuring Mark Wojda, Adam Bazydlo, Jon Cooley, Chris Smith, Brian Weis, Brett Urbas Jimmy Spetz, Julian Mire, Eric Hallimen & Jon Fromm.

Previously: TCTBO (2015) Edit by Brandon Andersen + Results.

Laced 2015 (Rampworx, UK): Results

March 1st, 2015

The Laced 2015 took place February 28 at Rampworx.

Laced 2015


  1. Steve Swain
  2. Antony Pottier
  3. Baudoin Yuma
  4. Roman Abrate
  5. Jan Ebbert
  6. Rob Pruett
  7. Jack Swindles
  8. Alex Burston
  9. Scott Quinny
  10. Elliott Stevens


  1. Nathan Robinson
  2. Evert Lubja
  3. Randy Zoller
  4. Matt Woods
  5. Anthony Chrisman
  6. Matty Vella
  7. Bob Scheer
  8. Dan Collins
  9. Tom Jowett
  10. Dan Hemsley


  1. Stephanie Richer
  2. Lisa-Mary Authie
  3. Manon Derrien
  4. Ursa Verbic
  5. Jacky Schrooten
  6. Lauren Christina


Too Cold To Blade Outside 2015: Southern Scum Edit

February 28th, 2015

February 22, 2015 – Ollies Skatepark, Florence (Kentucky).

Too Cold To Blade Outside 2015: Southern Scum Edit

3rd edition of the TCTBO Contest. Edited by Brandon Andersen.

Previously: A Day Outside The “A” (2015) by Chris Smith.
TCTBO 2015 night before the contest session.

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