Zared Yates: Edit by Cooper James

Zared Yates: Edit by Cooper James

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  • SJC

    absolutely killed it

  • soul2roll

    Really good skating, surprised i haven’t heard of him before?

  • SoK

    Strange style but killed it none the less.

    That 900 was fully laced!

  • Anonymous

    really nice section! I really enjoy it!
    Keep rollign man!

  • SA Roller

    awesome awesome awesome!
    really enjoyed watching that!

  • Fibbee

    Sick one, whats the name of the song ?

  • ch

    didnt hold the fakie…jk shit was bomb

    song was The Vowels by Why

  • Zared

    haha i dont think ive ever held a 9 fakie. thanks for all the comments!

  • Joey Smith

    This was so much better than most of the edits published the last few days.

  • Anonymous

    Song please ?
    Thank you

  • Name Not Required

    whole edit was nice but last 2 tricks…damn!

  • Cooper

    thanks guys!
    the song is “The Vowels Pt. 2” by WHY?

  • coleman

    nice blading sir

  • Dexter

    Two words……Arizona Destruction. Great edit Cooper

  • JsameM

    dude that was reeeally good. everything was so dialed. great fackin edit bud

  • suck it

    is it just me or did this guy just KILL ! SIKKK

  • Anonymous

    shreddin with this black fairy is dope hahahahaha. keep shreddin Z hahahaha

  • Kris Troyer

    True miz rocket 3 was the fucking shit. Excellent work dudes.